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An simple and informative article on important issues dealing with raw foods, fasting and faith.

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Hello everyone!

I will attempt to share with you all some of what I've discovered intellectually and experientially in regards raw eating and healthy living. This will be rather basic, but I hope you will find this to be insightful and of some value.

Teeth Problems and Acidic Fruits

I can vouch from my personal experience, as well as that of many others, that acid fruits, eaten to any great degree, can and will erode tooth enamel. This is because the acids in fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwi, pineapple, lemons, limes, sour apples and unripe fruit have a pH value below that which is required to dissolve tooth enamel.

Suggestion: moderate your intake of acid fruits. Read about fruit and learn which ones to moderate. The best fruits are probably the sweet and subacid fruits such as bananas, dates, cherimoyas, durians, sapotes, pears and apples. Eat fruit only when it is fully ripe. Again, unripe fruits are acidic. The fresher and higher the quality of the fruit you eat, the better. Organic is much higher quality than commercial and contains more nutrition.

By no means totally do away with acid fruits as they can be very beneficial and nutritious. Just keep in mind that you can have problems with your teeth if you eat too many of them or eat them too often.

Greens Are a Necessity

The starchless green vegetables are a very valuable part of my diet, and are highly recommended to all raw foodists. There are many varieties of leafy greens and stalks which are mineral-rich and are a good source of many other nutrients. And, for whatever reason, I and others have found them to have a balancing effect on one's body and mind. It can be a good idea to eat these green vegetables at the same time as sweet fruits. Organic greens are good, but wild greens are the best. Read up on wild greens for information on those available in your area. Also, sea vegetables (such as kelp, dulse, alaria) are very mineral and nutrient-rich forming a very valuable part of the raw food diet.

I'm not trying to get into religion here, but it is mentioned in Genesis 1:29, that the original diet of mankind is fruits and greens - not just fruit .

Fats Are Important

Our bodies need fat - but raw fat. Raw fats lubricate, protect, and are an antioxidant. They are very nourishing. Our bodies instinctively crave raw fat. Raw fats provide concentrated fuel, which feeds the brain and other organs, in addition to helping to maintain/gain weight, and also helps to protect one from the bitter cold. It must be realized to all true health seekers that raw fat is exactly the opposite of cooked fat. Cooked fats are carcinogenic, loaded with free radicals, and are harmful in many other ways. Read any cooked nutrition book and you readily discern the dangers of cooked and processed fats. However, realize that raw fats are of a totally different biochemistry than cooked fats. Cooking changes the biochemical structure of all foods, and in regards fats (and proteins), this is especially harmful. Listen to your body's needs, and feel free to enjoy your share of superb raw fatty foods such as: avocados, coconuts, dried olives, durians, various nuts, and various seeds. Experiment and find what works optimally for you.

Fruit Sugar is Prime Fuel for Our Bodies

Our body runs on sugar (glucose). Fruit is the best and highest quality source of sugars, accompanied by various vitamins, minerals, enzymes, living water, and fiber. Don't fear sweet fruit, and don't buy into the suggestions by others to eat dead, devitalized, cooked starches. Keep in mind that starch is broken down into sugars during the process of digestion. There is nothing healthful about starch. Starch is not a health food. Eliminate starch from your diet, use fruit in its place, and watch your health and well-being soar.

Fasting Gets Results

Many raw foodists may experience cravings for cooked foods, and may give in and binge. This is often due to the resurfacing of cooked food residues as they are purged from the system during detoxification, which is what happens when one embarks on 100% raw eating. I can vouch from personal experience that the best way to counteract the toxic cravings, is by commencing a fast. This works wonders. Give your body and mind a break from food of any kind, and your body and mind will respond and be rejuvenated. Much heavy detoxification and reorganization within the human organism takes place during a fast. I myself fast one day a week, every week, and I challenge you to do the same. It's easy, effective, and free. And you have much more time (and also money) as a result of this regular practice.

Exercise, Sunlight, Adequate Rest and Optimum Amounts of Sleep, etc.

The human body/mind complex needs much more than just food, water, and air. We also need to move our bodies, get the lymph flowing, and facilitate the building of new tissues, and breaking down of old. We also need the life- giving rays of the sun. We need to afford ourselves optimum levels of rest and sleep. Most of the body's cells are regenerated during sleep. I could go more deeply into these topics, but my time is limited, and I trust that you intuitively recognize the importance of these factors in optimum and balanced health.

Daily Meditation

We live in a toxic world, surrounded by negativity, ignorance, and false principles. The best way to counteract the oftentimes cruel, cold, harsh outside world is via the practice of meditation. It is very simple and natural. Essentially, establish yourself in a quiet, peaceful, comfortable place, closing your eyes, completely stilling your body, quieting the mind, and going deep within, for at least 15 minutes per day, is highly beneficial and is highly recommended. There are many "techniques"/methods you can use to meditate. Find the one which works best for you and your needs.

Faith, Perseverance, and Diligent Application of Correct Principles

This is how successful people succeed (and keep succeeding). Keep in mind that Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was your body, mind, or soul. Realize that we need to undo many years of cooked food eating, false beliefs/ignorance, and other states of toxicity and negativity. The key is to make up your mind, with a firm resolve, go with the flow, and trust in yourself, the Universe, and God. Also realize that all true knowledge comes from experience.

I must make mention from my own experience that I came to the point of 100% raw eating due not solely to books, other people, etc., but rather due to that inner voice, that inner signal, that inner knowing. If you feel you are not ready to eat 100% raw at this time, that's okay. You may want to take it at your own pace and transition. Do not force yourself to do something you're not ready for. It can be a shock to the system in many cases. Your body will tell you when it's ready. That is what happened with me. It just came to a point (when I was eating on average, 85-95% raw for many months) that my body just did not want any cooked food of any kind anymore. Once my body's primal instinct came through in full force, I had all the incentive I needed. Cooked food was recognized as being dead, devitalized, damaged, draining, boring, and bland to me. Discontinuing the ingestion of cooked food came naturally, painlessly, and effortlessly, and I have not looked back. I have received nothing but benefits, and in many ways, as a result of my 100% raw eating. Later, my body told me to fast, during a point of cooked cravings. I did, I was rejuvenated, and I am getting better continually now. I am a work in progress, as are you.

Final thoughts

Enjoy life! Release fears, negativity, false beliefs. LIVE! You are powerful. Do not allow anyone to influence you from your path or your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Trust within yourself. The answers you need are within you!

That is all for now.

I hope this message has been of some value to you.