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The Poor Rich Girl

A little story about the noble devotion.

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image of The Poor Rich Girl

Buddha asked his disciples to help the poor during a great famine. A very wealthy man spoke up, "Not all my wealth can feed the hungry - there are so many!"

Others talked loud and long with great consternation wondering how they could possibly solve such a dilemma even for the Buddha!

Then a young girl rose to speak, "Master I am a beggar. I shall feed the hungry as you ask!"

"You?", many sneered. "You who are so poor. You can barely feed yourself. How will you feed so many?"

Calmly the girl answered, "Yes I am the poorest in your midst, but am I not also the richest, too? Have I not my share in the wealth of the wealthiest who give me alms. I shall call at every home and ask for my share to go the service of the poor."

All were moved by her devotion to Buddha's request and gave out of their abundance to feed the poor and the true famine was thus overcome.

Source: Pictures from Mystics by T.L. Vaswani