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001 Ranjana in Ottawa

What you must realize is that Ranjana really was not (and is not) what she appears to be! I did not find this out for quite a while even though I had been tormented by her continuously since she was four! In the nation's capital, she and her cohorts unleashed a campaign of terror unrivalled even in fiction! Did they to it for ideology? No. For profit. No. They did it just for fun!

003 Irreverence With Sass to Go

My friend Tricia walks her dogs Buddy and Sadie at the park. These walks are not only good for her dogs, but also good for the other people who are also walking their dogs, because being a dedicated, ethical vegan animal rights activist, she uses every opportunity to bring the plight of animals to the attention of anyone who will listen to her (and even to those who really don't want to listen to her).

004 The Old Man

Kyron's beginnings were what one might say rather coincidental. He actually tried very hard to arrive on my birthday, October 27. However, his mother, Ranjana wouldn't let him. Ranjana wanted a natural birth and enlisted the aid and guidance of not one, but two midwives, Jane and Larry, as well as Kelly, her own medical doctor. Unfortunately, she didn't listen to anything they said and did her own thing, so one does wonder what the point of having them around really was.

005 Wedaches

All anyone has to do is look without prejudice, and the similarities between weddings and funerals become obviously apparent. In fact, the two functions are nearly identical. Both are exorbitantly expensive. Both require all participants to dress in weird and uncomfortable outfits. Both have an abundance of tears, provided sometimes by hired help. Both have parties. And both are a celebration of the end of something. In fact, about the only difference is that in a funeral the center of attention at least enjoys the benefit of not being present.

006 The Pig Dog

Jumpr was originally called Gordon Whitefoot by the couple who got him from the SPCA. I guess they either liked Lightfoot's songs or they thought they were being nomenclaturely clever. Unfortunately, they didn't realize that this dog wasn't interested in singing, but in jumping over their 3 foot high fence. No matter how they tried to stop him, he got over it, so after a short while they returned him in frustration.

007 The Oh Ohs

I was reluctant to have the Oh-Oh's live here. It wasn't that I didn't like cats, but we already had two. Our first cat Chuchu better known as Oooochiii had recently died. She had found us more than 8 years ago and was a gentle, uncomplaining soul who had unfortunately lost the ability to use her hind legs. I remember the first day she showed up having miraculously evaded our dogs and sat looking up hopefully at my young son.

008 The Way of the Rabbit

Poppy is a beautiful silver rabbit whom we got from the SPCA as a companion to Gaw the philosophical guinea pig. So first let me tell you about Gaw even though this is not his story. Gaw was originally named Pansy for some completely inexplicable reason. We took him in because the people he was staying with couldn't keep pets. We couldn't either, but when I explained to our landlords that my son was so desperate to have a little friend that he was playing with and even naming the woodbugs, they relented.

A Bit About Wes

I came into this life as of March 10th, 1977, at about 11:11 AM. Here I am; in the midst of eternity. Playing the game called life. I'm grateful to be here, and am truly blessed in many ways. During the course of my existence, I have come to the powerful realization that I am here for two main purposes: Part of the reason for my being here now is to make a positive contribution to this world.

A Chess Story

This story was initially conceived by Sangeeta as a present for a friend (who never got around to seeing it), but was written largely by prad many years ago. Sangeeta will be illustrating it sometime in the next several decades. If you know your chess or your life, you are welcome to play it out. Light shines in and there was a deep grumbling throughout the box … "Do we have to get up?

A Song for Bloody Geoff

There once was a sealer named Bryce Whose heart was as frigid as ice. He clubbed 'em and snagged 'em Then brutally dragged 'em; Of mercy he didn't think twice. Now Bryce had some friends, it's been told Whose souls had long since been sold. They pandered and lied, Geoff Regan at side: A leader with morals "on hold". Geoff's greed was well-known in the land (He refused to have the slaughter banned.

A Way to Rama

There was once a very evil robber who had committed atrocities galore. He had come to the realization that he was in big trouble with a large account of bad karma due to his egocentric activities. Somewhat repentant, he went to a great sage to see what could be done before the revenue collectors came after him. The sage said that his actions had been so evil that there really wasn't much hope for him and that he was due for several lifetimes of nastiness.

A01 Happy Easter Dear Emma

Today, Easter Sunday, we are celebrating life with our real Easter Bunny named Emma. It was just about one year ago on a cold and rainy day I decided to venture off into a rough part of town to check on a dog who seemed to be neglected. While driving in a downpour I asked myself why on earth I was going into a rough neighborhood to pretend to be interested in getting a dog that I had no intention of adopting.

