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Alternative Healing What Nobody Understands

An uncompromising statement about the benefits of Natural Hygiene.

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Natural Hygiene Practitioners, as indicated by their writings and actions, do not understand Natural Hygiene. As the evidence indicated herein will show, those Natural Hygiene Practitioners whom we all know or those about whom we read or hear, do not know, understand or practice Natural Hygiene.

There will not be any attempt herein, to embarrass anyone. They will be described by their own words or by their obituaries. There are others about whom there will be no attempt to embarrass or describe herein because information about them is confidential and will be kept confidential.

Cited and described herein, in their misunderstanding of Natural Hygiene, in alphabetical order are Drs. Burton, Cinque, Cridland, Cursio, Evans, Fuhrman, Goldhammer, Gross, Mega, Scott, Shelton and Telmar, and the lay people, Hannah Allen, R.J. Cheatham, Joy Gross, James Lennon, Bernarr McFadden and Nathan Pritikin.

Quoted herein in a correct understanding of Natural Hygiene are Drs. Dewey, Nichols, Shelton and Vetrano and lay people, Hereward Carrington, Frieda Ireland and Louise Mollot.

In Natural Hygiene, we know the following:

All disease is self-limited. If the disease is suppressed by whatever means, one either accomodates to it or dies.

No drug is ever indicated for the treatment of any pain, discomfort or illness. Drugs kill!

Dr. Viviana V. Vetrano, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, writes, "Drugs may appear negligible risks at the moment but drugs build chronic and irreversible problems."…"The use of a drug is never 'proper' to the body."

"Drugs only suppress the body's efforts at healing itself and maintaining its normal condition."…"Drugs must be eliminated from the body since they can't be metabolized, thus causing an expenditure of vitality. Drugs damage every part of the body with which they come in contact."

Dr. Herbert Shelton, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, wrote, "Drugs annul bodily functions and impair its structures, suppressing the power to feel, or its awareness of its diseased condition and that diverts the organic attention from the normal processes of life to the task of expelling the chemical. Drugs must always and inevitably tend in the direction of death."

Nothing in the world has the power to restore health but the affected organism itself."…"There is no recovery where cause is not removed."…"Drugs and surgical cures remove effects; cause is ignored. With surgery, pathological products and affected organs are removed instead of cause."

"Neither possession nor restoration of health can flow from any extraneous chemical agency, but always and inflexibly comes from the maintenance and restoration of the necessary conditions, and these are connected with normal elements of living."

"Recuperation and recovery are never the results of medicine or of the cause of disease, but are always the results of the operations of the processes of life and the conditions that maintain health. Drugs serve only to occasion morbid changes in the functions and structures of the body and this can never result in health. To produce disease is not to restore health. To damage the structures and impair the functions of the organism does not restore structural integrity and functional efficiency."

"We should not alleviate or suppress the symptoms of disease. When a remedy is used, the body's energy is redirected toward dealing with the new problem, the remedy, and away from the original problem, the toxins that prompted the body to institute the disease process. If our bodies have accumulated toxins that must be gotten rid of, we often must suffer to some extent while the body purifies itself."

"Disease does not produce any radical change in the living organism, so that what it does not need and cannot use in a state of health, it does not need and cannot use, in a state of illness. In sickness the powers of life are impaired, not radically altered."

"We should do nothing to a sick person that we would not do to a healthy one. Treat the ailing individual with a gentleness to match his or her lack of vigor. The weaker the patient, the greater the need to do nothing."

"The true nature of disease - that it itself is a curing process - and, as such, cannot possibly be cured!"…"Disease is vital action in relation to things abnormal… Health is vital action in relation to things normal."

Hereward Carrington wrote, "For what are drugs supposed to do? Obviously, to 'cure' the disease: with that object they are administered, and for that reason they are taken. But this whole theory is based upon the idea that a disease is a thing that can be attacked, or driven out, or suppressed or subdued, or in some way affected by the drug; but the disease is in reality not an entity at all; that it is not, in fact, what we must fight or combat, but that it is ITSELF the process of purification-of 'getting well'."

"The medication is far worse than the original malady! This is, as a matter of fact, actually the case. For, whereas the diseased condition is, in itself, a simple condition - an attempt at cure - the latter is a deep-seated, positive and dangerous entity, a poison or substance calling for active and positive hygienic treatment, in order to remove it and effect a cure."

