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Prayer of No Religion

An inspirational poem which brings forth the best any religion can offer.

WHERNTO: heedism 

image of Prayer of No Religion

Dear Father, I remember, I am your holy Son
There is no separation, everything is one
Suddenly the land shone with golden light
As I took your hand and my wings took flight
Everything now sparkles, everything is love
Now that my eyes are open to the holy dove

Father I surrender, for my will is yours
The path that you lay takes me through many doors
From darkness I emerged into eternal truth
First I prayed for faith and now I see the proof
We are merely stars in your holy sky
A sacred constellation, an eternal lullaby

Into this world, your music echoes through
We are made of spirit and there is only you
I wish only to serve, to be a holy quill
I surrender illusion, you gift me what is real
Guided by your hand, illuminated by your light
You give me courage to do what is right

Father I adore you, in joy I sing your song
You gave me a place and now I belong
Destiny calls us to the plan of divine
To infinite expansion for all of time
Life is taken care of, for there is only light
I rest in the heart of God, every single night

Each day that I awake, I am guided to
See with clarity, through the eyes of you
Infinitely valuable, for we are God's Son
There is no need for fear, when everything is one
In all of existence now I see your face
Awoken from the dream, to your eternal grace