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A Song for Bloody Geoff

Serenade for a man responsible for the Canadian seal slaughter.

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image of A Song for Bloody Geoff

There once was a sealer named Bryce
Whose heart was as frigid as ice.
He clubbed 'em and snagged 'em
Then brutally dragged 'em;
Of mercy he didn't think twice.

Now Bryce had some friends, it's been told
Whose souls had long since been sold.
They pandered and lied,
Geoff Regan at side:
A leader with morals "on hold".

Geoff's greed was well-known in the land
(He refused to have the slaughter banned.)
He sent the Coast Guard
To where ice floes were marred
And more innocent deaths had been planned.

The sealers did torture and plunder;
Their savagery echoed like thunder.
The crimson blood flowed
Under death's heavy load;
Of justice - one can only wonder.

And Regan of Fisheries fame
So willing to play the cruel game,
A killer at heart,
From his office took part
And shoulders the brunt of the blame.

They say wickedness does have a price.
Thus, the crimes that have happened on ice
Will always be there
For history to share
And the world will remember the vice.

Where Bryce and his buddies will go
Is a place of incredible woe.
Yet try to compare
What their leader will bear
Since his callousness funded the show.

Said the Devil, "I'll trade my whole choir
For one white-collar thug, brute and liar.
How they pine for tradition;
Soon they'll howl in perdition
With ol' Geoff at the heart of my fire."

Permission granted by author to forward this limerick widely and to share with Fisheries, the Canadian Prime Minister, the Queen of England, and anyone else on our planet who may be remotely interested. Anyone musically inclined could add a tune to it and sing it at demos, particularly in front of DFO offices.