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Dhaku Singu

Diva Dhaku Dog sings!

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image of Dhaku Singu

Dhaka has been singing since 2015. At the end of this page, we list her rehearsals and performances.

She is very glad to have wonderful friends in the neighborhood, such as:

Aurora, Daria, Terrence, Valerie
Gisela, Ernie
Linda, Peter, Flora
Ross, Abby
Linda, Robert, Muffin
Leia, Wayne, Gibson
Al, Zoe
Bruce, Jessie
Tom, Iggy, Twiggy
Deborah, Tori, Gary
Diane, Daniel, Suzanne (who moved away)
Aria, Cohen, Brianne, Dustin
Sally, Susan
Georgina, Iris, Roy
Kita, Kelly
Rowan, Benson, Kitten, Jinny, Stu
Jim, Joe, Stella, Lori
Caroline, Lucy
Greg, Laura, Bella
Lisa, Torri, Roo, Nina
Trevin, Taylor, Brutus, Millie
Gail, Henry, Claire, Louis, Desmond
Sol, Ron, Marina
Kelsey, Graydon
Maneesha, Bodhan, Raj
Rick, Kristine
Milo, Diane
Gracie, Blue, Piper, Leslie
John, Diane
Angelkate (moved away)
(and others, but we don't know their names!)

Rehearsal in preparation for Caninegie Hall performance
<2020-01-20 Mon>

Introduced by Grafu cat, Dhaka sings:
Teach Our Child (from the musical Tryangles)
Her Soul Beckons Mine (theme variations from Tryangles again)
Hymn To Her (a little known composition)
A Te O Cara (from Bellini's opera, Il Puritani)

more to come as they become available