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002 The Rikster

Riky the dog goes by a variety of names like Riky-Tiky or Rikle-Tickle-Pickle. He seems to be a black rotweiller-labrador-shepherd cross. This story lends itself best to his identity of being the Rikster. When we went to get him from the shelter, every dog was trying to get through the gate in their enclosure. It is sad to see the hope in each one's eyes, knowing that all but one will be disappointed.

Ancient Vegans Appolonius

In Philostratus' Life of Apollonius, we have perhaps the clearest historical account of an ancient vegan in the character of Apollonius of Tyana. This article will explore Apollonius's views on veganism and animal righton, their relation to the philosophical life of the ancients and will chronicle some of the experiences Apollonius faced in regards to his veganism. Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Apollonius, it was said, had decided early in life to undertake what he referred to as the "life of Pythagoras", a life devoted to philosophy - chiefly to the attainment and practice of true wisdom.

Ancient Vegans Porphyry

As a continuation of our series on ancient vegans, we'll attempt here to take into consideration Porphyry's essay On Abstinence from Animal Food, written in the third century CE, and translated into English by Thomas Taylor in 1823. A full pdf of the essay is provided here. Porphyry (234-305 CE), the student of Plotinus, and elder contemporary of Iamblichus, plays a central role in the Neoplatonism of the early centuries CE.

Ancient Vegans the Orphics and the Hymn to Health

Orpheus charming wild animals with his music To Health O Much-desir'd, prolific, gen'ral queen, Hear me, life-bearing, Health, of beauteous mien, Mother of all; by thee diseases dire, Of bliss destructive, from our life retire; And ev'ry house is flourishing and fair, If with rejoicing aspect thou art there: Each daedal art, thy vig'rous force inspires, And all the world thy helping hand desires; Pluto life's bane alone resists thy will, And ever hates thy all-preserving skill.

Anger Is One Letter Short of Danger

The weight of anger is far heavier than the weight of joy. In it’s most vicious form, anger can lead to murder; joy easily distributes love, even in it’s simplest form. While both are natural emotions to our genetic make-up, we can choose to possess more of the one which we desire to encompass most often, but often times it seems we are displaying the less desired one. There are many ways to prevent and manage anger, which if obtained, consequently leads to more joy.

Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society

TheAnimal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of British Columbia (ADAV), established by a veterinary surgeon in 1927, is a peaceful, grassroots organization committed to the abolition of vivisection on moral, ethical and scientific grounds. The ADAV Society strives to inform the public of the grim realities faced by animals used in experiments, promote the use of superior and more humane non-animal alternatives, and alert the public to the proven invalidity of basing human medicine and toxicology on other species.

Animal Guardianship

About 3 times a year I send money to different dog and cat rescue groups to pull dogs and cats from high kill shelters, especially those who are still gassing former pets to death. It's pretty awful to see these once beloved animals turned over to shelters for such frivolous excuses as: "we just had a baby and don't have time to care for our cat", or "we are now working longer hours and it is a shame to crate our poor dog all day long".

Animal Liberation

Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals is a 1975 book by Australian philosopher Peter Singer. It is widely considered within the animal liberation movement to be the founding philosophical statement of its ideas. Singer himself rejected the use of the theoretical framework of rights when it comes to human and nonhuman animals. Following Jeremy Bentham, Singer argued that the interests of animals should be considered because of their ability to experience suffering and that the idea of rights was not necessary in order to consider them.

Animals in the Vernacular

While driving to work one day, out of frustration I heard myself say aloud to another driver "you're driving like a turtle", "move along little doggie". It bothers me to drive slowly since there are many other places I prefer to be than in a car. What bothered me more that day was that in one sentence I used animals as similies twice. It occurred to me how many times I have said: he works like a horse, who let the cat out of the bag, eats like a pig, like water off a duck's back, he's a little ham, scaredy cat, and feeling sheepish.

Anti Supplements? Why?

