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A Bit About Wes

I hope to make quite an impact before I move on.

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I came into this life as of March 10th, 1977, at about 11:11 AM.

Here I am; in the midst of eternity. Playing the game called life. I'm grateful to be here, and am truly blessed in many ways.

During the course of my existence, I have come to the powerful realization that I am here for two main purposes:

Part of the reason for my being here now is to make a positive contribution to this world. I hope to make quite an impact before I move on.

I intend on fulfilling these purposes. I also have many other goals, dreams, and aspirations that I plan to fulfill in the process. I'm enjoying the ride!

Fairly early on for me, my life manifested the energies/emotions of grief, anger, and pain. My teen years were rough for me in many ways. I "suffered" from "clinical depression" – severe depression, for a few years. Those were trying times. A person who was typically gregarious, confident, and joy-filled in my childhood, I was rendered isolated, diffident, and despondent during my teen years. The reasons for why these events occurred do not matter now. What does matter is that I gained a tremendous amount of growth from these experiences, and a pathway to self mastery was revealed.

I fully realize now that all things in this universe are governed by the Universal Law of Karma – Cause and Effect. We literally reap what we sow. There are repercussions in one way shape or form, for all we think, do, and say. Everything counts, and everything is connected.

I also fully realize now that all experiences are learning experiences. There is not a single life experience that is NOT a learning experience. And I fully now realize that we are all here to learn – to learn how to live life - to live as we are created to live. Our potential is without limits. We are literally part of God, and have God-like potential within us

We are also here to learn the Laws that have been set forth for us to live by. These include the Natural, Universal, and Divine Laws. All of these Laws have been created by God. These Laws are inexorable.

I began my "awakening" when I started to become conscious to the effect that food has on one's health and well-being (or lack thereof) - the effects which encompass physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I've become aware of the fact that the human physical/emotional/mental/spiritual dynamic is part of the same - interconnectedness. That which affects the part, affects the whole.

My realization of this is what eventually led me into studying Holism. One of my main interest areas is that of natural living, which encompasses a variety of factors. I am also currently earning a Bachelor's degree in Naturopathy / Holistic Nutrition.

One factor in the equation is nutrition. Most people are aware of the fact that what we eat affects the health of our physical bodies, and our length of life (longevity). However, in addition, the truth is that what we eat dramatically effects us in how we feel, think, and behave.

Another realization I've had while traversing my path is that it is against our nature to eat animals, and in fact is destructive in many ways to do so. There are massive repercussions for eating animals. The physical, mental, and spiritual health of humanity, the health and strength of the environment, our resources, and more, are all being tremendously squandered and hindered due to the unnatural and destructive dietary habits of most at present.

Allow me to describe a few things I've realized regarding the subject of meat eating vs. vegetarianism:

Most people are taken aback by blood and death. Most people inherently love animals, and are gentle and kind to our fellow planetary co-inhabitants. However, most people interact with animals…by eating their dead bodies! Strange isn't it, to consider that dead animals are eaten en masse daily in this world by human beings? When one eats meat, one literally eats a corpse – death. It is a shame to consider that people consider dead animal carcasses a normal part of the diet. The term "livestock farming" is in reality, a euphemism for "animal concentration camps". Every day, millions of innocent animals are enslaved, are poorly treated, fed toxic feed, "fattened up", innoculated with numerous poisons (such as antibiotics), and eventually murdered, butchered, shipped to all areas of the globe, and cooked – for the purpose of "feeding" human beings. A meat market is truly a morgue.

When one ingests meat, one eats the blood, lymph, concentrated toxins, animal's hormones, gross excess of protein, and numerous other factors which exist in the meat. And when one eats meat which has been cooked - which accounts for most if not all meat people eat - numerous other toxins are ingested which are created in the cooking process, which include various carcinogens, mutagens, and teratogens. Cooking also renders the protein in meat into a very denatured, coagulated substance, which is hard to digest, and which putrefies in the 30-foot long human digestive tract/intestines. If you don't believe it putrefies, put a hunk of meat into a closed, dark, damp container at 98.6 degrees fahrenheit for a few days, and see for yourself. This putrefying meat creates autotoxemia and putrefactive bacteria in the digestive tract.

But the material/matter aspects of eating meat are only part of the picture. All food has energy and consciousness factors in it. When one eats meat, one eats the fear and pain that animal experienced, as well as the darkness and very dense vibration of death. It can be said that eating dead animals truly has negative karma implications. You take on the energies of that which you associate with.

I've learned a lot of interesting things along my path. And perhaps the most profound thing I've learned in terms of nutrition, is that if you cook food, you literally kill it, and render it a devitalized, dehydrated, toxic, dead, degenerated, low vibration substance, unlike anything found in nature. Ingestion of cooked food devitalizes, stresses, toxifies, deadens, degenerates, and lowers the vibratory rate of the human body - and indirectly - the mind and soul. Cooked food drags down and hinders one's full, true potential. As I mentioned above, everything is connected; everything encompasses cause and effect. One cause and effect relationship which is easy to understand is that eating degenerated food creates a degenerated body.

Our biological design is that of a frugivore. We are designed to eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. An unfortunate reality is that most people in this present day are eating a diet which is incompatible with their biological design.

I am here to be, in part, an educator. I realize that there is no place in this work for coercion. The free will of all souls must be respected, so long as it does not interfere with the free will of another.

Some of what I say may be blunt and to the point. But behind my words are love and compassion. I have love and compassion for my fellow human beings, animals, and indeed the planet as a whole. I want to help make the world a better place. It all starts with each of us. You and I must both start with ourselves, from within. The physical body is the gateway to the soul. Purify and attune the physical body to access your spiritual potential. Part of the process is eating a raw food, vegetarian diet, in conjunction with fasting.

Keeping in mind that physical factors such as nutrition and fasting are but part of the big picture - not the "be all, end all" - they are nonetheless very powerful pieces to the puzzle.

Awaken the God within! Trust your inner voice. The answers you need at any given moment are there – right inside you!

The masters (such as Jesus and Buddha) taught us some very valuable things. Perhaps the most valuable teaching of all is that of Unconditional Love and Compassion. When we encompass these wonderful energies, we literally raise our vibration, uplift ourselves, and that of the world.

The power of people working together with focused intent for a common goal is staggering and beyond description. Let's work together and help to uplift our planet into a new era. A new Golden Age can be ours. Let us prepare ourselves for the reception of Light. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.

I want to thank you for reading this little bit of what I've had to say here. Perhaps something clicked within you and resonated with you. There are really so many people that I would like to offer thanks to. However since there are so many, I wouldn't want to risk leaving anyone out! But most of all, I offer grateful thanks to the Divine Power (God), the Universe, and to Nature.

May your soul shine!

Humbly submitted.