An Ode to Spiritual Gurus

Eckhart Tolle reminds me of a cartoon character mole I don't think he'd mind at all, he'd probably just say, LOL He sits in contemplative silence for quite a lengthy fraction Until he starts to stir and then we might just see some action He talks about how to be aware and in the present If you can manage this it is extremely pleasant But when thoughts come, if you get really pissed


Lettuce look at the apeeling benefits that eating fruits and vegetables can injuice. At this currant thyme there is much information available about how processed foods can contribute to health issues such as leeky gut, which cannot be ignoried. It is a good idea to beetroo to yourself by eating a simple natural diet and it doesn't take a sage to work thistle out. Eating a diet of wholefoods cresses every cell in our bodies with a sense of pease and makes us feel much more comfrey, plus it tastes good so we get a berry good dill.

Being British

Preamble: Sips a cup of tea whilst leaning against a red phone booth whilst holding a bag of salt' n' vinegar chips whilst saying 'How do you do?' whilst a stereotypical policeman walks by singing 'God Save The Queen' whilst criminals wearing stripy pajamas rob a bank using sacks across the road in broad daylight and make their get away on a big red bus of which Cliff Richard is the driver who is serenading them with 'Summer Holiday' whilst the passengers sit in awkward silence stewing in social shame because they are amongst strangers whilst they wonder who is the psycho driving the bus and inappropriately engaging in joyous self-expression in a public place but it doesn't bother them for long as they are busy planning a list of soap operas to watch that night and whether to have their potatoes roasted, boiled or mashed whilst they browse through the paper to check to see what murders, rapes and muggings took place the previous day… because everyone likes a routine in England ;) It's just a shame that they had to look in the paper for these things (which is surely second rate) when they could have captured the bank robbery on their very own iphones (and posted it on Facebook) but they missed it as they had been too busy tweetin' about what they had in their sandwich that day.


Last night I dreamt of a bluebird A beautiful warm hue of blue You keep dancing into my reality Bluebird do you I know you? Your feathers velvety smooth You flew gracefully up above Winding and twisting joyously For you I felt such love As a child I had a bike called Bluebird Which I loved to ride all day I liked the film called Bluebird And the magical adventure they take


Are you a lover of books? Are you a parent looking for book recommendations for your young child or teenager? If so, you've come to the right place! LouAnne Taylor has put together a wonderful website for children and parents alike, to find age appropriate books and learning about the importance of literacy … Booklicious

Cosmic Soulmates

While I tend to be agnostic, there are many aspects of various religions I admire, a viewpoint which permits one to not hold arrogant perspectives like 'my religion is better than yours'. This competitive attitude has been largely responsible throughout history for barbaric behaviour in the name of God who would be least appreciative of having One's 'children' slaughtering 'children' - with self-proclaimed Christians mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed Muslims mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed Hindus mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed whatevers etc etc

Cup of Tea

A prominent western philosopher had come to Japan to study with a zen master through an exchange program. The two of them sat down for a traditional tea. While waiting the philosopher thought he'd 'break the ice' by telling the zen master a bit about himself. Well, he started and a bit became more and more and more. He talked about his ideas of the history and development of philosophy and about the lack of consistency in different areas of thought and the problems associated with applying logic to situations considered unbroachable through logic.


There is a tasty seaweed On which I like to feed Mineral rich, purple and salty dulse is Good on salads, grains and pulses I feel like a mermaid Eating an Atlantis dish To add a sea-like flavour I needn't hurt a fish! I sprinkle flakes on salad Mix it into hearty stew Blend it into veggie soup Or snack on a piece or two! I have two bits of pet dulse

F01 Family

While meditating, a picture of my sister, Maryann, flashed across my gaze. Maryann had fallen from a car going 60 mph when she was 4 years old. As a result of the accident she became brain-damaged and her eyes crossed. She was in a coma for 31 days and had to learn to walk and speak all over again. She was a constant source of anguish to my parents, who decided she would be the scapegoat for all of their problems.

F02 Family

When I was 12 years of age, a nun, named Sister Thea, had our entire classroom scribble a design onto a sheet of construction paper then find an object within the design from which to make a landscape. In my design, I had found a slipper that was gently sweeping among a forest floor of leaves. I drew and colored each leaf on my sheet of paper in brilliant autumn colors.