"Nature does not cure in that way. Her efforts at cure are not chemical changes, but vital tendency. The method of cure adopted by Nature is one and constant - it is a vital process \- as distinct from a chemical one."

"Drugs as commonly administered, tend to suppress symptoms rather than to remove the causes. If any set of symptoms arises, a drug is administered, and the symptoms subside - and the drug is administered with the precise and definite object in view of causing such cessation of symptoms. It is, in fact, commonly supposed to be the real 'cure'. But a real cure is based upon altogether different principles. It should be remembered that symptoms are SUCH only, and are not the real disease - the cause - which must itself be removed, if any true cure is to follow."

"Suppression of symptoms, such as that afforded by drugs, is by no means a true cure, since the cause is not removed; the symptoms are not the disease, but the evidences of such, and should not be removed or suppressed, so can only encourage the faith of the patient in spurious 'cures' and divert his mind from all true methods of regaining his health."

Louise Mollot writes, "Drugs drain the Vital Life Force. Drugs actually damage cells, especially nerves, so that their function is decreased. The Vital Force can never be regained, yet the causes of the diseases have never been removed, therefore remain to cause the symptoms to continue. By suppressing the symptoms, we counter the body's efforts to discharge the disease-producing toxins."

In Chet Day's "Health and Beyond", the March 1, 1995 issue, Dr. Ralph Cinque, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, incorrectly writes that giving drugs to patients is proper.

Dr. Cinque is the President of the International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists. Dr. Cinque writes that "I do believe that sometimes there may be a lesser evil in taking a drug than enduring a problem. An example would be antibiotics."…"But there is such a thing as a fulminating infection that is spiraling out of control and overwhelming the individual. Medical intervention is justified in such cases." …"An abscess needs to be opened and drained. A skin cancer should be excised. A person with pernicious anemia may need to be injected with vitamin B12. Serious cases of asthma may require emergency medical treatment. There are instances when people genuinely need antibiotics."…"The body may have a tumorous obstruction that it cannot resolve itself and surgery is indicated. The body may have an irreversible deficiency of a natural secretion, such as insulin in juvenile diabetes, and therefore hormone replacement is indicated."

Dr. Ronald Cridland, M.D., Natural Hygiene Practitioner, has written a new introduction to Dr. Shelton's "Natural Hygiene: The Pristine Way of Life". In it, he addresses some of the exceptions in which medical intervention may be warranted. Dr. Cridland writes that "Sometimes medication is useful when the stress and enervation of the symptom would be more harmful to the patient than the potential stress from side effects of the medication." "Contagion can exist among susceptible individuals if they are exposed to large enough quantities of microorganisms." He writes that when the body is "unable to overcome cancer", then we should treat the cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy "to buy the body a bit of time to heal." He writes that people who have been injured should not fast because healing is slower during a fast. He writes of his consulting with "a 57 year old carpenter with a 15 month history of evening fevers and sweats" and that "there was no evidence that delaying the antibiotic treatment had any detrimental effects." This carpenter was referred by him to a cardiologist who treated the carpenter with a four week course of antibiotics. He writes that "there are times when the stresses of the symptoms are worse, perhaps, than the stresses of the side effects of the treatment. There are situations, medically and surgically, where intervention will be in the patient's best interest, perhaps to reduce symptoms that are interfering with the healing process. For example, somebody breaks a leg, and they can't sleep because of the pain, and they can't relax because of the pain. If they are finding the pain so stressful that it is interfering with their ability to heal, a painkiller-for a short period of time, with no delusion that it is healing them-would enable them to relax and sleep so that they could heal better."

Dr. Alan Goldhammer, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, writes that "there are situations that arise that make the use of drugs a consideration. Thyroid and insulin replacement therapy are well known examples"…"there are situations where antibiotic therapy may be advisable." He writes that if people are to get off their medication, M.D.s "are in a good position to evaluate the appropriateness of various medical treatments."

Dr. Alan M. Immerman, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, writes that drugs cure "pneumonia and other infections."…"Infections are sometimes so severe that antibiotics are needed."…"There are cases when drugs are useful."…"take drugs when the intensity of the cleansing process is too great. For instance, a child with severe diarrhea lasting for more than two days can become dehydrated and die without drugs. An elderly patient with a severe cough from pneumonia could also die without drugs."

