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Thoughts Manifestations and Life

Our thoughts and how they determine what happens in our lives.

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The thoughts we think manifest the reality we live in. Collectively, we create our universe. The inner essence will manifest into the outer. The inner essence is thought - conscious and subconscious levels of thought. The outer is what we perceive as our life, what "is". Thought is senior to substance. All around us are manifestations of thought.

Thoughts are very real, tangible things. Thoughts literally create waves! When we think, we create certain vibrations. The universe itself is composed of various levels of vibrations. What we think affects the vibration of the entire universe - all with a "mere" thought!

Did you know that when you think of something negative, you literally do yourself and all of humanity a disservice? Thoughts are causes; "reality" is the effect. Every thought we think creates karma. The thoughts (seeds) we sow, create the reality (harvest) we reap. We cannot escape the effect of any cause. This is inexorable universal law, and we are subject to it whether we realize it or not. The universe does not bend for anyone; conversely, it rewards all for obediance to law.

The creative forces in the universe are thought, feeling, and spoken word. Thoughts create feelings. Feelings lead to words (mental utterances and verbal soundwaves). These are elements of creation itself. The universe itself was created in love! We were created in love. Our very essence is love! What a beautiful thing! It's true that anything other than love is an aberration, out of harmony with our true essence. We can recapture that essence. Focus on thoughts of love, make actions of love, and create love all around you. Love is the highest vibration in the universe! Love is perfection. Love was created out of and by, perfection.

Thoughts lead to actions. Our actions create various levels of karma. It is therefore of extreme importance that we think the most positive, empowering, and constructive thoughts, in order to create the best possible reality - that which we desire, which resonates with our very core.

We can have anything we want. All we need to do is hold the desire, the vision - the thoughts, feelings, and words - long enough, deeply enough, strongly enough, and it will manifest. Vision creates the realization of dreams. With vision - a focused intent on that which we truly desire - we attract certain people, places, and things into our existence.

Inspiration is a powerful force. Inspiration works hand in hand with vision. Thoughts (vision) and feelings (inspiration) can get us places we only once wished for. Wishing is not enough; you need to go after it with all you've got. The place you start is inside your heart and soul. If you sow the inner seeds of vision coupled with inspiration, you will arrive at your desired destination.

You are heading somewhere. You are on a journey. Your destiny is in your hands. Where are you going? Is it where you want to be? If so, you are truly staying true to your heart, creating the destiny you desire. If not, realize you have the choice! The power is truly within you! Seize the moment - the NOW is all you have! Life is a mystery … unravel it!

Love … Live … Learn … Know … Sow … Reap … Grow