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Clojure is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. IO csv read keycombos loop-recur from nuen 200708 regex joining regex regex extract whole sentences with matching word snippets alternate possibilities with or files files from filepaths partitions and maxmin removing nil finding nu combining vectors diff btn map and apply Use a vector as a LIFO stack to check for balanced brackets dataset vs matrix getting stuff out of incanter dataset dohlc clojure.


Emacs Items ansi-term daemon as systemd default editor dired enter navigation deletion multiple flagging toggle hidden files visiting files visit dir dired marks and flags operating on files transforming filenames subdirs find and locate view images other features zz elfeed index mechanism emailing a buffer setup init-elfeed regex group replacement eshell builtins eshell to have $PATH expansions fix the history!! issue for loop help history pcomplete redirection scripts ssh to remote sudo issue zz ess and paredit fdm following symbolic links fountain-mode screenplain lilypond xpdf -open xpdf setup (works with mupdf too, but not llpp or evince) notmuch setup starting various commands searching fetch/trash mechanism autocomplete email addresses gnus-alias to select identity external handlers for attachments sending email lsp orgmode org macros packages update packages profiler tramp hanging with ssh ssh with sudo variable void zz issue with [I ] on first word enter giving Wrong type argument: stringp, nil close help window without going to it read-only toggle block commenting trick ansi-term use this to get colors since shell doesn't give it don't use term because it requires C-c C-j to go into line mode


Imagemagick website Examples of ImageMagick Usage Since we are going text/prg based for most things, we may consider imagemagick as a fairly regular replacement for gimp. This effort will also lead to understanding graphic software terminology. Waiting items below will be elaborated on and some eliminated. Features and Capabilities Command-line processing: utilize ImageMagick from the command-line. Waiting Animation: create a GIF animation sequence from a group of images. Bilateral blur: non-linear, edge-preserving, and noise-reducing smoothing filter.


Tools of various sorts in zsh shell. concat csv cp replace softlinks with file dir output to array ffmpeg split video files find copying files list by size modifying files rename renumber files grep lines not beginning with # heroic commands in linux exit terminal but leave all processes running intercept stdout and log to file keep command out of history put something in the background** ramdisk for fast rw recursive directory creation redo last command via sudo tunneling use an editor to alter a long messed up command largest files and folders identification pad with zero redo softlinks perl onliners add a line after match rsync exclude rename sed backref peculiarities getting pics from html file to proper directories md to org links conversion** multiple in-place replace: replace string with contents of file swap lines various extraction methods tee zsh capitalizing for itms out of a file prompts remove empty directories recursively [setting] up and using an array in for loop shell options text file into array zmv config files concat csv ls -1 *.