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I rather like Prad's description of me!. I do so in part, because I often question my own entity— it's an extension of the age old philosophical argument: "If there is no one else in the room (world, universe, etc.), how does one prove one's own existence?". I am sure that many in the younger generations that I have been purportedly teaching for more than twenty years would respond by suggesting that they would merely have to take their own picture with a camera-phone, etc., and when the picture appears it would be confirmation of their existence!. I would challenge such assumptions, based upon one's perception of reality while 'traversing the deleria of space and time'—It would seem we have come full circle to Prad's description of me!— Isn't that the essence of all philosophical debates—An envigorating mental exercise in persuing a circuitous argument to nowhere!!!

By the bye, additional friends have suggested that I amend Prad's description of my questionable entity to include what they perceive as 'traits' of that would be entity. I therefore propose to define myself in the following manner:

MORT (aka—a questionable, eclectic, enigmatic entity traversing the deleria of space and time)

I digress. I was born—I think Prad might agree with that statement?. However, he suggests that he, like all of us, is a figment of his own imagination!. Suspending our own perceptions of reality to accomodate such an enlightened viewpoint, this would suggest that I am actually a 'fragmented figment' of both his and my imagination!, OR, as Charles Dicken's Scrooge character so succintly put it: In reality, I might be "A bit of undigested food" — Food for thought!, don't you think?

At this juncture the former 'Monty Python' comedy troupe would suggest the following:


I do not purport to be a philosopher. However, quotes, from two eloquent orators, Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy, reflect much of my philosophy of life: "I have a dream—" (Dr. Martin Luther King) "Some people see things as they are and ask why. I see things that never were and ask why not?" (Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy).

I am in essence both a 'dreamer' and a 'seeker of solutions to problems'. Much of my focus, now, as in the past, is directed towards the development and dissemination of technologies for persons with disabilities, particularly those with auditory and visual impairments. My dream and related efforts, in this regard, is that eventually genetic (ie. stem cell and related) research will lead to the restoration of normal human physiological functionality. In the interim, my dream and related efforts are directed towards bringing together the required expertise and resources to improve the functionality and independence of those suffering with disabilities.

While my focus is directed towards what is called 'Assistive Technology', I am also very much concerned with the development and dissemination of enviromentally friendly and efficient 'Energy Consuming' and 'Energy Producing' technologies, as well as the reclamation of the existing toxic enviroment. Additionally, I have shifted my interests in education from full- time teaching to a combination of part-time teaching and the design and delivery of courses in 'Rehabilitation Engineering' for technologists. Finally, I continue to have an abiding interest in the evolution of the political process, both foreign and domestic.

Those interested in various aspects of 'Assistive Technologies' might begin by searching the following web sites:

In depth publications on 'Assistive Technology' include the following:

Those interested in the various aspects of the 'Enviroment' might begin by searching the following web sites:

Those interested in the various aspects of 'Energy Technologies' might begin by searching the following web sites:

Those interested in various 'Emerging Technologies' might begin by searching this M.I.T. web site:

Those interested in 'Scientific and Technological Education' might begin by searching the following web sites:

Those interested in political change should begin by getting involved:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the local, regional and national issues
  2. Familiarize yourself with the political process—talk with the bureaucrats who actually understand the process
  3. Serve as a volunteer with local ratepayers groups and/or candidates
  4. Attend local 'All Candidates Meetings'

Those 'Kindred Spirits' (ie. Questionable Entities) may find my fragmented, figmented entity, in addition to similar 'Apparitions', on the 'Facebook' web site, dependent upon your 'Perception of Reality'!!!

My Brush With Municipal Politics

I have left out names to protect the innocent?—or was that the guilty? My initial introduction to municipal politics was the result of my friendship with a former president of our local clay court tennis club. This gentleman was very active, as a volunteer, on a number of community committees, including a regional committee on race relations. He suggested that I should become more aware of the issues that faced our community, including somewhat grandiose plans for the redevelopment of our surrounding area.