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The Rosebush

A model to be effected by oneself ... may be with a little help from some friends.

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image of The Rosebush

This article was inspired by Angelkate who has been kind enough to let me stowaway on her pirate ship. She has taken me on many an adventure while steering a true course between the water and the sky. We have seen glorious storms and traveled under the vibrant rainbows they leave behind. Perhaps she may agree that what follows is a proper compensation for the never-ending voyage.

Imagine a rosebush.

The roots secure deep into the earth, embedded within a foundation of worthwhile values. We have the support for honorable convictions.

The stems rise up with confidence that comes from strength and flexibility. When the winds blow, they do not break. They bend, but always return to their position of integrity.

The branches spread seeking, each reaching out beyond the stem from which it emerged. Through their explorations, knowledge is continually discovered.

The leaves look out towards the light. Bathed in radiance, they absorb the truth that fuels existence itself.

The rosebush is nourished by the power of the earth, the excitement of the wind, the illumination of the sun and the joy bourne by the tears from the clouds.

Nature delights in her creation.

Take this picture and see it has been etched indelibly into the smooth canvas of eternity.

Call it what you will: it is you, your true self, your spiritual essence.

It is indestructible and everlasting and waiting …


Now put some tracing paper over the canvas. Start tracing the rosebush with your pencil. Be precise and accurate for every line, every curve, every detail and nuance is of utmost importance!

When you are finished, you will have a replica of what is there. It looks indistinguishable, carrying all the qualities of the original.

Your tracing paper has much empty space. You can customize it!

Put in some birds and bugs - a willingness to share.

Add some large thorns - a protector offering haven.

Create a mist all around - abode for an enigmatic magician.

Draw some roses of various colors - a bit of heaven is blossomed in.

Each tracing paper work is an image for you to be - it is a role you choose to play on the stage of life. You can have many such roles and to live them out, all you need do, is create it with a new page.

You can be many things …

  • the mischievous daemon playing pranks on the unsuspecting
  • the emotionless watcher observing the dance between life and karma
  • the courageous knight charging forth to right all wrongs
  • the kind empath listening, healing and rejuvenating
  • the pirate princess seeking hidden treasures beyond illusion



There is need for care.

If one stays not alert, the tracing paper carrying whatever creations will move out of alignment from the source whence it came. Most things may look the same at the beginning of a shift, but the page appears blurry as though there is conflict. The formerly precise lines become muddled as the image on the paper becomes disharmonious with what is underneath.

Quick! Move the paper to find its proper position!
Too far!
No! That's not correct either!
Try again!
Now this area looks reasonably alright, but it is off over here.

There is bewilderment, confusion, stress. Too much trouble is this!

I want to take the paper off the canvas! Then at least there will be only one view with no conflict! Yes that at least looks good to me off the canvas! May be this will be fine.

But no! There is no support and the thin paper flutters with the slightest disturbance. Without connection and substance, it soon wrinkles and rips. The once valiant image becomes a mere caricature. No amount of patchwork can repair it.

What is to be done?


Alright. Get another piece of tracing paper and let's do this again.

Trace carefully with sincerity and awareness.
Avoid nothing.
Miss nothing.
Keep the work as true as its source.

It is done - you always have another chance! Even if you run out of tracing paper, you can get some more. However, don't be wasteful - that would be treesonous!

This time keep the alignment firm! Draw beautiful things, but don't let the paper lose alignment with what is underneath. If you do, both the beauty and the things are lost.

Stay aligned!
Always stay aligned.
Do not be drawn astray by temptation, by want, by enjoyment.
Become not irresponsible, apathetic, false.

Protect the alignment. It is all you have.

Aligned, there is no blurring. There is no bewilderment, there is no confusion, there is no stress, and most important, there is immunity from delusion.


The canvas belongs not to you, but the tracing paper does.

Use it well.