[Our thanks to Debbie Took for allowing reprinting from her original blog.] Let's start with the disclaimer. Not a doctor. Not a dietician. Not a biochemist. Not a 'raw food guru'. Just a raw food coach who blogs. In fact, I don't even possess a chemistry O-level. As with any blog article, this article represents my personal opinion (together with the opinions of others working in the health field, including a raw food guru or two!

Anti-Human Supremacy Animal Rights Argument

Abstract Summary version Essay: The Anti-Human Supremacy Animal Rights Argument Notes Abstract This essay is intended to offer a stronger alternative argument in accessible language for extending ethical regard and rights to nonhuman life forms than the "speciesism equals racism" and sentience/suffering criteria approach that is widely used in the animal rights debate. It is an examination of what secular and spiritual beliefs motivate human discrimination against non humans, and the arguments employed to defend it.


This is our distribution of choice! It works well, uses a rolling release update and has an very helpful community! You've reached the website for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple. Currently we have official packages optimized for the x86-64 architecture. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Archlinux Forum

This is the archlinux forum where you will find really helpful people who can pretty well solve any issue you may have with the operating system. It is a comprehensive forum with many sections such as: Newbie Corner Installation Kernel & Hardware Applications & Desktop Environments Networking, Server, and Protection Multimedia and Games Go to the forum.


This page is presently in construction. This is the comprehensive ARVEG FAQ produced by KG which covers just about every imaginable attack against animal rights and vegan stances. It provides factual, effective and occasionally amusing responses provided. (Some additions and modifications have been made from the earlier version and the original due to broken 20+ yr links as well as new material.) In the TOC, "->" indicates there is more to the question than could be fitted and can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Astrology There's More Than Meets the Eye

Astrology has more substance than what you can find in the entertainment section of your daily newspaper. It's history is like a road, stretching back to Babylonian times, that has since branched into as many different directions as there are human traits. In respect to it's history, we owe it to ourselves to give astrology a closer look in order to understand why it has been around for so long and what we could possibly gain from it, other than a laugh.


Are you a lover of books? Are you a parent looking for book recommendations for your young child or teenager? If so, you've come to the right place! LouAnne Taylor has put together a wonderful website for children and parents alike, to find age appropriate books and learning about the importance of literacy … Booklicious

Brittany Bunk

One of the interesting personas on the internet who outputs a massive amount of content, Brittany has created a possible blueprint for the future. She is a dedicated vegan who at one time used to make considerable contributions to Beyond Animal. Unfortunately, around the middle of 2022, Brittany took to falsely accusing Beyond Animal and CEO Claire Smith of not paying her for work she had completed while simultaneously admitting that she had been paid "ex gratis".

Buddha Stories

This was a fun book with one page budda stories. The illustrations are cool, solid gold figures. With a deep blue backgroud. They shine in a really cool way. This book would be nice for students to read on their own, look at the art, and ponder the lessons learned. Googlebooks

Citizens of the Deck

Nightly banquet Leopard slug with earwigs Cave cricket nibbling on a cherry Paper wasp nest Cave cricket dining with a slug Slender crab spider eating a piece of apple Banana slug contemplating the cuisine Male grass spider eating a piece of apple Spider with banana slug Nightly banquet A common sight on summer nights, several slugs and other creatures made a habit out of turning up at very precise times.

Citizens of the House

Slug with snail friend Indoor jumping spider #1 Indoor jumping spider #1 exploring Indoor jumping spider #2 Indoor jumping spider #2 posturing 5-legged spider 5-legged spider's offspring A portrait of our rescued wasp Slug with snail friend One of our two rescued leopard slugs together with its snail friend. The snail in particular spends a great deal of time investigating the slug with its lower pair of tentacles. Both of them now seem to be in very good health and will be released into our woodpile as soon as the weather warms up.

