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Articles, short stories, poetry and prose on spirituality, psychology, random interests and silly stuff! To hear my songs, go to Angelkate Rose Channel. I like to question the nature of reality by taking voyages of discovery through the depths of the psyche and soul, to see through illusion and find hidden treasures! Being a pirate princess, such things come naturally… so board the ship and let us set sail!


Under construction, but articles available.

Big George

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I To be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking So that other people won't feel insecure around you.


Have you ever seen that little girl, wide-eyed, curious with excitement as she wonders through her garden kissing flower petals ever so gently? She's the one who entertains herself with the mystery of reality by believing her dreams are just as real. She's got dainty features and a soft voice, but she is as independent as a wild horse, unafraid of the poisons of the world… And everywhere she goes, she carries with her a friendly smile, an open heart, and an unquenching thirst to learn.


Hello, my name is Carmen, and I was born in 1991. I say, "Live life with equal respect for all living beings". In fact, my lifelong goal is to teach people just that… In 1994, when my mom co-founded an organization named The Responsible Animal Care Society, we got into animal rescue. We have a sanctuary, and have bonded with many animals who showed up on our doorstep. I became a vegetarian around 4 years of age, when my mom started to pursue a humane and healthy diet.

Debbie Took

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it's not just racism, sexism, and speciesism that are unjust, it's oppression itself against any individual that should be intolerable until we work from a place of compassion ourselves, history will only repeat atrocities acknowledge your conceptions and consider which ones might be misconceptions we dance through life some learn the steps to move to but there are those who have moves all their own it's the variety that


No animals die or suffer for my meals - my hands are covered in fruit juice not another being's blood. I am a voice for the voiceless. How does one pat their pet, call them "man's best friend", then rip into a baby lamb's leg for dinner? I eat nature's gifts the way it arrives - whole, raw, ripe, organic fruits and greens. I enjoy a high carb raw vegan high fruit diet (HCRV), if there has to be a label put on it.

Garth Harvey

1922-2018 Garth grew up in the 1920's and 30's in small town Manitoba. He worked as Head of the Scientific Information Section of Forestry Research in the Federal Government before retiring to Vancouver Island in 1976. He and his wife chose community service as their retirement project. They assisted in the creation of the Shawnigan Lake Community Centre and museum, and published the community newsletter. Both were honoured as Valued Volunteers in 1985 by the provincial government.


I am a vegan martial artist and proponent of animal liberation looking to spread the vegan lifestyle by demonstrating its sustainability and potential for athletic performance and overall health. Follow my blog. Even in the offensive arts, the purpose of true martial practice is defense. We only attack because we must defend, we only do harm to protect those who need it. The Chinese term for martial arts, wushu, actually roughly translates to "the skill of stopping war.


Jeffrey Francis Tufenkian The following is a detailed background of how Jeffrey became interested in social change work. Click on the highlighted text to skip to information on his consulting firm, Strategic Advocacy & Media. My story… I grew up as most middle class Americans do not questioning too deeply about our government or corporate practices. After all, as far as I saw things seemed fine; my family and people around me had food, decent housing and cars and although not wealthy, were far from suffering.

Jon Fergus

With a background in engineering, Jon has been a substantial contributor to Towards Freedom and the forum in the past. His work is thorough, precise and presented in an interesting fashion.


Animals are giving a warning. Are you aware that animals are under a threat of people killing them? I think people should stop, but people should also work towards a better world, a healthy environment and how we think. And that's a good idea don't you think? dinosaurs are my hero! i like dolphins! Flash forward to 2020 era and see some of what Kyron has been up to, such as:

Maidie Hilmo

Dr. Maidie Hilmo engaged in graduate research in medieval literature and art in England. When she returned to Canada, she became a founding member of LAB (Let Animals Be), dedicated to exposing and stopping vivisection. Presently she is an advisor for ADAV (Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia) and continues to be active politically and legally in the struggle to free animals from being used in the hit-and-miss methods that cost trillions of dollars and only delay ethical, technologically advanced research that can actually benefit human health.