F03 Family

As we children matured, I continued to love Maryann and of all 7 children I was the only one she cared about and wanted to be with. She was a wonderful aunt to my children and they adored her. She had a certain child-like innocence and was able to impart a lot of her gifts to my children that adults were not privy to. I became to understand Maryann by watching her interact with my kids.

Honey Sheperd

Honey Sheperd (1957-2006) was an actress who starred in the movies Club Life and It Came from Hollywood. She has a page on AncientFaces. A talented songwriter and singer, her work still helps those who "suffer unseen" in many ways. We were fortunate to be able to create a website for her intense words and strong music that cover a wide range of topics and events. Her work is poignant yet inspiring.

In the Shower

Why does showering make people sing? Is it a biological or habitual thing? When the water starts cascading down Some start to make all kinds of sounds! Get thoroughly wet and lather the soap No room for rubber ducky or a sailor's boat Just a waterproof radio and a bottle or two And in the corner possibly some mildew A quick wash and go can refresh one nicely Or a long luxurious waterfall relaxes enticingly

Into the Rainbow

Into the rainbow I fly Beautiful colours in the sky A portal to the unknown Infinite mysteries of the soul Waiting to be discovered Treasures to be uncovered I let go and am taken I surrender I awaken It's not over the arch It's not at the end It's not the pot of gold It's now it's fresh Carried on the breeze Of love's free wings Entering the newness

Introverts and Extroverts

I can only speak for myself as I describe it how I see But I imagine that many will find a similarity The meaning of introversion is often misconstrued So try listening to a few before you conclude! Each of us has tendencies that are of both kinds Introversion and extroversion in each of us combined Energies that express themselves in many different ways Yet are one and the same like the nights and days


More to come, as we welcome new contributions.

Jewel in the Dust

A man and his wife having lived into their old age chose to leave behind their worldly possessions and follow the path of spirituality. They lived in the cleanliness of poverty filling their days with praying instead of preying. As they had no longer had a home of their own, they walked the dirt roads with the same reverence as though these led to heaven itself. One day during such a walk, the man who had moved several yards ahead of his wife saw a sparkling on the side of the road.


And so it begins The First Day The Second Day The Third Day The Fourth Day A New Life And so it begins I first saw this Eagle on Craigslist while looking for a car to possibly replace my wife Ranjana's Toyota Tercel. Of course, unlike the Tercel, this one ate gas, was large, had manual transmission and wasn't drivable. So the idea of a replacement was somewhat ludicrous.

Love From Beyond

I went away to align with my spiritual essence when I returned we shared a deeper presence you have asked me to come and live with you there and shown me how much you truly do care you have moved me in ways that I had never foreseen and taken me to places that I had never been I dream of holding you physically for real and imagine how you would smell and feel

Markus Rafael Nylund

Markus is a musician from Finland and runs the ViceVoids youtube channel. You can find his page on this site here. Below we list some of his videos. VICEVOIDS - timehigh Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) VICEVOIDS - timehigh "this song is like going to church on monday morning. thank you!" Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) "Suddenly Metallica's Master of Puppets started playing through me … Birds flew in the trees and for a moment took a break from their shenanigans …"


(Graphic courtesy of into the mist a winged horse sings through the clouds music she brings gliding on rainbows high in the sky mysterious with grace she flies into the mist she sings


More to come, but some content already available.

Narad to Nirvana

There is an ancient Hindu story about the messenger Narad who used to travel between heaven and earth to maintain 'communications' so to speak. On one such trip to heaven, he happened to go past two yogis practising in an effort to prepare for Nirvana. Each asked Narad to find out how long he would have to wait. So Narad checked out the situation for the yogis up in heaven and on his way back he dropped by to tell each their ETA.


I'm clearing out my life of baggage held so long no need for limitation this makes me strong No need to talk about the moment that is now plans or hopes or dreams why or when or how silence says it all heart sings aloud God is right here not on some distant cloud appearances can deceive but all that I need is here in my heart and so I am freed

Ode to Pericles

Now, little Pericles Won't you come a bit closer, please? And whisper softly in our ear Those sweet phrases we long to hear "Baby", " Hi", and "Where are you?" Surely that's not all you can do! Oh yes, "Hi ho, Hi ho" As you rightly know Is our very favorite. We listen, we moan, we savour it Whenever you bless us with that tune Sadly we wonder why you stop so soon.