Citizens of the Yard Part1

Woodlouse (possibly Philoscia muscorum?) Phidippus clarus female Winter cutworm Fly's head Portrait of a male wolf spider Weevil Unidentified jumping spider on a blackberry stem Callobius severus male The Arachmage Portrait of a female wolf spider Carabid beetle with mite Female Callobius severus, front Female Callobius severus, top Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, front Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, top Another adult male Evarcha proszynskii Cross orbweaver and morning glory vine Robust Lancetooth snail Dung fly Face-to-face with a fly!

Citizens of the Yard Part2

Undescribed sheetweb spider (Linyphantes sp.) Snail & springtail Snout mite (family Bdellidae) Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (Omus dejeanii) Little springtail (Sminthurinus henshawi) Tiny dwarf spider (Tachygyna vancouverana) The Pseudoscorpion King Wolf spider (Alopecosa kochi) Callobius severus Robber fly (Eudioctria sp.) Carapace of a ghost spider (Anyphaena pacifica) Woodlouse Hunter (Dysdera crocata) Sheetweb spider (Linyphantes victoria) Female Cybaeus eutypus Elongate-bodied springtail (Isotomurus palustris) Small orangy springtail Giant House Spider (Eratigena duellica) Small jumping spider (Neon reticulatus) Dwarf spider (Mermessus trilobatus) Little pseudoscorpion (Apochthonius sp.

Clojurians on Zulip

This is an very well-organized forum with advanced mechanisms for clojure discussions. The knowledgeable participants are extremely helpful too!

Cosmic Soulmates

While I tend to be agnostic, there are many aspects of various religions I admire, a viewpoint which permits one to not hold arrogant perspectives like 'my religion is better than yours'. This competitive attitude has been largely responsible throughout history for barbaric behaviour in the name of God who would be least appreciative of having One's 'children' slaughtering 'children' - with self-proclaimed Christians mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed Muslims mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed Hindus mutually slaughtering self-proclaimed whatevers etc etc

David Sztybel

Dr. David Sztybel chose to specialize in animal rights as a philosopher at a time when the movement was in its growing stages. His work has been powerful and influential as his site will show: Dr. David Sztybel There is substantial material for the general public as well as academia. Additionally, you'll find links to media appearances and talks. (Be sure to also check out his blog that is linked at the bottom of each page on his website.

Disruptive Technologies

Last Updated: <2022-02-28 Mon> Introduction RethinkX About About rethinkx Meet the team Getting it right Blog Reports The Great Stranding Rethinking Energy 2020-2030 Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030 Rethinking Humanity Seba Technology Disruption Framework Resources Guidance for Decision Makers and Investors Policy Makers Businesses and Investors Videos Rethinking Energy 2020-2030: 100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning The Great Stranding: How Inaccurate Mainstream LCOE Estimates are Creating a Trillion-Dollar Bubble Rethinking Humanity: An extraordinary interview with American futurist Tony Seba of RethinkX Spread The Sun A New Era: featuring Tony Seba RethinkX; Frédéric Storck CNR; Anis Jouni CEA-INES The Great Collapse: Are YOU Prepared?


These are letters on various topics that you can receive via email. We now have backissues of various eletters in simple text format. You can view them in your browser or download them to your computer. It is possible that these eletters will start up again in the future at which time you'll be able to fill out an esubscription form to receive them. Backissues of VOTTIF: VOTT IF … you could get a short, humorous, informative e-mail each week that was insightful and meaningful to your life?

FAQ on fireworks

Here we provide questions and answers to matters regarding fireworks. If you have a question, you'd like to see on here, please email it to our FAQ department by CLICKING HERE. (Your email address will be kept confidential.) How do I report illegal fireworks discharge? What are the problems associated with fireworks discharge? What are some solutions to dealing with fireworks? What penalties are in place in the CVRD for illegal fireworks activities?

Food Combining Simplified

This article summarizes some food combining principles from chapter 26 of Shelton's book The Science and Fine Art of Food and Nutrition. Shelton advocated strict vegetarianism (also known as dietary vegan) as well as eating foods in their natural raw state. It is important to note that food combining has nothing to do with protein combining which was an amusing bit of panic prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s when some people thought that the vegetarian has to eat foods in certain proportions in order to get a proper protein balance.

