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The wonders of this seaweed inspire culinary creativity and compassion.

WHERNTO: heedism  righton  notions 

image of Dulse

There is a tasty seaweed
On which I like to feed
Mineral rich, purple and salty dulse is
Good on salads, grains and pulses

I feel like a mermaid
Eating an Atlantis dish
To add a sea-like flavour
I needn't hurt a fish!

I sprinkle flakes on salad
Mix it into hearty stew
Blend it into veggie soup
Or snack on a piece or two!

I have two bits of pet dulse
Floating contentedly in a jar
Above a bed of stony gravel
In veganism… let's raise the bar!

Aquariums of sea plants
Are beautiful and kind
To our sea-life friends
And to our peace of mind!

Eat healthy vegan meals
Made of fruit and veg
And protect the animals
Today make this pledge!

Not only better for your health
And delicious choices wide
This way we join the animals
And are all on the same side!