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We are all one, yet each of us one.

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At age 35, I became aware of the second part of that and thought the completeness of each one would enhance the whole. So I began to develop myself, through nourishing my body with good foods, my mind with good thoughts and my spirit with good deeds; through aligning my actions more with what I knew to be right regardless of what others said about me.

Now at 40 (for the last ?? years), I still stumble, but continue on my way. I strive to be better and so be a better mother and better friend to others, a better member of the earth's community.

I feel very lucky to live in wonderful company whom you can read more about.

Thank you for visiting me here. I offer you my friendship and willingness to listen and share any life story that may be useful to you.


Editor: You can call her Dr. Ranjana now since she received her doctorate in 2022. Here is the link to her thesis: Linking Animals, Social Justice and Social Work.

… and here is a pic of her at the graduation (taken by Kyron):


… and a video of her being hooded by her supervisor Dr. Michael Young:

It Takes a Community to Raise Our Children

This is true for all our communities' children, regardless of species! A perfect example is the story of Cathy Page and a duck family. Cathy was driving home along the Trans Canada Hwy when she spotted a mother duck and her brood zig zagging between the barriers on the northbound side of the highway. They were trapped and the mother was trying to lead her line of babies to safety.

Ode to Pericles

Now, little Pericles Won't you come a bit closer, please? And whisper softly in our ear Those sweet phrases we long to hear "Baby", " Hi", and "Where are you?" Surely that's not all you can do! Oh yes, "Hi ho, Hi ho" As you rightly know Is our very favorite. We listen, we moan, we savour it Whenever you bless us with that tune Sadly we wonder why you stop so soon.

Rosalind and the Purple Tulip

Throughout this story, click on the play button to hear each song. In a small town, not very far away, there lived a girl named Rosalind. She loved the spring with its blossoms, chirping birds, and wonderful rain that washes away the dirty snow and waters the plants. Rosalind played outside with her older brother Terrance. The two of them loved looking after the plants in their special garden in the backyard.