For Men Only

This article will be of no interest to women and children so they needn't read any further. This is a masculine issue that we do not usually wish to discuss openly. It is an awkward matter and appears unavoidable once we reach a certain age. While we can pretend it is of no importance or even disguise the effects, we should be honest with ourselves, our loved ones and have the courage to be forthright in our integrity.

Heads, Hearts and Humanity ... Identity and the Freedom to Choose

Cartoon by Graham Harrop. This article was written by one of the ADAV advisors, Dr. Maidie Hilmo, PhD, and has appeared on ADAV first. Going back to ancient times, the Spring Equinox, falling on March 20 this year, has been celebrated as a time of transition when day and night are the same length. It represents the victory of light over darkness. This significance of this is especially relevant to to the current situation when the powers of light are battling against some particularly barbaric forces.

Holistic Education

Learning is an important fabric of who we are and what we are able to become. The process of leaning has the ability to change the world- for better or for worse. Throughout history many great thinkers have commented on this subject and have ideas and learning techniques which if applied on a mass scale would revolutionize our educational system as we know it. The following are thoughts and ideas each individual has contributed to the field of education.

Hugo Forum

A very advanced and functional forum for the hugo static site generator. The individuals are very helpful and considerate!

I Am an Each

Some time ago the knowledgeable ones in government decided to spend millions of dollars TO DEVELOP a community's capacity to look after its people. This brought thoughts of earlier days to mind. It is spring in Manitoba where, in spring, there is a window of only a few weeks when everything has to be done if one wants a harvest in the fall. I thought of the Wilsons, a young couple just starting out on their own farm.


Coming later engineering, health, logic, math, music, physics …

Importance of Improvement

People sometimes get into a tizzy about whether to help others or help themselves. There is no need to see the issue as an either-or. Helping oneself Sometimes people think they themselves are the primary concern. The ancient Greek story goes that Narcissus saw his own reflection in a pool of water and fell madly in love with himself, eventually meeting his demise from this affliction. While such examples of morbid self-love do exist, most people don't tend to follow in the flowersteps of Shelley's narcissi from The Sensitive Plant:

Introduction to Logic

This book introduces the fundamental methods and techniques of correct reasoning, in a manner that shows the relevance of the topics to readers everyday lives. Many new exercises introduced in this edition help supplement and support explanations, aid in review, and make the book visually stimulating. (There are editions other than this 12th.)


More to come, as we welcome new contributions.

Jonathan Balcombe a Passionate Ethologist

Former senior Research Scientist with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Jonathan Balcombe, born in England and raised in New Zealand and Canada, currently presides in the United States and is Chair of the Animal Studies Department at Humane Society University. While Dr. Balcombe holds three biology degrees total, he specializes in the study of animal behavior, or ethology, and has a PhD in this area of study. As a leading animal behavior researcher, Balcombe, who is also an accomplished author and public speaker, is an animal-rights activist and chooses a plant-based, vegan diet.

Kyron Recitals

Here are write-ups (by prad) for Kyron's undergrad and masters recitals that were sent out to interested parties. All documents and video links are provided. You can find Kyron's homepage here. Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Masters recital 2020-03-09 Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Kyron is completing his bachelor's of music at UVIC in a few weeks. part of the requirement was to do the grad recital which took place march 20th. I know some of you may have been planning to attend, but were unable to for various reasons like

Leopard Slug Mating Ritual

Introduction Phase One: Pursuit Phase Two: Ascension Phase Three: Entanglement Phase Four: Unity Phase Five: Detachment Introduction In May 2012, I spent a few hours photgraphing the mating ritual of two leopard slugs. Below are pictures and explanations. If you want meta data specifications about the picture, right click on it and select Image Properties. The two individuals are the leader: and the follower: Phase One: Pursuit When a leopard slug wishes to mate, it communicates the fact chemically through its slime trail to any others who might stumble across it.