Everything is made of one All else is illusion If you perceive separation You will feel confusion There is no point in resisting And trying to block things out Just open up to more That is what life's about New experiences of the soul Another piece revealed Is this never ending Love that God is sending? Reveal that problems don't exist Except in our perception Surrender thoughts to God

P Equals M C Snared

This work came about as a result of having to defend two venomous onslaughts on the nobility of physics. Unfortunately, certain people don't seem to realize the universality of this simple truth - physics is everything! The word physics means the knowledge of nature and nature is all encompassing. Those engaged in other disciplines have a great deal of difficulty ap preciating the immeasurable debt they owe to physics. They don't seem to like it when they are told that their discipline is really physics, but called by a different name.

Paper Folding for the Practical Person

The process of folding paper is a rewarding one since it provides an opportunity to exercise one's creativity within strict outcomes. Furthermore, the finished product of this activity has various utilitarian applications as will be illustrated in the second part of this article. Though many types of folding exist, we will restrict ourselves in this document to the class of bifolds. Future articles may be published which deal with folding of greater complexities.

Period Dramas

I wonder why period dramas particularly appeal to women Why some of us get flustered when we see Darcy swimmin' Is it the suits and dresses that the characters wear? Or perhaps it's their manners and vocabulary flare The male and female roles often contrast each other's And we are overjoyed when they finally are lovers Is it the lead up that gives us such a thrill Or does the first kiss provide the biggest chill?


From reading the title, you might think that I have trouble spelling. The thought had crossed my mind that such a thought would cross your mind and so I had to figure out a suitable answer to the contrary. That answer has taken the entire space of this introduction. The word pickTures, doesn't really exist. It is a concatenation of pick and tures the latter being what's left over when you remove the first three letters from the word pictures.

Pictures From Mystics

A beautiful collection of short stories cross religions and cultures told by Swami Vaswani that often show the way to living properly. It is from the East and West Series.

Power of the Breath

Credit: Power of the breath Where all life is born Burst through the veil Divinity into form Like a thousand horses Running on the beach Each of them from heaven Divinity in each Like the wind up high Rolling through the storm Like contrast of soft petals Protected by a thorn Creation of life In a single breath Through embracing life Relinquishment of death Breathing in nourishment Then surrender letting go


This is an ever-growing list of quotations attributed to various individuals throughout history. Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi Adams Samuel Angelkate Rose Bach Richard Bentham Jeremy BigG Bridgeman Percy William Cowper William Dijkstra Edsger Dunham Barrows Emerson Haven Emerson Ralph Waldo Einstein Albert Cinderella (Disney 2015) Francis of Assissi Frank Anne Franklin Benjamin Galbraith John Gale Donald Gandi Mahatma Gell-Mann Murray Gibran Kahil Graham Collier Grenfell Wilfred Huxley Thomas Henry Jake King Martin Luther Lincoln Abraham Moynihan Patrick Newton Issac Nickep Niemöller Martin Pope John Paul 2 Poppins Mary prad pradagio Robert Pynn Roosevelt Theodore Sculley Matthew Schweitzer Albert Shaw George Bernard SICP Sir Cole (The Knight Before Christmas) Smith Gary Spock Steinam Gloria Sztybel David Tagore Rabindranath Teresa Mother Thoreau Henry David Tricia Twain Mark Wade Paul Tyler Alexander Fraser Wiesel Elle Zelenskyy Volodymyr Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi To my brother faiz, whose ideals are like the stars: I could never reach them, but I chart my course by them.


We used to live near the water when we moved in 1995 to Duncan, BC on Khenipsen Road, beside a First Nations area. It was a very nice place, except for the hunting and fishing that took place there. Unfortunately, not only were these activities legalized, but there were many instances of illegal killings as well. That's what this is - killing regardless of the euphemisms used or the appeal to Indigenous 'rights' that are often put forth as an excuse to commit murder.


A posh store selling ornaments and precious stones was robbed. The police were unable to find the criminals and just marked it down to being a cajewelty. It seems a chorus tenor went berserk during a performance of Don Giovanni when Don is dragged into the flames of hell. The tenor visibly upset started screaming in a loud and high voice FIRE FIRE! Panicking patrons trampled over each other clambering to escape.


Prathora of praticulars that pramarily praccupy prad and prabably no one else.


