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Triumph of Love

A story about a baby whale whose vision creates an ocean of love.

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Long ago within the Ocean of Frungali there was born a baby whale who was named Prem. He was an exceptionally intelligent child, and indeed his parents were very proud of him. When all his friends swam into the ocean depth to play, he would go on his own exploring the beauties of the ocean. There he would meet many different species. He realized that each one of them had different personalities and acted in different ways. He made friends with many different creatures of the sea, but none of them would ever play together before their elders because if their friendship was ever to be revealed the creature would be ostracized.


Prem become really good friends with a dolphin named Habibi. ![dolphin](y-dolphinsky.gif) Each day they'd play in far off place where no one could see them. Habibi taught Prem how to jump out of the water just as a dolphin and Prem would teach his dolphin friend to stand on her head and wave her tail within the water just like a whale. Together they discover many far off places within the sea and met new creatures with whom they created close acquaintance. They enjoyed each others' company very much, but they were extremely afraid of their elders.

Whenever Prem played with his whale friends he would teach them different things that they had never learned before. All his friends really liked him, but they all thought that he was strange because the things he taught his friends were different from what the elders liked to teach them. As he grew up he learned about others and about his inner potential. Prem would often go on little swims by himself to meditate on the things around him. He would often think of ways to bring all creatures of the sea into one unified whole, instead of different sects who loved none other but their own kind. The more he thought about this the more determined he became to get rid of the egoistic notions that each sea creatures had about one another.

He went to Habibi and talked to her about how felt. Habibi understood Prem and she told him that there was nothing that could be done to bring about unity within the stubborn hearts of the adults. Prem went away disappointed and prayed sincerely "God, whoever you are, please help me to bring about unity within all my brothers and sisters in the sea." Suddenly Prem felt a surge of energy enter his heart and with all the courage he had, he approached the Council of the Wise Whales.

He entered into a monstrous sized cave which was dark and silent. At the end of the cave he saw a light where the wise elders resided. Prem shyly approached the light and entered into the Kingdom of the Elders. They smiled at the little whale and asked him why he had come to them. Prem said to them bashfully

"I want to know why whales are not allowed to play with other sea creatures."

A loud echo of awed voices resounded in the assembly hall. One whale answered "Because all the other species are evil."

"How do you know that?" asked Prem.

"It says so in the Great Book of Whales." thundered old Bahula the wisest of all the whales.

"Oh wise one, doesn't it say that we should love one another."

"Yes, but that only means love all whales, not those pesty little creatures who don't have the strength we have. Why, if we wanted to we could destroy all of them in one second, that's how powerful we really are. And that power makes us superior to all creatures." boasted the Old Bahula.

"But, you should never misuse power oh great one, rather our strength should be utilized to help those who need it and…"

"How dare you talk back to us! All through our lives never has a whale of your size ever spoken to us that way." scolded Mother Mimi peering over her spectacles. "Do you think yourself more knowledge than us? We have lived longer than you and indeed we know much more than what is in your little head. And for speaking against our teachings we will ostracize you unless you repent your sins to us."

"But I have committed no sin."

"What! Do you not know that the greatest sin to speak against this Council of Wise Whales?"

"Whatever I have said is true. Why do you wish to punish me for speaking the truth?" cried out Prem helplessly.

"GUARDS! Take this little whale away and throw him into the deep ocean. Let him live there all by himself!"

The guards took Prem and threw him into the depths of the sea. Prem hit his head against a rock and fell unconscious for a long time.

Suddenly Prem was spoken to by a soft voice, "Awaken my child."

He opened his eyes and there he saw a beautiful light surrounded him and in the midst there was a beautiful whale with the sweetest voice that Prem had ever heard.

"Who are you?" asked Prem.

"I am your guide, sent from above to help you in your divine mission of love."

"My divine mission of love" questioned Prem.

"Yes, yours. You wished to bring about peace and love within all your fellow creatures, and you have the power to do so if only you believe my child, if only you believe."

"But I was ostracized from my group how can I go back?"

"This was all the arrangement of the infinite so you could come to me and so that I could guide you and help you understand the unlimited power you have within yourself to change the world if you wanted."

"Oh I do! I want everyone to live in love and unity, but I don't really know how teach them."

The divine whale answered, "Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you."

"Are you saying that they already know what I am trying to teach them?"

"Yes, the answer to all questions is within oneself."

"Then why doesn't everyone love each other?"

"Because they are all under the illusion that they are higher than the other. All you have to do is go within yourself and find your inner strength." Then the divine being disappeared from the eyes of Prem.


Meanwhile Prem's various friends around the sea of different colors and schools gathered at Habibi's house to question the disappearance of Prem.

The beluga whale sat with her fin around Habibi comforting her and saying, "Don't worry Habibi, we will find Prem for you." Fifi the rainbow fish stretched his fin and said, "My friends and I have established a plan through which Prem can be found. Now, for all of you who are willing to participate say 'gurgle'".

A resounding gurgle filled Habibi's habitat. Fifi reached out to the beluga whale who in turn reached out to a whale from Prem's school and so the chain continued until all the sea creatures united, and so they set out to search for their friend, Prem.

Month upon month passed and the search party grew larger as different sea creatures migrated to join it for they were all touched by Prem's mission. Therefore the sea had become a multitude of colors as various species bonded and interacted together in unity.

Suddenly the triumphant cry of Habibi pierced the calm sea, "Look! There he is!" They all saw Prem and because cheerful at heart. However, they knew something was wrong.

"It looks like he is dying of hunger!" lamented a friend. Habibi lifted her companion's limp body onto her dorsal fin and lowered her head to hear his soft murmuring.

"I am so proud of you all. Those who do not cherish love wander deceived and bewildered. Without peace and happiness we can have no destiny except remorse and anger. But now I see that this will not happen here because now our home has become an ocean of love. My mission is fulfilled and now I must leave."

"You cannot leave us" cried his friends, "All of us have gone to great lengths to find you, how can you leave us?"

"But this problem of searching for me has given you the greatest gift you will ever receive. The gift of love."

Saying this Prem left his mortal body and ascended into the higher realms above.