Martial Arts and Animal Liberation

Preface I think that there is a lot to be said in terms of how martial arts philosophy applies to life in general, and in regards to the animal righton movement it is especially pertinent and beneficial. Many martial arts, such as Okinawan Karate and Capoeira, were developed and practiced so that oppressed people would have a means of defending themselves in lieu of access to arms. Others, such as Tanglang Quan and Aikido, were designed with the explicit intention of giving a smaller or otherwise physically disadvantaged combatant an advantage over larger and stronger adversaries, and even greater numbers of adversaries.

Martial Arts Diversity and Animal Rights Strategy

As a martial artist, I used to wonder if there was one ultimate way to focus one's combat skills, if a style could be developed that took out all the stylistic frills and utilized scientific principles to form a perfect combat system. My reasoning was, if most human bodies are essentially the same, surely there's one specific method of fighting that's superior, and the plethora of styles within martial arts are just culturally-influenced deviations from this hypothetical one-true-way.


More to come …

Mathematics for the Million

Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus.

Media Articles

Media related to fireworks in various media will be gathered here (in reverse chronological order). The items will contain excerpts in italics. Any commentary will be shown inside []. General Items Silent Fireworks The Drone Show General Items Victoria residents ask council for fireworks ban due to impact on pets Ella Matte, Victoria News 23-01-16 /Several Victorians want the city to enact a fireworks ban due to the impact of noise on pets and people with PTSD … /

Michael Greger

Dr. Michael Greger is a major catalyst for the vegan movement! Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on a number of important public health issues. All proceeds from his speaking engagements and the sale of his books and DVDs are donated to charity. His 501(c)3 nonprofit is the first science-based, non-commercial website to provide free daily videos and articles on the latest discoveries in nutrition.

Middle East War

Unless we want innocent people killed and terrorists bombing Canada, as has been threatened, we need to do something. President Bush is the next Hitler, and Prime Minister Harper is his sidekick. We are now at war, alongside the States, in the middle east. What is it about? It's not about weapons of mass destruction, we should all know that by now. It's about money. Oil. The people leading our countries, if it has not occured to you, are not in the business to make our world a better place, but for their own greed, which seems, is worsening the state of our world.


More to come, but some content already available.

My Brush With Municipal Politics

I have left out names to protect the innocent?—or was that the guilty? My initial introduction to municipal politics was the result of my friendship with a former president of our local clay court tennis club. This gentleman was very active, as a volunteer, on a number of community committees, including a regional committee on race relations. He suggested that I should become more aware of the issues that faced our community, including somewhat grandiose plans for the redevelopment of our surrounding area.

Natural = Good ?

Some well-intentioned people create arguments by equating the concept of natural with the concept of good. I say they are well-intentioned because it is by no means done out of malice or prospects of winning debate points. However, the equation is not valid. In fact, within philosophical circles it is known as the 'appeal to nature' fallacy. The first problem we have is that it is unclear what 'natural' really means.

Negative Preference Morality

The Golden Rule is the only moral principle that grounds itself in objective observation. The primary three systems of normative ethics: deontology, consequentialism, and virtue ethics, all share the common failure to conclusively answer the question "Why should I care?" when they make claims of how individuals ought to behave. The Golden Rule, however, does not even ask that we care about the principle at all, it simply explains that when we act in a manner toward others that is inconsistent with how we would like to be treated, then we are being hypocritical and unfair.


I'm clearing out my life of baggage held so long no need for limitation this makes me strong No need to talk about the moment that is now plans or hopes or dreams why or when or how silence says it all heart sings aloud God is right here not on some distant cloud appearances can deceive but all that I need is here in my heart and so I am freed

Nobody Is Vegan

In regards to the "nobody's vegan" idea, I'll attempt to demonstrate why it is flawed in its essence. The "nobody's vegan" idea stems from the delusion that there is ever an absolute manifestation of anything within a universe constructed on a foundation of relativity combined with the delusion that it is those absolute's we are talking about when we identify something with a label. No absolute ideal is ever fully, 100%, completely manifest.

