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More to come, though this section is largely complete for now.


A blook is a sort of cross between a blog and a book. We write chapters in a blook much as we might for a book, but we do it whenever the urge hits us. There are 4 blooks presently underway listed in reverse chronological order: pickTures - miniature and selective portraits by prad The SatChats - the Veggiechess chats of 2004 summarized by prad Tricia Times - glimpses into the times of Tricia


These are letters on various topics that you can receive via email. We now have backissues of various eletters in simple text format. You can view them in your browser or download them to your computer. It is possible that these eletters will start up again in the future at which time you'll be able to fill out an esubscription form to receive them. Backissues of VOTTIF: VOTT IF … you could get a short, humorous, informative e-mail each week that was insightful and meaningful to your life?


You can look at our Veggiechess SatChats and eventually the Towards Freedom and Your CyberCourt forum discussions (once we figure out how to display these).


We don't think these serve a purpose anymore so we may not have it. We'll see.