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Ode to Pericles

A poem about an eternal friend.

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Now, little Pericles
Won't you come a bit closer, please?

And whisper softly in our ear
Those sweet phrases we long to hear

"Baby", " Hi", and "Where are you?"
Surely that's not all you can do!

Oh yes, "Hi ho, Hi ho"
As you rightly know

Is our very favorite.
We listen, we moan, we savour it

Whenever you bless us with that tune
Sadly we wonder why you stop so soon.

But we know your wishes are supreme
So we merely wait until you deem

It fit to begin your song again
Joyously we listen and then

You peck us with a perfunctory kiss
As a smokescreen so that we all will miss

Your devious trip to the plant
Which you desire though knowing you can't

Quite reach its lofty, perilous tip
Without considerable fortitude and hardship.

Still you embark on this onerous task
Without fear. However, of us you ask

To leave in peace so that only you
On those green threads, can gleefully chew.

As you approach your destination
You are jolted by a terrible sensation -

A large knobby hand grasping at your chest
In a most morbid, miserable, mutinous test

Of your patience and your good manners
Which you maintained, having waved banners

Of friendship to those now blocking your way.
"Is this how they choose to repay

Those countless hours I devoted to them?
Do they not realized I am a gem?"

You query, thoroughly disgusted, out loud
Faced with yet another "disallowed".

It seems Round One you have decidedly lost.
You feel it was worth whatever the cost.

Having accepted some measure of defeat
You flop onto The Shoulder and begin to eat

The fluff that appears on your scruffy collar.
You know this is safe, no one will holler.

We watch as you tire and puff into a ball
Close your eyes, question the meaning of it all.

For in the distance you can hear us squeal
Pericles, Pericles, our beloved cockatiel!

We notice your every move and feather
Thinking you dream of beautiful heather.

You smile inwardly at us, as you
Lie busily scheming for Round Two!

We shout our delight as you awaken
The deafening roar leaves you visibly shaken.

However, you proceed with great dignity
Towards the tempting bended knee

On which you place a little deposit
Then fly off, wondering why does it

Bother us so, this act of nature
Which only helps to maintain your stature.

When we call you, as we climb upstairs
You promptly mount the head with less hairs.

To reach the pinnacle of your success
You pause to obtain another caress.

Yes, we are falling right into your trap
Round Two is underway in a snap!

As we appear to be dresser bound
You lean towards that mahogany mound

Showing us that you truly wish
To walk on that little dish.

Strutting carefully, you hide your desire
To jump into the drawer quagmire.

Pretending to ignore our acts
You are quickly adding up the facts

Of when you might merrily
Attack those hairpins and broaches you see.

With lightning speed you flash into the pit
If only you could dapple in it

As freely and heartily as you could choose.
Oh no! Not more terrible news!

Down swoops that dreaded hand.
This time you decide to take a stand.

You flap your beak, hiss with bluster
As fiercely as courage could muster

Swerve and swoon with tremendous skill
Continuing to maneuver until

Unfairly looms yet another hand
Which grapples mightily with the command

Of the post you had obtained.
Alas, your energy finally waned,

You yield, completely, to circumstance
But, bearing no grudge, you begin to prance

Upon The Shoulder you really love so.
All is forgotten as you again are aglow

With curiosity, caring, and compassion.
This is the substance we try to fashion

Ourselves after, learning from you
While you entertain on a running shoe.

We beckon to you, missing you already.
Your company, you see, is really a steady

Source of immeasurable pleasure to us
That's why, Pericles, we create such a fuss.

Your friendly, gentle, beguiling way
Has found a place in our hearts to stay.