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The Bridge Between Concept and Experience

An effective and enlightening way to relate to reality.

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It seems that choosing one's state of being leads to creations that further reinforce it; such is the nature of physical reality.

Looking at the picture you will see a selection of treasures on a table in the corner; a bed of crystals upon which rests a desert rose (rock) on the left, a lantern on the right and a Goddess statue in the middle who is draped with an angel quartz necklace, plus a candle that lies before her and a glass pyramid prism aligned directly behind her. There are crystals of many kinds, with many pieces of rose quartz and purple amethyst among them, interspersed with various green crystals. So what of these objects, is it just that they look pretty?

The arrangement of items occurred after I had made the decision to act as if there was no such thing as time. I went about each day without planning, being still and allowing an inner sense of direction about how to proceed, to arise from the stillness. This led me to give my bedroom a thorough clear out and clean, transforming it into what seemed to be a different room altogether. These items arranged themselves, seemingly without my input, I merely placed them where they belonged. I felt drawn to the magnetism of this display of primarily natural objects and felt compelled to kneel down, lean on the edge of the table and stare at them intently.

What happened was subtle and ordinary, yet all-encompassing as it permeated my entire being, everything changed, yet nothing was different; it softly washed over my perception of reality. By candlelight I looked at the miniature landscape consisting of a glistening sea of crystals and beautiful objects silently resting upon it and felt calm, as if I was in the depths a cave or as one might feel when gazing at the stars or standing in an ancient forest. As I fell into the timeless stillness, my awareness that some of these objects had been on earth for an extremely long time emerged and it became a physical metaphor for eternity.

I felt that I was in a cave, surrounded by ancient rock, sand and water, enchanted by the colourful jewels that had been washed into a sparkling lagoon before me. As I sank into the steady, grounding energy of the rock I was simultaneously lifted by the light, purifying energy of the crystals. It was the perfect balance; the masculine rock essence and the feminine crystal essence, as if they were the same yet different ends of a spectrum. As if this energy, manifest in physical form, were mother and father and I was eternally safe in the stillness of forever, which was the ultimate truth. I sensed the eternal stillness behind all that is and the irrelevant details of life faded away. All that remained was forever, the peace of now within which all things arise.

I sensed that if these objects had existed on earth for so long, then time itself was stood still. I saw that the unchanging forever remains, as a backdrop to the changing. It was like waking up from a dream or having a lucid dream in which I knew that I was dreaming. Have you ever become conscious that you were dreaming and realised that you could make choices which you didn't know you could make before?

In order to experience timelessness we must cross the illusory bridge between concept and experience, this bridge is stillness. Simply choose it this instant. If time is an illusion then it must exist for the purpose of giving us the opportunity to experience the fun and discovery of a journey, of an adventure, of forgetting and realising once more that we are timeless, because who doesn't like a good story?

Now we end where we started, "It seems that choosing one's state of being leads to creations that further reinforce it; such is the nature of physical reality". Having come full circle, we find ourselves in this timeless instant, the only place there is, the place where all of creation rests, the place where we can choose to experience the timeless stillness of existence.