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Middle East War

A very to-the-point summary of what the middle east war is really about.

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image of Middle East War

Unless we want innocent people killed and terrorists bombing Canada, as has been threatened, we need to do something.

President Bush is the next Hitler, and Prime Minister Harper is his sidekick. We are now at war, alongside the States, in the middle east. What is it about? It's not about weapons of mass destruction, we should all know that by now. It's about money. Oil.

The people leading our countries, if it has not occured to you, are not in the business to make our world a better place, but for their own greed, which seems, is worsening the state of our world. Innocent civilians in the middle east, and troops from the countries involving themselves in the war, are dying.

On top of it, terrorists are angered by government's stupid decisions, and thus, 9/11 happens, and the news is always predicting more.

When President Bush is confronted on Global Warming, he says that China is the second biggest contributer. The US is first. First comes first. He needs to give his head a shake.

The way it is going, with poor political decisions, and voting in the wrong people, movies like The Day After Tomorrow won't be far off. Much of the land will be covered in water, and the way the ocean currents go, the Northern countries could end up covered in ice and facing a new ice age.

I encourage you to see Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, whenever it comes out in your area. If you look it up, you can see a preview of it.

So, IF YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT OUR PLANET, take a second to pass this information on to your contacts.


Write letters to the government in protest of what they are doing. Every opinion makes a difference. Each is significant.

Let yours be known.

Our countries are beautiful, and let's keep them that way. The first president of the United States of America, George Washington, helped to grant the gift of freedom. He cared. Does George Bush care about America? Does Stephen Harper care about Canada? Do they care about any other country? No. It's about themselves, sad to say.