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More to come …


More to come eventually, but start with going to the VeggieChess site.


The scientific study of animal behavior in the natural habitat is known as ethology. Though initially thought to be restricted to non-human beings primarily due to the works of Tinbergen and Lorenz from the 1920s, it can be quite inclusive of humans as well, some of whom tend behave more 'like animals' than any animal ever has. Removing the animal-human barrier is one of the most intelligent actions any human can take, for doing so permits the recognition and merging of the best qualities of all species.


Here we highlight music and musicians.


More to come, but here for starters we provide candid shots of our neighbors!


Prathora of praticulars that pramarily praccupy prad and prabably no one else. Prasevere at your own jeaprady!


Several trading vehicles and approaches are examined here as well as our own inclinations and approaches. Many useful resources including articles, websites, videos, and ideas are also presented. Most image content and some text (credited appropriately) were generated by the superb Bing AI.

Each section is elaborated on following a consistent structure:

  • What: identifies and explains the specifics of the vehicle
  • Why: provides some rationale for trading the vehicle
  • Where: suggested resources (including brokers) that may be helpful

Notices there is no "How" because we provide are no tips, strategies, or recommendations other than the pradage:

"Trust no one, including this one!"