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Enjoy life! Release fears, negativity, false beliefs. LIVE! You are powerful. Do not allow anyone to influence you from your path or your goals, dreams and aspirations. Trust within yourself. The answers you need are within you!

A Bit About Wes

I came into this life as of March 10th, 1977, at about 11:11 AM. Here I am; in the midst of eternity. Playing the game called life. I'm grateful to be here, and am truly blessed in many ways. During the course of my existence, I have come to the powerful realization that I am here for two main purposes: Part of the reason for my being here now is to make a positive contribution to this world.

Cooked Food Effects

During the past few decades there has been much research done in the area of nutrition. Some of this research casts light on some important insights regarding the foods which Mother Nature offers to us in its whole, raw state, and what happens when we tamper with it. What exactly happens to food when it is cooked? What happens to the body if we eat cooked food? Some key points are covered in this article.

Healthy Eating Healthy Living

Hello everyone! I will attempt to share with you all some of what I've discovered intellectually and experientially in regards raw eating and healthy living. This will be rather basic, but I hope you will find this to be insightful and of some value. Teeth Problems and Acidic Fruits Greens Are a Necessity Fats Are Important Fruit Sugar is Prime Fuel for Our Bodies Fasting Gets Results Exercise, Sunlight, Adequate Rest and Optimum Amounts of Sleep, etc.

Thoughts Manifestations and Life

The thoughts we think manifest the reality we live in. Collectively, we create our universe. The inner essence will manifest into the outer. The inner essence is thought - conscious and subconscious levels of thought. The outer is what we perceive as our life, what "is". Thought is senior to substance. All around us are manifestations of thought. Thoughts are very real, tangible things. Thoughts literally create waves! When we think, we create certain vibrations.