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Angelkate Rose Channel

This is the link to the Angelkate Rose Channel on Youtube. You can also find her writings here. Here are some of her videos in no particular order which include covers and originals. Look on Down from the Bridge - Mazzy Star Let it Be - Paul McCartney/ The Beatles Three Little Birds - Bob Marley 500 Miles - Joan Baez/Hedy West I Found You (Original) Diamonds and Rust - Joan Baez Look on Down from the Bridge - Mazzy Star (Cover by Angelkate Rose)


This is our distribution of choice! It works well, uses a rolling release update and has an very helpful community! You've reached the website for Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple. Currently we have official packages optimized for the x86-64 architecture. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Archlinux Forum

This is the archlinux forum where you will find really helpful people who can pretty well solve any issue you may have with the operating system. It is a comprehensive forum with many sections such as: Newbie Corner Installation Kernel & Hardware Applications & Desktop Environments Networking, Server, and Protection Multimedia and Games Go to the forum.


This page is presently in construction. This is the comprehensive ARVEG FAQ produced by KG which covers just about every imaginable attack against animal rights and vegan stances. It provides factual, effective and occasionally amusing responses provided. (Some additions and modifications have been made from the earlier version and the original due to broken 20+ yr links as well as new material.) In the TOC, "->" indicates there is more to the question than could be fitted and can be viewed by clicking on the link.


Are you a lover of books? Are you a parent looking for book recommendations for your young child or teenager? If so, you've come to the right place! LouAnne Taylor has put together a wonderful website for children and parents alike, to find age appropriate books and learning about the importance of literacy … Booklicious


More to come, but start with going to VeggieChess.

Citizens of the Deck

Nightly banquet Leopard slug with earwigs Cave cricket nibbling on a cherry Paper wasp nest Cave cricket dining with a slug Slender crab spider eating a piece of apple Banana slug contemplating the cuisine Male grass spider eating a piece of apple Spider with banana slug Nightly banquet A common sight on summer nights, several slugs and other creatures made a habit out of turning up at very precise times.

Citizens of the House

Slug with snail friend Indoor jumping spider #1 Indoor jumping spider #1 exploring Indoor jumping spider #2 Indoor jumping spider #2 posturing 5-legged spider 5-legged spider's offspring A portrait of our rescued wasp Slug with snail friend One of our two rescued leopard slugs together with its snail friend. The snail in particular spends a great deal of time investigating the slug with its lower pair of tentacles. Both of them now seem to be in very good health and will be released into our woodpile as soon as the weather warms up.

Citizens of the Yard Part1

Woodlouse (possibly Philoscia muscorum?) Phidippus clarus female Winter cutworm Fly's head Portrait of a male wolf spider Weevil Unidentified jumping spider on a blackberry stem Callobius severus male The Arachmage Portrait of a female wolf spider Carabid beetle with mite Female Callobius severus, front Female Callobius severus, top Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, front Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, top Another adult male Evarcha proszynskii Cross orbweaver and morning glory vine Robust Lancetooth snail Dung fly Face-to-face with a fly!

Citizens of the Yard Part2

Undescribed sheetweb spider (Linyphantes sp.) Snail & springtail Snout mite (family Bdellidae) Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (Omus dejeanii) Little springtail (Sminthurinus henshawi) Tiny dwarf spider (Tachygyna vancouverana) The Pseudoscorpion King Wolf spider (Alopecosa kochi) Callobius severus Robber fly (Eudioctria sp.) Carapace of a ghost spider (Anyphaena pacifica) Woodlouse Hunter (Dysdera crocata) Sheetweb spider (Linyphantes victoria) Female Cybaeus eutypus Elongate-bodied springtail (Isotomurus palustris) Small orangy springtail Giant House Spider (Eratigena duellica) Small jumping spider (Neon reticulatus) Dwarf spider (Mermessus trilobatus) Little pseudoscorpion (Apochthonius sp.

Claire Smith

Claire Smith is one of those exceptional individuals who changes the world! She is experienced in finance and investing and has chosen to apply her abilities to the vegan cause! Here is a series of items taken from Allen Lee's fine article 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire Smith posted on MoneyInc: Investing Claire created Beyond Investing "a vegan and cruelty-free investment platform providing access to investment products which adhere to vegan principles and accelerate our transition to a kinder, cleaner, and healthier world.


