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Alternative Healing What Nobody Understands

Natural Hygiene Practitioners, as indicated by their writings and actions, do not understand Natural Hygiene. As the evidence indicated herein will show, those Natural Hygiene Practitioners whom we all know or those about whom we read or hear, do not know, understand or practice Natural Hygiene. There will not be any attempt herein, to embarrass anyone. They will be described by their own words or by their obituaries. There are others about whom there will be no attempt to embarrass or describe herein because information about them is confidential and will be kept confidential.

How Loving Touch Heals

"Healing love" energy flows through "healers" fingers into diseased parts of a sick person's body, when "healers" gently and lovingly touch sick parts of that body. It is the energy that heals, not the "healers". The healing energy does not come from the "healers" own energy. This healing energy comes from the vital "life" force flowing through all living forms. Every cell in our bodies has "intelligence" that responds to this "life" energy and knows what to do in every situation.

How to Lose All the Weight You Want and Keep It Off

Obesity is excessive accumulation of body fat. The study of fat and of obesity, is known as bariatrics. Fat is a pathological accumulation of unwanted tissue in the body. Obesity is a state of disease. Less than 5% of patients who lose weight by traditional medical approaches keep their weight off indefinitely. Surgery for weight-loss is dangerous. Many (of these weight-loss) patients suffer problems associated with surgery that include infection, urinary stones, liver failure and heart failure.