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Introverts and Extroverts

Written by an Introverted Scorpio (includes FREE oath!)

WHERNTO: notions 

image of Introverts and Extroverts

I can only speak for myself as I describe it how I see
But I imagine that many will find a similarity
The meaning of introversion is often misconstrued
So try listening to a few before you conclude!

Each of us has tendencies that are of both kinds
Introversion and extroversion in each of us combined
Energies that express themselves in many different ways
Yet are one and the same like the nights and days

Some of us embody one more than another
Others are an equal concoction of both
But what is important is that we love our true-selves
So before we continue let us take this oath!

I promise to be true to myself
No matter what I face
As there is nothing more important
Than love to the human race

Everything in nature is created perfect, whole and complete
This includes who I am, what I love to do and how I love to be
In the fabric of creation there exists a single place
That is shaped exactly like me because I am ace!

As an introverted Scorpio I would like to share and note
What drives me into hibernation and what floats my boat
Then at the end of this poem a message awaits you as if the free oath wasn t
enough already
So are you ready-steady?

Recently I discovered that my door bell had broked
But I left it as it was because I felt rather stoked
The peace of no disturbance was extremely pleasant
That is one recent example of my introverted essence

I hang out in locations that are quiet and secluded
I perch in strange places and act mysterious and illusive
Libraries are a treasure trove and parks are my church
In old Celtic cemeteries I particularly like to lurk

I prefer to share the company of one person at a time
Or small gatherings of folk with similar interests to mine
In an ambient setting in which I can easily chill
Or sharing fun activities for a playful thrill

In a restaurant I take shelter in a cove or corner
And take special care over what I want to order
I like to talk about philosophy and things that are deep
Like astrology, dreams and astral travel during sleep

Sometimes as well I make no sense whatsoever
And would rather be silly than remotely clever
I like to lose my mind and then find it once more
Often even wondering what I need it for!

Buzzing places are not really my preference
I will use the high street as my exemplary reference
I will smile when, with forest they are wild and over grown
And sales reps with clip boards leave me the ** alone

Neither are nightclubs usually my scene
I much prefer somewhere quiet and serene
Though dancing is fun so on an extremely rare occasion
The music lures me in with a melodic persuasion

The busy streets of London although an interesting maze
Are too loud and polluted to spend many of my days
Traffic, fumes, concrete and road works galore
Traipsing through that jungle seems like a chore

I prefer mooching around a quiet seaside town
With plenty of places where I can sit down
Or a day in the forest climbing rocks and trees
Outdoor activities fill me with eeeease

There are times when I am extroverted and come out of my shell
Times when I am loud and bold and even when I yell
When something really matters and it is what s required
Or when I feel fired up, excited and inspired!

My nature flows like water as the river finds it path
No structure can contain my rhythmic cries and laughs
And no plan can capture what lies within my heart
The cycles take me in and I realise I am part
Of something bigger than myself which I call living art

I invite you to celebrate your qualities and quirks
Because to doing so there are many perks
Maybe you could even write a list or poem too
About what makes you different, unique what makes you you !

And why not let us all have a sneaky peek?
Then pass this message on to others who do seek
Self-love and acceptance of their character traits
Let life be a feast, let s fill up our plates!

Spread this message like a magic elf
But first start with your beautiful self!

(As if there are regular elves?)