Clojure is a dynamic, general-purpose programming language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming. IO csv read keycombos loop-recur from nuen 200708 regex joining regex regex extract whole sentences with matching word snippets alternate possibilities with or files files from filepaths partitions and maxmin removing nil finding nu combining vectors diff btn map and apply Use a vector as a LIFO stack to check for balanced brackets dataset vs matrix getting stuff out of incanter dataset dohlc clojure.

Clojurians on Zulip

This is an very well-organized forum with advanced mechanisms for clojure discussions. The knowledgeable participants are extremely helpful too!

Dhaku Singu

Dhaka has been singing since 2015. At the end of this page, we list her rehearsals and performances. She is very glad to have wonderful friends in the neighborhood, such as: Aurora, Daria, Terrence, Valerie Gisela, Ernie Linda, Peter, Flora Ross, Abby Linda, Robert, Muffin Leia, Wayne, Gibson Al, Zoe Bruce, Jessie Tom, Iggy, Twiggy Theodora Deborah, Tori, Gary Diane, Daniel, Suzanne (who moved away) Aria, Cohen, Brianne, Dustin Sally, Susan Thunder Georgina, Iris, Roy Kita, Kelly Rowan, Benson, Kitten, Jinny, Stu Jim, Joe, Stella, Lori Caroline, Lucy Elizabeth Greg, Laura, Bella Steve Lisa, Torri, Roo, Nina Trevin, Taylor, Brutus, Millie Cindy Barbara Gail, Henry, Claire, Louis, Desmond Sol, Ron, Marina Mikki Kelsey, Graydon Maneesha, Bodhan, Raj Rick, Kristine Milo, Diane Charlotte Alana Jennifer Gracie, Blue, Piper, Leslie John, Diane Angelkate (moved away) (and others, but we don't know their names!

Disruptive Technologies

Last Updated: <2022-02-28 Mon> Introduction RethinkX About About rethinkx Meet the team Getting it right Blog Reports The Great Stranding Rethinking Energy 2020-2030 Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030 Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030 Rethinking Humanity Seba Technology Disruption Framework Resources Guidance for Decision Makers and Investors Policy Makers Businesses and Investors Videos Rethinking Energy 2020-2030: 100% Solar, Wind, and Batteries is Just the Beginning The Great Stranding: How Inaccurate Mainstream LCOE Estimates are Creating a Trillion-Dollar Bubble Rethinking Humanity: An extraordinary interview with American futurist Tony Seba of RethinkX Spread The Sun A New Era: featuring Tony Seba RethinkX; Frédéric Storck CNR; Anis Jouni CEA-INES The Great Collapse: Are YOU Prepared?


Emacs Items ansi-term daemon as systemd default editor dired enter navigation deletion multiple flagging toggle hidden files visiting files visit dir dired marks and flags operating on files transforming filenames subdirs find and locate view images other features zz elfeed index mechanism emailing a buffer setup init-elfeed regex group replacement eshell builtins eshell to have $PATH expansions fix the history!! issue for loop help history pcomplete redirection scripts ssh to remote sudo issue zz ess and paredit fdm following symbolic links fountain-mode screenplain lilypond xpdf -open xpdf setup (works with mupdf too, but not llpp or evince) notmuch setup starting various commands searching fetch/trash mechanism autocomplete email addresses gnus-alias to select identity external handlers for attachments sending email lsp orgmode org macros packages update packages profiler tramp hanging with ssh ssh with sudo variable void zz issue with [I ] on first word enter giving Wrong type argument: stringp, nil close help window without going to it read-only toggle block commenting trick ansi-term use this to get colors since shell doesn't give it don't use term because it requires C-c C-j to go into line mode

Holistic Education

Learning is an important fabric of who we are and what we are able to become. The process of leaning has the ability to change the world- for better or for worse. Throughout history many great thinkers have commented on this subject and have ideas and learning techniques which if applied on a mass scale would revolutionize our educational system as we know it. The following are thoughts and ideas each individual has contributed to the field of education.

Hugo Forum

A very advanced and functional forum for the hugo static site generator. The individuals are very helpful and considerate!


