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Don't take authority as the truth, but truth as the authority!

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My name is Markus Rafael Nylund. I am from Finland. Maybe more, maybe less. I am a singer of songs.

My website is ViceVoids and I have a youtube channel that you can get to from here.

Proceed at your own caution, because I like to be a bit flamboyant sometimes with the way I live, write, talk and express myself to shake people out of their stupor (nothing personal). It can be a little too much or aggressive sometimes for some. Nothing personal. This is all part of the act. This is also how I play guitar and dance.

What About Pleasure?

This is a philosophical essay based on my own experiences and reasoning. If you want to study the subject more thoroughly and from a scientific perspective, I suggest you look into the neurotransmitor known as Dopamine. It seems to me that there are two kinds of pleasure which are easily confused when our wants and needs have gone haywire. Short-term pleasure (stp), which often leads to unpleasure in the long run.