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Performance and compositions in the area of music.

More to come, but some content already available.

Angelkate Rose Channel

This is the link to the Angelkate Rose Channel on Youtube. You can also find her writings here. Here are some of her videos in no particular order which include covers and originals. Look on Down from the Bridge - Mazzy Star Let it Be - Paul McCartney/ The Beatles Three Little Birds - Bob Marley 500 Miles - Joan Baez/Hedy West I Found You (Original) Diamonds and Rust - Joan Baez Look on Down from the Bridge - Mazzy Star (Cover by Angelkate Rose)

Dhaku Singu

Dhaka has been singing since 2015. At the end of this page, we list her rehearsals and performances. She is very glad to have wonderful friends in the neighborhood, such as: Aurora, Daria, Terrence, Valerie Gisela, Ernie Linda, Peter, Flora Ross, Abby Linda, Robert, Muffin Leia, Wayne, Gibson Al, Zoe Bruce, Jessie Tom, Iggy, Twiggy Theodora Deborah, Tori, Gary Diane, Daniel, Suzanne (who moved away) Aria, Cohen, Brianne, Dustin Tracey Sally, Susan Thunder Georgina, Iris, Roy Kita, Kelly Rowan, Benson, Kitten, Jinny, Stu Jim, Joe, Stella Caroline, Lucy Elizabeth Greg, Laura, Bella Steve Lisa, Torri, Roo, Nina Trevin, Taylor, Brutus, Millie Cindy Barbara Gail, Henry, Claire, Louis, Desmond Sol, Ron, Marina Mikki Kelsey, Graydon Angelkate (moved away) Maneesha, Bodhan, Raj (from Victoria) Rick, Kristine Milo, Diane (and others, but we don't know their names!

Kyron Recitals

Here are write-ups (by prad) for Kyron's undergrad and masters recitals that were sent out to interested parties. All documents and video links are provided. You can find Kyron's homepage here. Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Masters recital 2020-03-09 Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Kyron is completing his bachelor's of music at UVIC in a few weeks. part of the requirement was to do the grad recital which took place march 20th. I know some of you may have been planning to attend, but were unable to for various reasons like

Markus Rafael Nylund

Markus is a musician from Finland and runs the ViceVoids youtube channel. You can find his page on this site here. Below we list some of his videos. VICEVOIDS - timehigh Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) VICEVOIDS - timehigh "this song is like going to church on monday morning. thank you!" Master of Puppets (Metallica cover) "Suddenly Metallica's Master of Puppets started playing through me … Birds flew in the trees and for a moment took a break from their shenanigans …"