Nutrition Facts

This is one of the best sites on the internet! Dr. Michael Greger has made serious nutrition science available to the layperson through videos that delve into the huge number of published papers on diet. Find out what the latest science is saying about your favorite foods to help you make the healthiest choices for you and your family. Watch our free videos on more than 2,000 health and nutrition topics with new videos and articles uploaded every day.

Paper Folding for the Practical Person

The process of folding paper is a rewarding one since it provides an opportunity to exercise one's creativity within strict outcomes. Furthermore, the finished product of this activity has various utilitarian applications as will be illustrated in the second part of this article. Though many types of folding exist, we will restrict ourselves in this document to the class of bifolds. Future articles may be published which deal with folding of greater complexities.

Periods May Be Normal but Are They Healthy?

[Our thanks to Debbie Took for allowing reprinting from her original blog.] Disclaimer : not a doctor, not a scientist, just a raw fooder who blogs. Some of the suggestions in this article are radical. They may be shocking, or, at the least, seem a bit barmy. Some might cause offence. Some might even be considered dangerous. I'm just presenting an…alternative view of something that is considered 'normal' in our modern, 'developed' society, and that (we've been brought up to think) is therefore healthy.

Pictures From Mystics

A beautiful collection of short stories cross religions and cultures told by Swami Vaswani that often show the way to living properly. It is from the East and West Series.


This is an ever-growing list of quotations attributed to various individuals throughout history. Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi Adams Samuel Angelkate Rose Bach Richard Bentham Jeremy BigG Bridgeman Percy William Cowper William Dijkstra Edsger Dunham Barrows Emerson Haven Emerson Ralph Waldo Einstein Albert Cinderella (Disney 2015) Francis of Assissi Frank Anne Franklin Benjamin Galbraith John Gale Donald Gandi Mahatma Gell-Mann Murray Gibran Kahil Graham Collier Grenfell Wilfred Huxley Thomas Henry Jake King Martin Luther Lincoln Abraham Moynihan Patrick Newton Issac Nickep Niemöller Martin Pope John Paul 2 Poppins Mary prad pradagio Robert Pynn Roosevelt Theodore Sculley Matthew Schweitzer Albert Shaw George Bernard SICP Sir Cole (The Knight Before Christmas) Smith Gary Spock Steinam Gloria Sztybel David Tagore Rabindranath Teresa Mother Thoreau Henry David Tricia Twain Mark Wade Paul Tyler Alexander Fraser Wiesel Elle Zelenskyy Volodymyr Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi To my brother faiz, whose ideals are like the stars: I could never reach them, but I chart my course by them.


A posh store selling ornaments and precious stones was robbed. The police were unable to find the criminals and just marked it down to being a cajewelty. It seems a chorus tenor went berserk during a performance of Don Giovanni when Don is dragged into the flames of hell. The tenor visibly upset started screaming in a loud and high voice FIRE FIRE! Panicking patrons trampled over each other clambering to escape.


Prathora of praticulars that pramarily praccupy prad and prabably no one else.


These are zenish short stories merrily modified from various sources such as: Zen Comics by Ioanna Zalajan Radical Zen: The Sayings of Joshu by Youl Hoffmann A man of enlightenment and wisdom Become a Buddha Detachment Empty Essence Go away! Knowledge and Understanding More blind Seeing the tao So what boy? The duel The flag The precious stone The two dragons A man of enlightenment and wisdom Student: Oh master, where does the man of enlightenment and wisdom go after he dies?

Progressive Non-Animal Research Society

Scientists now have sophisticated, human-appropos methodologies for studying diseases such as advanced computer-modeling techniques micro-dosing stem cell-derived organoids 3D printing manifold emerging approaches Advances in technology allow us finding ways to improve health care without inflicting harm on animals. The Progressive Non-Animal Research Society (PNARS) is an excellent and comprehensive resource for the biomedical community. It provides leading edge breakthroughs in technologies and treatments.

