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Faith incinerates the phantom of fear which blocks dharma's gateway.

WHERNTO: notions 

image of Unafraid

Driving forward motion
The fire burns away
All that is not God
And illuminates the way
In this eternal moment
Time does stand still
I am in alignment
With the one and only will

Opening my petals
Spreading my wings
Not even thinking
About what this brings
The fire burns within
My eyes glare bright
No longer any darkness
For I am filled with light

The path lay before me
I walk it unafraid
All lack is illusion
Whole as I was made
Nothing else exists
But focus of steel
Doing what is right
Doing what is real

All of life sings
In harmony together
There is no opposition
For there was never
There is only faith
There is no fear
Destiny is certain
The way ahead is clear

Taking each step with
Certainty and knowing
Confidence and calm
Just keep on growing
I know precisely what
It is that I must do
And that this path will lead
Me home to you