Coming later engineering, health, logic, math, music, physics …


Imagemagick website Examples of ImageMagick Usage Since we are going text/prg based for most things, we may consider imagemagick as a fairly regular replacement for gimp. This effort will also lead to understanding graphic software terminology. Waiting items below will be elaborated on and some eliminated. Features and Capabilities Command-line processing: utilize ImageMagick from the command-line. Waiting Animation: create a GIF animation sequence from a group of images. Bilateral blur: non-linear, edge-preserving, and noise-reducing smoothing filter.

Introduction to Logic

This book introduces the fundamental methods and techniques of correct reasoning, in a manner that shows the relevance of the topics to readers everyday lives. Many new exercises introduced in this edition help supplement and support explanations, aid in review, and make the book visually stimulating. (There are editions other than this 12th.)


More to come, as we welcome new contributions.

Kyron Recitals

Here are write-ups (by prad) for Kyron's undergrad and masters recitals that were sent out to interested parties. All documents and video links are provided. You can find Kyron's homepage here. Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Masters recital 2020-03-09 Undergrad Recital 2018-03-20 Kyron is completing his bachelor's of music at UVIC in a few weeks. part of the requirement was to do the grad recital which took place march 20th. I know some of you may have been planning to attend, but were unable to for various reasons like

Leopard Slug Mating Ritual

Introduction Phase One: Pursuit Phase Two: Ascension Phase Three: Entanglement Phase Four: Unity Phase Five: Detachment Introduction In May 2012, I spent a few hours photgraphing the mating ritual of two leopard slugs. Below are pictures and explanations. If you want meta data specifications about the picture, right click on it and select Image Properties. The two individuals are the leader: and the follower: Phase One: Pursuit When a leopard slug wishes to mate, it communicates the fact chemically through its slime trail to any others who might stumble across it.

Martial Arts and Animal Liberation

Preface I think that there is a lot to be said in terms of how martial arts philosophy applies to life in general, and in regards to the animal righton movement it is especially pertinent and beneficial. Many martial arts, such as Okinawan Karate and Capoeira, were developed and practiced so that oppressed people would have a means of defending themselves in lieu of access to arms. Others, such as Tanglang Quan and Aikido, were designed with the explicit intention of giving a smaller or otherwise physically disadvantaged combatant an advantage over larger and stronger adversaries, and even greater numbers of adversaries.

Meditating Simply

Meditation is a real chance for you to connect with yourself. Most of us go through life knowing the person we spend the most time with, the least. What meditation is happens to be a question that volumes have been written about. Anytime there is such a lot of discussion on an issue, you can be sure that no one really knows the answer. That's what is so nice about the Zen approach to it.


More to come, but some content already available.

Paper Folding for the Practical Person

The process of folding paper is a rewarding one since it provides an opportunity to exercise one's creativity within strict outcomes. Furthermore, the finished product of this activity has various utilitarian applications as will be illustrated in the second part of this article. Though many types of folding exist, we will restrict ourselves in this document to the class of bifolds. Future articles may be published which deal with folding of greater complexities.


This is an ever-growing list of quotations attributed to various individuals throughout history. Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi Adams Samuel Angelkate Rose Bach Richard Bentham Jeremy BigG Bridgeman Percy William Cowper William Dijkstra Edsger Dunham Barrows Emerson Haven Emerson Ralph Waldo Einstein Albert Cinderella (Disney 2015) Francis of Assissi Frank Anne Franklin Benjamin Galbraith John Gale Donald Gandi Mahatma Gell-Mann Murray Gibran Kahil Graham Collier Grenfell Wilfred Huxley Thomas Henry Jake King Martin Luther Lincoln Abraham Moynihan Patrick Newton Issac Nickep Niemöller Martin Pope John Paul 2 Poppins Mary prad pradagio Robert Pynn Roosevelt Theodore Sculley Matthew Schweitzer Albert Shaw George Bernard SICP Sir Cole (The Knight Before Christmas) Smith Gary Spock Steinam Gloria Sztybel David Tagore Rabindranath Teresa Mother Thoreau Henry David Tricia Twain Mark Wade Paul Tyler Alexander Fraser Wiesel Elle Zelenskyy Volodymyr Al-Khafaji Amir Wadi To my brother faiz, whose ideals are like the stars: I could never reach them, but I chart my course by them.


