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Maidie Hilmo

Fighting against the pseudo-science of animal research.

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Dr. Maidie Hilmo engaged in graduate research in medieval literature and art in England. When she returned to Canada, she became a founding member of LAB (Let Animals Be), dedicated to exposing and stopping vivisection. Presently she is an advisor for ADAV (Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia) and continues to be active politically and legally in the struggle to free animals from being used in the hit-and-miss methods that cost trillions of dollars and only delay ethical, technologically advanced research that can actually benefit human health.

Heads, Hearts and Humanity ... Identity and the Freedom to Choose

Cartoon by Graham Harrop. This article was written by one of the ADAV advisors, Dr. Maidie Hilmo, PhD, and has appeared on ADAV first. Going back to ancient times, the Spring Equinox, falling on March 20 this year, has been celebrated as a time of transition when day and night are the same length. It represents the victory of light over darkness. This significance of this is especially relevant to to the current situation when the powers of light are battling against some particularly barbaric forces.