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Rainbow River

Ride the current to merge with your soul.

WHERNTO: notions 

image of Rainbow River

There is nothing left to stay for
And everything for which to go
As I give birth to my soul
The rainbow river lets me know

Which path to take
Which trail to follow
The treasure waits
No time to borrow

The current pulls me in
As I let go to its strength
No longer any resistance
And I will go to any length

To protect the alignment
For it is all that's real
No compromise of truth
Is pure divine will

Focus of an arrow
Doing what is right
Waters crystal clear
Ships sails bathed in light

Looking out to the horizon
Momentum gains its speed
As we stand upon the deck
Our destiny is freed

Sailing through the breeze
Warmth of the sun
We are colours of the rainbow
We are all one