We used to live near the water when we moved in 1995 to Duncan, BC on Khenipsen Road, beside a First Nations area. It was a very nice place, except for the hunting and fishing that took place there. Unfortunately, not only were these activities legalized, but there were many instances of illegal killings as well. That's what this is - killing regardless of the euphemisms used or the appeal to Indigenous 'rights' that are often put forth as an excuse to commit murder.


Prathora of praticulars that pramarily praccupy prad and prabably no one else.


These are zenish short stories merrily modified from various sources such as: Zen Comics by Ioanna Zalajan Radical Zen: The Sayings of Joshu by Youl Hoffmann A man of enlightenment and wisdom Become a Buddha Detachment Empty Essence Go away! Knowledge and Understanding More blind Seeing the tao So what boy? The duel The flag The precious stone The two dragons A man of enlightenment and wisdom Student: Oh master, where does the man of enlightenment and wisdom go after he dies?

Progressive Non-Animal Research Society

Scientists now have sophisticated, human-appropos methodologies for studying diseases such as advanced computer-modeling techniques micro-dosing stem cell-derived organoids 3D printing manifold emerging approaches Advances in technology allow us finding ways to improve health care without inflicting harm on animals. The Progressive Non-Animal Research Society (PNARS) is an excellent and comprehensive resource for the biomedical community. It provides leading edge breakthroughs in technologies and treatments.


Tools of various sorts in zsh shell. concat csv cp replace softlinks with file dir output to array ffmpeg split video files find copying files list by size modifying files rename renumber files grep lines not beginning with # heroic commands in linux exit terminal but leave all processes running intercept stdout and log to file keep command out of history put something in the background** ramdisk for fast rw recursive directory creation redo last command via sudo tunneling use an editor to alter a long messed up command ls inverse largest files and folders identification pad with zero redo softlinks perl onliners add a line after match rsync exclude rename sed backref peculiarities getting pics from html file to proper directories md to org links conversion** multiple in-place replace: replace string with contents of file swap lines various extraction methods tee zsh capitalizing for itms out of a file prompts remove empty directories recursively [setting] up and using an array in for loop shell options text file into array zmv config files concat csv ls -1 *.


Jumpers Jumping spiders may be the most easily identified with family of spiders. They're insatiably curious critters and smart too! Unlike many spiders, when you approach a jumper in a non-threatening way, you're likely to find yourself staring into a pair of inquisitive, if suspicious eyes. Jumpers have exceptional eyesight and are thus visually aware of the world around them, much as we are. Friendly jumper #1 I first noticed this spider in the rabbit room sometime in early December.


PAGE IS PRESENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND FORM IS DISABLED, but you can still email stories (see below). Personal experiences with fireworks and those discharging them will be collected here. These can include not only bad experiences, but also ones on how a community stopped fireworks displays. If you have a story, you can email it to our story-collector by CLICKING HERE. If accepted, you will see it printed below. Please provide a general location (eg city or district).

Tonal Harmony

For over two decades Tonal Harmony has been the leading text for the two-year theory curriculum for music majors. Used at nearly 800 schools, Tonal Harmony has been consistently praised for its practicality and ease of use for student and instructor alike.

Vegan Business Media

Take one look at Katrina's Vegan Business Media and you know she means business! Your business! The site is very well-organized and easy to navigate. In our opinion, it is a certain GOTO for anyone with a vegan business at any stage of development. Two sections of particular interest are the Services and Blog. The former offers access to consulting, coaching, and even 'done-for-you' packages! The latter contains a wealth of information on finance, setup, trends, personal development (and more) through comprehensive blog posts.


The VeggieChess site was created in 2004 for the veggiechess group on and that group is still likely in existence. Here is the link to VeggieChess.

Website Design Hosting

We can design! We can host! And for free! If we think you're the most! We can design! Here are links to some of the sites we've designed in our past. Some are only samples, some were done using a website editor and some have a bit of originality to them. ACWF Animal Rights Hawaii (original sample) BC Deer Protection Coalition Canadian Horse Defense Coalition (original) CATCA Comfort Washlet (sample only) Court Athlete (sample only) Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society (original) Dr.