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You just made it my business

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No animals die or suffer for my meals - my hands are covered in fruit juice not another being's blood.

I am a voice for the voiceless.

How does one pat their pet, call them "man's best friend", then rip into a baby lamb's leg for dinner?

I eat nature's gifts the way it arrives - whole, raw, ripe, organic fruits and greens.

I enjoy a high carb raw vegan high fruit diet (HCRV), if there has to be a label put on it.

The truth resonates within me when I eat this way.

Raw food coach & professional lifestylist at your service!

Freelee the Banana Girl

You Just Made It My Business!

I came across this comment the other day: "You shouldn't be so judgmental! Everyone should be allowed to eat whatever they want without worrying about some vegan nut judging them. It's none of your business what I eat! Each to their own I say!" No!!! Wrong!!!! I'm going to tell you why that's a load of … You share this world! You share this world with other people! What you do impacts on other beings!