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Vegan Business Media

Katrina Fox's excellent service that can make your vegan business a success!

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Take one look at Katrina's Vegan Business Media and you know she means business! Your business!

The site is very well-organized and easy to navigate. In our opinion, it is a certain GOTO for anyone with a vegan business at any stage of development.

Two sections of particular interest are the Services and Blog. The former offers access to consulting, coaching, and even 'done-for-you' packages! The latter contains a wealth of information on finance, setup, trends, personal development (and more) through comprehensive blog posts.

Katrina generates confidence! She has 25+ years of experience in media worldwide (UK, US, OZ) as a journalist, copywriter, content marketer, and consultant! She is the author of Vegan Ventures: Start & Grow an Ethical Business and hosts the Vegan Business Talk podcast. Not surprisingly, the endorsements from her clients are glowing!

She says her mission is "to put more vegan business owners, experts, influencers, coaches, consultants and creatives in the limelight" and doing so will indeed make this world a better place!