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Narad to Nirvana

A story to learn much from about two yogis and the messenger of heaven.

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image of Narad to Nirvana

There is an ancient Hindu story about the messenger Narad who used to travel between heaven and earth to maintain 'communications' so to speak. On one such trip to heaven, he happened to go past two yogis practising in an effort to prepare for Nirvana. Each asked Narad to find out how long he would have to wait.

So Narad checked out the situation for the yogis up in heaven and on his way back he dropped by to tell each their ETA.

To the first, he said you have two more lifetimes.

The yogi was greatly pained.

"Two more lifetimes? Two more lifetimes! It is so long, so tediously long. I've worked so hard for twenty lifetimes already and now I must endure two more."

Narad left the yogi in his despondence for he would not be consoled by any means and headed over to the other one.

"You have to wait forty lifetimes before going to heaven", he told that yogi.

The yogi was elated!

"Forty lifetimes! Only forty lifetimes before I see my Lord! I will work all that much harder now that I know there is so little time. I will make myself worthy so my Lord will be pleased with the best I can give with my next forty lives!"

Narad said to him, "Just a second while I answer my cellphone for the Lord is calling … Hmmm, it seems that there has been a recent vacancy … and it … looks like you can leave for Nirvana right now! Congrats!"

(Ok Ok, I made the last part up, but it is sort of the way the story ended anyway!)