These are zenish short stories merrily modified from various sources such as: Zen Comics by Ioanna Zalajan Radical Zen: The Sayings of Joshu by Youl Hoffmann A man of enlightenment and wisdom Become a Buddha Detachment Empty Essence Go away! Knowledge and Understanding More blind Seeing the tao So what boy? The duel The flag The precious stone The two dragons A man of enlightenment and wisdom Student: Oh master, where does the man of enlightenment and wisdom go after he dies?

Radical Zen

An intriguing book with many items about and attributed to Joshu. … many of our standard stereotypes of the Zen Master can be traced to this figure–irascible and blunt, down-to-earth and practical, prone to answer religious questions with seemingly off-the wall non-sequiturs and paradoxes if not a good sharp smack in the face. Amazon (Also available for previewing as a pdf from here.)

Rainbow River

There is nothing left to stay for And everything for which to go As I give birth to my soul The rainbow river lets me know Which path to take Which trail to follow The treasure waits No time to borrow The current pulls me in As I let go to its strength No longer any resistance And I will go to any length To protect the alignment For it is all that's real

Rosalind and the Purple Tulip

Throughout this story, click on the play button to hear each song. In a small town, not very far away, there lived a girl named Rosalind. She loved the spring with its blossoms, chirping birds, and wonderful rain that washes away the dirty snow and waters the plants. Rosalind played outside with her older brother Terrance. The two of them loved looking after the plants in their special garden in the backyard.

Soul Labyrinth

FOR AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: Read whilst listening to the song that I was listening to on repeat as I wrote it in the middle of the night… wait until he's sung the intro… then you're good to go… Past the gates of time I walk in anticipation Surrender myself to A mysterious initiation Oh Celtic cemetery soul labyrinth Ivy creeping on grave cross stones Cracked and twisted beyond time


Photo credit: Peter Smith, Newbery Smith Photgraphy Surrounded by stone pillars On the altar of our love Spirit calls us from beyond To merge with the sky above I am you and you are me Divinity sees its face Within eternal stillness From each unique place You hold me and I hold you In a sacred embrace As we spiral endlessly Through time and space Timeless reality Calls us from the dream

That London Twang

I come from South East London Accent a mix of things It changes frequently And disappears when I sing I make up words quite often Out of laziness I guess Melding words together So that I can speak less "You've got that London twang" A friend said when I spoke "What do you mean?" I asked "I sound like common folk?" He explained grammatical errors And a lilting of my voice

The Ailment

The following is a well-known tale from the Liezi attributed to Taoist Lie Yukou. It appears in various translations such as A.C. Graham's The Book of Lieh-tzu (p82 pdf) and Eva Wong's Lieh-tzu: A Taoist Guide to Practical Living. The following is quoted from the Thomas Cleary translation (details provided at the end): Lung Shu said to the physician Wen Chi, "Your art is subtle. I have an ailment; can you cure it?

The Battle

Above image was modified using GIMP from an illustration by Anna Bhushan for Folio Society's Bhagavad Gita. See other illustrations by Anna at her website. On the field of Kurukshetra all was tranquil the evening before the battle between the forces of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Arjuna who was the greatest archer of the latter group, pondered heavily on what was to come. For you see, the Kauravas were his brothers too and when the slaughter began, he knew he would be killing members of his own family.

The Gift

Let us give a gift to the world, a gift of joy and boundless peace. Just for a moment, let us see through the eyes of those, so much weaker than us, who suffer: An infant prisoner, the veal calf, crying in darkness for the mother he has never known, her milk collected for "higher" appetites. The egg-layer huddling painfully in cramped confinement, destined never to know the joy of sheltering chicks

The Poor Rich Girl

Buddha asked his disciples to help the poor during a great famine. A very wealthy man spoke up, "Not all my wealth can feed the hungry - there are so many!" Others talked loud and long with great consternation wondering how they could possibly solve such a dilemma even for the Buddha! Then a young girl rose to speak, "Master I am a beggar. I shall feed the hungry as you ask!

The Rosebush

This article was inspired by Angelkate who has been kind enough to let me stowaway on her pirate ship. She has taken me on many an adventure while steering a true course between the water and the sky. We have seen glorious storms and traveled under the vibrant rainbows they leave behind. Perhaps she may agree that what follows is a proper compensation for the never-ending voyage. Imagine a rosebush.

