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Angelkate Rose Channel

Angelkate Rose performances.

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image of Angelkate Rose Channel

This is the link to the Angelkate Rose Channel on Youtube. You can also find her writings here.

Here are some of her videos in no particular order which include covers and originals.

Look on Down from the Bridge - Mazzy Star

(Cover by Angelkate Rose)

“Look on Down from the Bridge” was composed by Hope Sandoval, a songwriter and lead singer of American alternative rock band, Mazzy Star, and David Roback, guitarist in the band and songwriter…

Let it Be - Paul McCartney/ The Beatles

(Cover by Angelkate Rose)

"Let it Be" was written and sung by Paul McCartney, bass guitarist and singer for English rock band 'The Beatles' …

Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

(Cover by Angelkate Rose)

Do you hear the hissing 'sea' effect in the sound? it's the AUTHENTIC, original audio recording from the built- in camera mic! …

500 Miles - Joan Baez/Hedy West

(Cover by Angelkate Rose)

"500 Miles" is a song made popular during the 1960s folk revival.

I Found You (Original)

'I Found You' - An original song by Angelkate Rose
Vocal: Angelkate Rose
Piano: Kyron Basu
Poem: Matthew Hicks

Diamonds and Rust - Joan Baez

(Cover by Angelkate Rose)

Vocal: Angelkate Rose
Backing track: BDFab Karaoke