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Soul Labyrinth

Finding oneself within the labyrinth of the soul.

WHERNTO: notions 

image of Soul Labyrinth

FOR AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: Read whilst listening to the song that I was
listening to on repeat as I wrote it in the middle of the night… wait until
he's sung the intro… then you're good to go…

Past the gates of time
I walk in anticipation
Surrender myself to
A mysterious initiation

Oh Celtic cemetery soul labyrinth
Ivy creeping on grave cross stones
Cracked and twisted beyond time
Ancient whispers and moans

Holy dove angels scattered
Winding paths and flowers
Dark corners are beckoning
Immersed in God for hours

Suggestions of forest once before
I want to go deeper I want more
Get lost in the labyrinth of my soul
That I may find myself once more

I can barely take in your beauty
With these human eyes
I yearn to be one with you
No separate disguise

Presence hears my pleas
Pines shelter my heart
Silence sings to me
We never were apart

Trust and surrender
Return to simplicity
Follow your heart
The call of synchronicity

Dark peaceful still
Restful contemplation
Divinity is within me
Filling me with elation