Radical Zen

An intriguing book with many items about and attributed to Joshu. … many of our standard stereotypes of the Zen Master can be traced to this figure–irascible and blunt, down-to-earth and practical, prone to answer religious questions with seemingly off-the wall non-sequiturs and paradoxes if not a good sharp smack in the face. Amazon (Also available for previewing as a pdf from here.)

Research Papers

Various journal papers regarding the effects of fireworks will be presented in this section. (Credit: our resident researcher Angelkate.) The items will contain abstract, content and conclusion excerpts in italics. Any commentary will be shown inside []. Animals People Pollution Animals This section covers papers related to fireworks and adverse effects on animals. Owner perceptions and management of the adverse behavioural effects of fireworks on companion animals [This is a 2019 paper published in New Zealand Veterinary Journal which provides a survey form.


Tools of various sorts in zsh shell. concat csv cp replace softlinks with file dir output to array ffmpeg split video files find copying files list by size modifying files rename renumber files grep lines not beginning with # heroic commands in linux exit terminal but leave all processes running intercept stdout and log to file keep command out of history put something in the background** ramdisk for fast rw recursive directory creation redo last command via sudo tunneling use an editor to alter a long messed up command ls inverse largest files and folders identification pad with zero redo softlinks perl onliners add a line after match rsync exclude rename sed backref peculiarities getting pics from html file to proper directories md to org links conversion** multiple in-place replace: replace string with contents of file swap lines various extraction methods tee zsh capitalizing for itms out of a file prompts remove empty directories recursively [setting] up and using an array in for loop shell options text file into array zmv config files concat csv ls -1 *.

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Wizard Book n. Hal Abelson's, Jerry Sussman's and Julie Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Press, 1984; ISBN 0-262-01077-1), an excellent computer science text used in introductory courses at MIT. So called because of the wizard on the jacket. One of the bibles of the LISP/Scheme world. Also, less commonly, known as the Purple Book. This site is a companion to the influential computer-science text Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman.

The Ailment

The following is a well-known tale from the Liezi attributed to Taoist Lie Yukou. It appears in various translations such as A.C. Graham's The Book of Lieh-tzu (p82 pdf) and Eva Wong's Lieh-tzu: A Taoist Guide to Practical Living. The following is quoted from the Thomas Cleary translation (details provided at the end): Lung Shu said to the physician Wen Chi, "Your art is subtle. I have an ailment; can you cure it?

The Battle

Above image was modified using GIMP from an illustration by Anna Bhushan for Folio Society's Bhagavad Gita. See other illustrations by Anna at her website. On the field of Kurukshetra all was tranquil the evening before the battle between the forces of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Arjuna who was the greatest archer of the latter group, pondered heavily on what was to come. For you see, the Kauravas were his brothers too and when the slaughter began, he knew he would be killing members of his own family.

The Bridge Between Concept and Experience

It seems that choosing one's state of being leads to creations that further reinforce it; such is the nature of physical reality. Looking at the picture you will see a selection of treasures on a table in the corner; a bed of crystals upon which rests a desert rose (rock) on the left, a lantern on the right and a Goddess statue in the middle who is draped with an angel quartz necklace, plus a candle that lies before her and a glass pyramid prism aligned directly behind her.

The Common Sense Animal Rights Argument

The foundation of the ethical arguments used to defend vivisection, the meat industry, and other forms of exploitation protested by animal righton campaigners is the belief in human supremacy. It is generally taken for granted by both sides of the issue and left unchallenged. Advocates would discover they can make a stronger case if they relied less on the three S words (suffering, sentience and speciesism), and more on common sense, clear language and a frontal assault on human pride.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

The Feynman Lectures on Physics is a physics textbook based on some lectures by Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate who has sometimes been called "The Great Explainer".[1] The lectures were presented before undergraduate students at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), during 1961–1963. The book's co-authors are Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands. The Feynman Lectures on Physics is perhaps the most popular physics book ever written. More than 1.

