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That London Twang

An insight into accentidental speech.

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image of That London Twang

I come from South East London
Accent a mix of things
It changes frequently
And disappears when I sing

I make up words quite often
Out of laziness I guess
Melding words together
So that I can speak less

"You've got that London twang"
A friend said when I spoke
"What do you mean?" I asked
"I sound like common folk?"

He explained grammatical errors
And a lilting of my voice
I said I planned elocution lessons
To make a better choice

He pleaded "No, don't change your speech
Keep that London twang in reach!
You sound like you've got attitude
And won't let no one mess with you!"

Although when I speak softer
I sound more well spoken
So shifting vocal gears
Can be quite a handy token!