Towards Freedom

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A work which shows the way when one has found the way.

WHERNTO: erudite  notions 

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I'm clearing out my life
of baggage held so long
no need for limitation
this makes me strong

No need to talk about
the moment that is now
plans or hopes or dreams
why or when or how

silence says it all
heart sings aloud
God is right here
not on some distant cloud

appearances can deceive
but all that I need
is here in my heart
and so I am freed

Of the dream of separation
imagined complication
all comes into focus
there is only elation

expansion of the soul
opening of the heart
awareness of the whole
of which I am a part

no need for fear
illusion has dissolved
concentrated energy
channels my resolve

To be bold and brave
to be right and true
to never be afraid
to step into the new