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Unity in diversity ... differences surrendering to create beauty.

WHERNTO: heedism  notions 

image of One

Everything is made of one
All else is illusion
If you perceive separation
You will feel confusion

There is no point in resisting
And trying to block things out
Just open up to more
That is what life's about

New experiences of the soul
Another piece revealed
Is this never ending
Love that God is sending?

Reveal that problems don't exist
Except in our perception
Surrender thoughts to God
For effortless correction

These roles are all pretend
This world is one big show
What does it matter what we do
Or where we choose to go?

Yet each one of us is infinity
In a droplet of water
In a single molecule
Heaven's son and daughter

It is our duty to bring
Forth the gift of light
All the bells in heaven ring
When we do what is right

Angels sing and rejoice
When love is our choice
All of creation dances as one
In kindness, beauty, joy and fun

It all begins so simply
The divide is just mirrors
All aspects of the whole are
A kaleidoscope that glimmers

When I look at you
I see me looking back
Yet everything is new
And yet there is never lack

Each of us whole and complete
Yet individually unique
A world created when we meet
Union we do seek

Aspects of God
Yet all the same
Let's play the game of life
Now we know our name

You hold the paintbrush in your hand
Your choices sweep the brush
Let them come from truth
And your painting will be lush

All the stars shine brightly
Back from afar
The colours you reflect to them
The truth of who you are

Let heaven's light shine through
The divine channel that is you
Do what it is you love to do
Live every day pure, real and true