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Into the Rainbow

Into the rainbow I fly Beautiful colours in the sky A portal to the unknown Infinite mysteries of the soul Waiting to be discovered Treasures to be uncovered I let go and am taken I surrender I awaken It's not over the arch It's not at the end It's not the pot of gold It's now it's fresh Carried on the breeze Of love's free wings Entering the newness

Introverts and Extroverts

I can only speak for myself as I describe it how I see But I imagine that many will find a similarity The meaning of introversion is often misconstrued So try listening to a few before you conclude! Each of us has tendencies that are of both kinds Introversion and extroversion in each of us combined Energies that express themselves in many different ways Yet are one and the same like the nights and days

Love From Beyond

I went away to align with my spiritual essence when I returned we shared a deeper presence you have asked me to come and live with you there and shown me how much you truly do care you have moved me in ways that I had never foreseen and taken me to places that I had never been I dream of holding you physically for real and imagine how you would smell and feel


(Graphic courtesy of into the mist a winged horse sings through the clouds music she brings gliding on rainbows high in the sky mysterious with grace she flies into the mist she sings


I'm clearing out my life of baggage held so long no need for limitation this makes me strong No need to talk about the moment that is now plans or hopes or dreams why or when or how silence says it all heart sings aloud God is right here not on some distant cloud appearances can deceive but all that I need is here in my heart and so I am freed


Everything is made of one All else is illusion If you perceive separation You will feel confusion There is no point in resisting And trying to block things out Just open up to more That is what life's about New experiences of the soul Another piece revealed Is this never ending Love that God is sending? Reveal that problems don't exist Except in our perception Surrender thoughts to God

Prayer of No Religion

Dear Father, I remember, I am your holy Son There is no separation, everything is one Suddenly the land shone with golden light As I took your hand and my wings took flight Everything now sparkles, everything is love Now that my eyes are open to the holy dove Father I surrender, for my will is yours The path that you lay takes me through many doors From darkness I emerged into eternal truth

Rainbow River

There is nothing left to stay for And everything for which to go As I give birth to my soul The rainbow river lets me know Which path to take Which trail to follow The treasure waits No time to borrow The current pulls me in As I let go to its strength No longer any resistance And I will go to any length To protect the alignment For it is all that's real

Soul Labyrinth

FOR AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: Read whilst listening to the song that I was listening to on repeat as I wrote it in the middle of the night… wait until he's sung the intro… then you're good to go… Past the gates of time I walk in anticipation Surrender myself to A mysterious initiation Oh Celtic cemetery soul labyrinth Ivy creeping on grave cross stones Cracked and twisted beyond time


Photo credit: Peter Smith, Newbery Smith Photgraphy Surrounded by stone pillars On the altar of our love Spirit calls us from beyond To merge with the sky above I am you and you are me Divinity sees its face Within eternal stillness From each unique place You hold me and I hold you In a sacred embrace As we spiral endlessly Through time and space Timeless reality Calls us from the dream

The Bridge Between Concept and Experience

It seems that choosing one's state of being leads to creations that further reinforce it; such is the nature of physical reality. Looking at the picture you will see a selection of treasures on a table in the corner; a bed of crystals upon which rests a desert rose (rock) on the left, a lantern on the right and a Goddess statue in the middle who is draped with an angel quartz necklace, plus a candle that lies before her and a glass pyramid prism aligned directly behind her.

The Spinning Top

I remember sitting on the floor of my grandparents apartment as a small child and playing with a spinning top. It was mesmerizing. How could something that would otherwise fall right over, balance itself just by spinning? In physics class years later, learning the answer to this question only bred more questions: Why can't intricate systems keep their balance, when a simple system like a gyroscope can do it so easily?


Have you ever noticed that you have the power to control time? In fact, you are doing it right now. "That can't be true", I hear you say, "Time is shared by everyone, so if one person controlled it then everyone else would notice time speeding up or down! There would be conflicting influences on time happening from many different people, so it wouldn't be possible!" This logic makes sense based on the idea that time is a shared reality between all human beings and something that is unchangeable.


Driving forward motion The fire burns away All that is not God And illuminates the way In this eternal moment Time does stand still I am in alignment With the one and only will Opening my petals Spreading my wings Not even thinking About what this brings The fire burns within My eyes glare bright No longer any darkness For I am filled with light The path lay before me