The Spirit of the Tao

Taoist teachings have arisen in many forms: abstract aphorisms, philosophical discussions, legends, fables—even jokes. All are represented here, culled from the most popular Taoist classics: the Tao-te Ching, Chuang-tzu, Huai-nan-tzu, and Wen-tzu, stories from the "Tales of Inner Meaning," and teachings of the Taoist patriarch Ancestor Lu. The spirit of the Tao manifests in myriad images, brought to life in this superb translation—from the ever-keen blade of a Taoist butcher to the mechanical miracles of inventor Ken Shiwa, from little boys baiting the great Confucius to mountain hermits disappearing in the mist, from the six robber organs that obscure the primordial to the ineffable mystery of mysteries.

The Stone

Nanak was a travelling guru. He visited many places in India, Arabia and Mesopotamia. In Mecca is the Ka'aba, the sacred stone of the Muslims. One morning nanak was found sleeping with his feet turned to the stone! Some Muslims were furious! "How dare you be so insulting! How dare you sleep with you feet towards the face of God!" Gently, Nanak says: "Very well then. Turn my feet to where God is not.

Thoughts Manifestations and Life

The thoughts we think manifest the reality we live in. Collectively, we create our universe. The inner essence will manifest into the outer. The inner essence is thought - conscious and subconscious levels of thought. The outer is what we perceive as our life, what "is". Thought is senior to substance. All around us are manifestations of thought. Thoughts are very real, tangible things. Thoughts literally create waves! When we think, we create certain vibrations.


There is a fine story of a poor old lady who was selling some fruit she had gathered in order to make ends meet. As she walked back and forth on the streets calling people to come and buy, the child Krishna, disguised as a beggar boy, walked up to her asking to eat some fruit from her basket. She was a kind one and though it would cost her, she didn't refuse him.


Have you ever noticed that you have the power to control time? In fact, you are doing it right now. "That can't be true", I hear you say, "Time is shared by everyone, so if one person controlled it then everyone else would notice time speeding up or down! There would be conflicting influences on time happening from many different people, so it wouldn't be possible!" This logic makes sense based on the idea that time is a shared reality between all human beings and something that is unchangeable.

Triumph of Love

Long ago within the Ocean of Frungali there was born a baby whale who was named Prem. He was an exceptionally intelligent child, and indeed his parents were very proud of him. When all his friends swam into the ocean depth to play, he would go on his own exploring the beauties of the ocean. There he would meet many different species. He realized that each one of them had different personalities and acted in different ways.


Driving forward motion The fire burns away All that is not God And illuminates the way In this eternal moment Time does stand still I am in alignment With the one and only will Opening my petals Spreading my wings Not even thinking About what this brings The fire burns within My eyes glare bright No longer any darkness For I am filled with light The path lay before me

V01 the Green Bay Packers

Today, Sunday January 20, 2008 I awoke at 5AM to begin making all sorts of vegan delights for 7 hours of football viewing. Seldom do we watch any television, but today is an exception. My brother Kevin will be here for most of the day to watch The Green Bay Packers in a championship play off game, which we will hopefully win so that we can proceed to the Super bowl.

V03 of Mice and Bread

Every Monday morning I look forward to stopping at BreadSmith, our local bakery, on my way to work. Walking into the aroma of fresh baked bread and hearing the laughter and chatter of the employees has always been a welcomed joy for me. Today, however proved to be a rather negative experience. All of the employees know that I am vegan so they offer me samples of vegan breads as well as muffins or scones.

What Is Compassion

We examine the meaning of Compassion and find that: The need for a complete understanding of compassion arises out of the following facts. People are mostly very indifferent to the plight of animals. But some are not. What is the difference between these two classes of people. It is that the indifferent people lack compassion for animals and the others have compassion for animals. Animal exploitation will persist until the balance shifts and compassion comes to predominate.

Winter of the Soul

Pieces die off that are no longer needed Tears of revelation cleanse my soul Release aspects with which I once pleaded As they wither away I let them go Things become barer and more plain But the chill that winter is thought to have Remains outside the window of my perception As I'm warmed by the fire with reason to be glad Branches are snapping but beneath the earth Roots are deepening and spreading The snow outside is a stunning landscape A mirror of where I am heading

Zen Comics

Truly an excellent way to encounter zen, these cartoons present many of the koans delightfully! Comics communicate the Zen spirit perfectly. Laughter deflates pretension and a good rap on the head sometimes transcends so-called logic. In the words of Zen, "Nothing is left for you but to laugh!" Goodreads