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Citizens of the House

Various inhabitants of the house.

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image of Citizens of the House

Our neighbors are always in our house!

Slug with snail friend


One of our two rescued leopard slugs together with its snail friend. The snail in particular spends a great deal of time investigating the slug with its lower pair of tentacles.

Both of them now seem to be in very good health and will be released into our woodpile as soon as the weather warms up. It will be interesting to see if they remain together!

Indoor jumping spider #1


More info on this remarkable spider coming soon!

Indoor jumping spider #1 exploring


The explorer at work on my hand.

Indoor jumping spider #2


This spider, like #1, probably came inside sometime late last summer. During the afternoon, she patrols the walls and ceilings of the living room and kitchen staring intently at all who pass beneath.

Indoor jumping spider #2 posturing


The meaning of this posture is unclear. Could it be part of a cleaning routine? Or perhaps an effort to hide from the camera? Maybe even a salute?

5-legged spider

More info on this highly productive spider coming soon!


5-legged spider's offspring


One of the later batches of the 5-legged spider's young, this little critter is less than 2mm in body length.

A portrait of our rescued wasp


More info on the wasp coming soon. This shot was taken before I had a set of extension tubes for the Sony mount. A set of Pentax M42 mount tubes were handheld behind a reversed 28mm lens.