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Hello, my name is Carmen, and I was born in 1991. I say, "Live life with equal respect for all living beings". In fact, my lifelong goal is to teach people just that…

In 1994, when my mom co-founded an organization named The Responsible Animal Care Society, we got into animal rescue. We have a sanctuary, and have bonded with many animals who showed up on our doorstep.

I became a vegetarian around 4 years of age, when my mom started to pursue a humane and healthy diet.

Around the age of 10, I became a strict vegetarian and started an organization of my own, currently named Youth Against Animal Abuse.

I have been to many animal rights events over the years such as protests, display tables, lectures, etc. I had only spoken in public about two times, up to 2005. That changed when I was one of the main coordinaters for the seal hunt protest for my area in March. I was interviewed by 2 radio stations, the local TV station, 1 newspaper, and even met with my local MP, who was quite supportive.

In the past, I have worked on strategies to end the seal hunt, and getting a student choice policy on dissection, in my school district.

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Middle East War

Unless we want innocent people killed and terrorists bombing Canada, as has been threatened, we need to do something. President Bush is the next Hitler, and Prime Minister Harper is his sidekick. We are now at war, alongside the States, in the middle east. What is it about? It's not about weapons of mass destruction, we should all know that by now. It's about money. Oil. The people leading our countries, if it has not occured to you, are not in the business to make our world a better place, but for their own greed, which seems, is worsening the state of our world.