My name is Markus Rafael Nylund. I am from Finland. Maybe more, maybe less. I am a singer of songs. My website is ViceVoids and I have a youtube channel that you can get to from here. Proceed at your own caution, because I like to be a bit flamboyant sometimes with the way I live, write, talk and express myself to shake people out of their stupor (nothing personal).

Michael Labhard

When I was a child my mother quoted to me this verse from the Bible. It was a brief, quiet moment among a great many moments we had together, and yet I never forgot it. It kept gnawing at me, asking me, "What does this mean? Why did she say that at that moment?" My mother is dead now almost 30 years and 40 years after she said it to me I have discovered its meaning.

Mort Milne

I rather like Prad's description of me!. I do so in part, because I often question my own entity— it's an extension of the age old philosophical argument: "If there is no one else in the room (world, universe, etc.), how does one prove one's own existence?". I am sure that many in the younger generations that I have been purportedly teaching for more than twenty years would respond by suggesting that they would merely have to take their own picture with a camera-phone, etc.

Peter Csere

Under construction, but articles available.


we are all figments of our own imagination. that is why it is a good idea to cultivate that imagination. without imagination, we become trapped by knowledge and become intellectual casualties. imagination sparks within us adventure, courage, vision and compassion. "i imagine, therefore i evolve!" (… or at the very least, i imagine i evolve) some of my chronology: 1952/10/27 (apparently) arrives on planet earth upto 1968 exists as introvert in many forms (and generally continues to do so) 1969 encounters thomas henry huxley, mr.


At age 35, I became aware of the second part of that and thought the completeness of each one would enhance the whole. So I began to develop myself, through nourishing my body with good foods, my mind with good thoughts and my spirit with good deeds; through aligning my actions more with what I knew to be right regardless of what others said about me. Now at 40 (for the last ?

Robert Sniadach

Robert Sniadach began his studies in natural hygiene health in 1982, receiving his doctorate in chiropractic in 1993 from Parker Chiropractic College in Texas. He completed a clinical fasting internship with Dr. William Esser in Florida in 1994. In 1994, he became a certified member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians … For much more, visit his website Transformation Institute.


From the depths of our hearts we can hear the cry of countless animals being slaughtered, we can feel the hands of starving children reaching out. In our own dwellings we can taste the toxins in the water, and in our own cities we can smell the pollution in the air. The animals, the children and the earth are calling us. now is the time to put compassion into action and become part of the solution.


Long ago, as a five-year-old living with my family in a two-room cabin along the banks of the Similkameen River, I happened to look outside one autumn morning to see a wounded deer fleeing for his life. Blood flowed from a wound in his side. Horrified, I remember asking my father what had happened. "A hunter," he replied. The memory haunted me…the frightened glance of the injured animal as his eyes briefly met mine through the window, and the image of a crimson gash against a soft chestnut coat.


Hi, this is Tasha a Pure, Raw, Natural Hygientist. Find me here.

Trevor Murdock

I am currently working at the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies (CICS). I am responsible for running our statistical model which calculates seasonal predictions across Canada of upcoming Temperature, Precipitation, and other weather elements, as well as the technical side of various projects including Canadian Climate Impacts and Scenarios. Find me here.


I am a longtime animal rights activist. In addition to the articles you'll find below, you can read more on my blook.


I've served as the Canadian Head of Investigations for international animal advocacy organization Animals' Angels, Canadian-based organizations Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals and the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, and most recently as the Director of Investigations for Mercy For Animals Canada where, together with a small team of investigators, we completed and released seven undercover investigations … All of my work—investigative and artistic—seeks to challenge our basic beliefs about farmed animals and foster a sense of justice for all animals.

Wes Peterson

Enjoy life! Release fears, negativity, false beliefs. LIVE! You are powerful. Do not allow anyone to influence you from your path or your goals, dreams and aspirations. Trust within yourself. The answers you need are within you!