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Below are details on how the site is organized using a linked TOC.

Structure of Site

Most pages are tagged using suitable words and categorized using the WHERNTO grid categories (described below). A table of contents (as shown on this page) is included for any pages that have sufficient multiple sections.

Content availability for many sections have a More to come … which implies that some content already available and there will be considerable additions in the future.

[Editor notes are enclosed in brackets as you can plainly see right here!]

Iabbers: Instruments Ixpediting Ideas!

Vehicles for communications, active or otherwise, as indicated below:

  • blOOks
  • eLetters
  • Chat (inactive)
  • Forum (inactive)
  • THLogs (inactive)

Ibrarys: Irchives Illuminating Imnds!

Items (books, papers, videos, podcasts …) on or off the internet forming topical knowledgebase in various areas including:

  • Computing (programming, artificial intelligence, algorithms, simulations …)
  • Engineering (statics, dynamics, electrical …)
  • Fiction (only decent, sensible non-artsy authors allowed …)
  • Health (nutrition, vegan, fitness …)
  • Logic (argument, fallacy, thinking …)
  • Math (algebra, calculus, statistics, topology …)
  • Music (theory, harmony, counterpoint …)
  • Philosophy (value ethics, deontology, consequentialism)
  • Physics (classical, quantum, relativity, nuclear …)
  • Technology (solar, energy, iot …)
  • Zother (anything and everything else)

Ictvity: Ingaging Interprising Iveliness!

Initiatives undertaken in various areas including:

  • Chess (specifically the veggiechess site)
  • CritterCavern (our guests over the decades)
  • Ethology (specific explorations of behavior)
  • Haven (our home for the homeless)
  • Music (performance, compositions, education)
  • Photography (technique and results)
  • Praductions (musicals and other creations)
  • Pranktuary (a safehouse for appreciation of exceptional humor)

Iknotes: Investigations Into Ixistence!

Notes on various topics from existing resources including:

  • Computing (clojure, zsh, …)
  • Engineering (applications of science, …)
  • Health (diet, fitness, …)
  • Logic (argumentation, fallacy, presentation, …)
  • Music (counterpoint, harmony, orchestration, …)
  • Physics (feynman lectures, …)
  • Technology (heatpump, solar, …)

Insites: Ibserving Interesting Ireas!

Links to sites of merit grouped by:

  • Beings (activists, educators, individuals human or not)
  • Discourse (forums, newsletters)
  • Learning (open universities, videos)
  • Organizations (groups, formations, resources)

Ithngys: Ilightful Ingaging Items!

Businesses, items, products group by:

  • Business (stores)
  • Items (curiosities, memorabilia, stuff)
  • Products (goods, vendibles, materials)

Iwrters: Irtcle Iarchtects Icquaintance!

Each Iwrter has list of articles. This section is uptodate as per older site and more will be added over time.

WHERNTO grid categories

The term WHERN was developed during a dream from where and when … an inquisitive reminiscence of here and now. The TO was added on because one asks WHERE TO and now WHEN TO.

  • W ellnes: fitness, health, nutrition, robustness, vegan, verdure, zest
  • H eedism: awareness, bodhi, concentration, gratitude, interest, spirit, wisdom
  • E rudite: astute, enriched, gnostic, gracious, insightful, judicious, savvy
  • R ighton: conviction, duty, equity, rationality, service, values, veracity
  • N otions: animation, chimera, construction, improvisation, invention, perception, satori
  • T echniq: adeptness, efficiency, elegance, mechanism, organization, praxis, skill
  • O perate: activate, cooperate, coordinate, engage, perform, process, venture

This system may be useful if you are looking to go somewhe..