Dr. Ralph Cinque considers Dr. Alec Burton, the greatest living Natural Hygiene Practitioner. Dr. Burton writes that if a person has remedial surgery, that person is forced to take a course of antibiotics afterwards. Dr. Burton writes that "any means that are available that are not going to be too threatening or invasive are probably legitimate to relieve the pain." Dr. Burton writes that in order to relieve the patient's pain, you can use manipulation, hot and cold packs or gentle stroking.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Natural Hygiene Practitioner, prescribes Valium and other drugs for his patients. He writes that when he fasts patients who have been taking drugs, he continues the patients on drugs. He progressively lowers the amount of drugs they take, as the patient continues to fast.

Dr. Doug Evans, Natural Hygiene Practitioner writes that "Antiarrhythmic drugs such as Quinidine are usually effective" in tachycardia [rapid heart action]. He writes that oxygen is effective in saving a patient's life who has a history of severe tachycardia and who has tachycardia during a fast.

James Michael Lennon, Executive Director of the American Natural Hygiene Society, writes that Natural Hygiene Doctors use non-hygienic therapy "to give temporary relief from pain or other suffering."

The International Association of Professional Natural Hygienists has indicated in their "Standards of Practice" that "medication in some conditions, and other techniques of emergency medicine may be necessary."

Joy Gross, Natural Hygiene writer, director of the famous fasting institution, Pawling Health Manor in N.Y., and ex-wife of the late Dr. Robert Gross, had an accident and writes that she had to take medication to get emergency relief. Her emergency relief was intravenous feeding, blood transfusion, catheter and drugs.

Nobody lives and thinks correctly. Everyone becomes ill in some form or other, during their lives. The fatal crime that those who die prematurely commit, is to do the wrong thing when they become ill. Natural Hygiene Practitioners do the wrong things for themselves, their families and loved ones and/or for their patients, when they become ill.

The late Dr. Herbert Shelton, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, neglected to take care of himself healthfully, by his lifestyle, by constantly writing and sleeping very little. He enervated himself severely thereby and developed and suffered with and grew progressively worse with Parkinson's Disease for many, many years. He did not know how to help his Parkinson's Disease. He had no relief of his Parkinsonian symptoms or pathology until he died of such.

The late Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, corrected his cardiac valvular defects after some long fasts, when he was younger. He was harassed for many years by law enforcement authorities for his Natural Hygienic practices helping patients throughout the U.S.. The prosecutors charged him with the illegal practice of medicine. His lifestyle and constant air travel to fly to his lectures and patients to pay for his exorbitant legal fees, severely enervated him. He became ill and neglected to take care of his health problems. He died at age 75, of congestive heart failure with concomitant multiple varicose ulcers on both legs.

The late Dr. Robert Gross, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, died after receiving chemotherapy and radiation for his pancreatic cancer and brain cancer.

The late Dr. John J. Mega, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, died after receiving surgery and chemotherapy for his stomach cancer.

The late Dr. Marvin Telmar, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, died after not knowing how to help his bronchial pneumonia and meningitis.

The late Hannah Allen, who wrote some great natural hygienic literature, contended that "it is indisputable that sometimes they [drugs] are necessary and the 'lesser evil.'…"sometimes even antibiotics can be the 'lesser evil'."

Frieda Ireland writes that Hannah Allen developed cancer and spent a whole summer at Dr. Scott's fasting institution with no help for her cancer. Allen arrived home in September. Allen opted for chemotherapy to "buy the body a bit of time to heal." The chemotherapy damaged Allen's brain so much that her "bit of time to heal" was spent in a 24-hour care nursing facility for the last 6 or 7 months before she died.

R.J. Cheatham, director of the famous fasting institution, Shangri La in Florida, died after taking chemotherapy for his cancer of the colon.

Nathan Pritikin, director of the Pritikin Institute, a natural health rehabilitation center, died after committing suicide. He was despondent because he did not know how to help his Chronic Leukemia. He had been taking chemotherapy for his Leukemia, for many years.

Bernarr McFadden, founder of the physical culture movement, died in a hospital, after undergoing treatment with drugs.

If Natural Hygiene Practitioners advise their unknowledgeable patients incorrectly, this could be dangerous.

The danger is that some patients who consult with Natural Hygiene Practitioners will unfortunately consent to have destructive drugs, surgery, etc. inflicted upon them, when they are in desperate circumstances.