The Rosebush

This article was inspired by Angelkate who has been kind enough to let me stowaway on her pirate ship. She has taken me on many an adventure while steering a true course between the water and the sky. We have seen glorious storms and traveled under the vibrant rainbows they leave behind. Perhaps she may agree that what follows is a proper compensation for the never-ending voyage. Imagine a rosebush.

The Science of Compassion

Chapter One: Dissecting Conservation’s Biggest Myth I care deeply about the survival of the earth. Even as I write these words, I know that this exquisite jewel of a planet is at unprecedented risk. The land, air and seas cry out as they have never done before; the seeds of destruction have been planted by humankind and they are germinating and growing at a monstrous rate. As many have foretold, we seem to be on the eve of destruction.

The Spinning Top

I remember sitting on the floor of my grandparents apartment as a small child and playing with a spinning top. It was mesmerizing. How could something that would otherwise fall right over, balance itself just by spinning? In physics class years later, learning the answer to this question only bred more questions: Why can't intricate systems keep their balance, when a simple system like a gyroscope can do it so easily?

The Spirit of the Tao

Taoist teachings have arisen in many forms: abstract aphorisms, philosophical discussions, legends, fables—even jokes. All are represented here, culled from the most popular Taoist classics: the Tao-te Ching, Chuang-tzu, Huai-nan-tzu, and Wen-tzu, stories from the "Tales of Inner Meaning," and teachings of the Taoist patriarch Ancestor Lu. The spirit of the Tao manifests in myriad images, brought to life in this superb translation—from the ever-keen blade of a Taoist butcher to the mechanical miracles of inventor Ken Shiwa, from little boys baiting the great Confucius to mountain hermits disappearing in the mist, from the six robber organs that obscure the primordial to the ineffable mystery of mysteries.

The Stone

Nanak was a travelling guru. He visited many places in India, Arabia and Mesopotamia. In Mecca is the Ka'aba, the sacred stone of the Muslims. One morning nanak was found sleeping with his feet turned to the stone! Some Muslims were furious! "How dare you be so insulting! How dare you sleep with you feet towards the face of God!" Gently, Nanak says: "Very well then. Turn my feet to where God is not.


There is a fine story of a poor old lady who was selling some fruit she had gathered in order to make ends meet. As she walked back and forth on the streets calling people to come and buy, the child Krishna, disguised as a beggar boy, walked up to her asking to eat some fruit from her basket. She was a kind one and though it would cost her, she didn't refuse him.

Tonal Harmony

For over two decades Tonal Harmony has been the leading text for the two-year theory curriculum for music majors. Used at nearly 800 schools, Tonal Harmony has been consistently praised for its practicality and ease of use for student and instructor alike.

Understand Me

A zen master was teaching a class. One fidgety student was bored and gradually got irritated, because he had decided he couldn't grasp the ideas. This is not surprising since zen is not something to grasp. After all, when one asks "How do you carry zen?", the answer is often "in your empty hand." In any case, such koans were not something this student wanted to deal with, so eventually he spoke out in frustration: "I can't understand a thing you are saying.


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Vegan Business Media

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Vegan Cat Videos

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What About Pleasure?

This is a philosophical essay based on my own experiences and reasoning. If you want to study the subject more thoroughly and from a scientific perspective, I suggest you look into the neurotransmitor known as Dopamine. It seems to me that there are two kinds of pleasure which are easily confused when our wants and needs have gone haywire. Short-term pleasure (stp), which often leads to unpleasure in the long run.

Zen Comics

Truly an excellent way to encounter zen, these cartoons present many of the koans delightfully! Comics communicate the Zen spirit perfectly. Laughter deflates pretension and a good rap on the head sometimes transcends so-called logic. In the words of Zen, "Nothing is left for you but to laugh!" Goodreads

Zen Mind Beginners Mind

Seldom has such a small handful of words provided a teaching as rich as has this famous opening line. In a single stroke, the simple sentence cuts through the pervasive tendency students have of getting so close to Zen as to completely miss what it's all about. An instant teaching on the first page. And that's just the beginning. Amazon