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An Ode to Spiritual Gurus

Eckhart Tolle reminds me of a cartoon character mole I don't think he'd mind at all, he'd probably just say, LOL He sits in contemplative silence for quite a lengthy fraction Until he starts to stir and then we might just see some action He talks about how to be aware and in the present If you can manage this it is extremely pleasant But when thoughts come, if you get really pissed

Being British

Preamble: Sips a cup of tea whilst leaning against a red phone booth whilst holding a bag of salt' n' vinegar chips whilst saying 'How do you do?' whilst a stereotypical policeman walks by singing 'God Save The Queen' whilst criminals wearing stripy pajamas rob a bank using sacks across the road in broad daylight and make their get away on a big red bus of which Cliff Richard is the driver who is serenading them with 'Summer Holiday' whilst the passengers sit in awkward silence stewing in social shame because they are amongst strangers whilst they wonder who is the psycho driving the bus and inappropriately engaging in joyous self-expression in a public place but it doesn't bother them for long as they are busy planning a list of soap operas to watch that night and whether to have their potatoes roasted, boiled or mashed whilst they browse through the paper to check to see what murders, rapes and muggings took place the previous day… because everyone likes a routine in England ;) It's just a shame that they had to look in the paper for these things (which is surely second rate) when they could have captured the bank robbery on their very own iphones (and posted it on Facebook) but they missed it as they had been too busy tweetin' about what they had in their sandwich that day.


Last night I dreamt of a bluebird A beautiful warm hue of blue You keep dancing into my reality Bluebird do you I know you? Your feathers velvety smooth You flew gracefully up above Winding and twisting joyously For you I felt such love As a child I had a bike called Bluebird Which I loved to ride all day I liked the film called Bluebird And the magical adventure they take

In the Shower

Why does showering make people sing? Is it a biological or habitual thing? When the water starts cascading down Some start to make all kinds of sounds! Get thoroughly wet and lather the soap No room for rubber ducky or a sailor's boat Just a waterproof radio and a bottle or two And in the corner possibly some mildew A quick wash and go can refresh one nicely Or a long luxurious waterfall relaxes enticingly

Introverts and Extroverts

I can only speak for myself as I describe it how I see But I imagine that many will find a similarity The meaning of introversion is often misconstrued So try listening to a few before you conclude! Each of us has tendencies that are of both kinds Introversion and extroversion in each of us combined Energies that express themselves in many different ways Yet are one and the same like the nights and days

Period Dramas

I wonder why period dramas particularly appeal to women Why some of us get flustered when we see Darcy swimmin' Is it the suits and dresses that the characters wear? Or perhaps it's their manners and vocabulary flare The male and female roles often contrast each other's And we are overjoyed when they finally are lovers Is it the lead up that gives us such a thrill Or does the first kiss provide the biggest chill?

Power of the Breath

Credit: Power of the breath Where all life is born Burst through the veil Divinity into form Like a thousand horses Running on the beach Each of them from heaven Divinity in each Like the wind up high Rolling through the storm Like contrast of soft petals Protected by a thorn Creation of life In a single breath Through embracing life Relinquishment of death Breathing in nourishment Then surrender letting go

That London Twang

I come from South East London Accent a mix of things It changes frequently And disappears when I sing I make up words quite often Out of laziness I guess Melding words together So that I can speak less "You've got that London twang" A friend said when I spoke "What do you mean?" I asked "I sound like common folk?" He explained grammatical errors And a lilting of my voice