Natural Hygiene always works! If a patient who is under Natural Hygiene care does not respond satisfactorily to Natural Hygiene, then the Natural Hygiene Practitioner and/or the patient should learn more about Natural Hygiene and not irrationally use non-Natural Hygienic procedures.

I have practiced Natural Hygiene for over 40 years. I have cared for tens of thousands of patients with Natural Hygiene and fasting. These patients had all kinds of so called "incurable" conditions and all of these patients responded satisfactorily to Natural Hygiene exclusively. I never had to suggest to any of these patients, that they should take drugs, surgery or any other non- Natural Hygienic treatments.

I am no more intelligent nor better than anyone else in the Natural Hygiene movement. The reason I always succeeded in helping patients with Natural Hygiene, was that I knew and still know, that Natural Hygiene always works, and therefore employed Natural Hygiene exclusively!

If any Natural Hygiene Practitioners choose to challenge me or want my aid to help them with their patients, using Natural Hygiene exclusively, then these Natural Hygiene Practitioners can contact me. I will explain, show and demonstrate to them that Natural Hygiene will always work in helping their patients.

Most Natural Hygiene Practitioners and most of those in the Natural Hygiene movement wrongly believe that all there is to Natural Hygiene is a vegetarian diet and fasting.

If someone, who was a stranger to Natural Hygiene, was to visit a Natural Hygiene convention, seminar or meeting, that stranger would get disenchanted with Natural Hygiene and its advocates. That stranger would view, meet and interact with some of the unhealthiest looking people in the world. If a stranger were to view, meet and interact with the personal families of Natural Hygiene Practitioners, that stranger would see very unhealthy people. That stranger would rightfully think and rightfully conclude that, if Natural Hygiene works, why do these Natural Hygienists appear to be so unhealthy.

These unhealthy looking Natural Hygienists appear to be so unhealthy because they do not understand Natural Hygiene. They, therefore, live unhealthfully which causes their unhealthful appearance.

Natural Hygiene consists of correct thinking and correct living. Natural Hygienists should sleep all they can, meditate, maintain emotional poise, love, forgive and tolerate all other living beings, harm no other living beings, be aware, sunbathe, airbathe, exercise vigorously and regularly, avoid incorrect overindulgence in sex, be free of toxins, eat natural, unprocessed foods, raw or cooked as little as possible, to minimize digestive stress and conserve digestive energy, fast whenever ill and drink distilled water and to also correct all physical, mental and spiritual dysfunctions.

Dr. Cinque, in "Health and Beyond", incorrectly writes that Dr. Alec Burton's use of sunscreen when Dr. Burton is exposed to the Australia sunshine, is the right procedure.

If Drs. Burton and Cinque choose to expose their nude skins to the sunshine, all they need do is pay attention to their bodies. Our bodies are always talking to us and we must learn to listen. If the sunshine is going to be harmful to us, our bodies will feel uncomfortable in the sunshine. This will force us to withdraw our bodies from the sunshine before the sunshine can injure us.

Anything that blocks sunshine from penetrating the skin will reduce the amount of vitamin D that the body makes.

Sunscreen may actually increase the risk of cancer, so proposed California researchers in a paper published in January, 1993, in the Annals of Epidemiology. The researchers contended that UVB- blocking sunscreens had contributed to increasing skin-cancer rates, by disabling the body's natural alarm mechanism: sunburn. The researchers also posited that because UVB rays are the main source of vitamin D, and because vitamin D may inhibit the progression of melanoma, and because sunscreens block UVB rays- sunscreens may promote vitamin D deficiencies and cause melanomas. [UVB is the shorter wavelength of ultraviolet light that damages the skin. UVA is the longer of the two types of ultraviolet light that reaches the earth. UVA is responsible for tanning.]

Dr. Ralph Cinque, in "Health and Beyond" incorrectly writes that keeping his eyes closed while fasting would be torture to him. Dr. Cinque favors, during fasting, diversionary activities, such as reading, conversing and listening to music.

Dr. D.J. Scott, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, writes that he lets his patients, while they are fasting, read books and listen to music or the radio. This is incorrect procedure.

Dr. Robert Sniadach, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, in "Health and Beyond", incorrectly writes that when people fast, they can take "very mild, short walks and/or movements, just to keep lymphatic fluid moving, to keep the vascular system working into areas where blood or lymphatic fluid may be pooling and somewhat stagnant."…"I think there's definitely room for mild activity."

If you are sick, to get well, close your eyes and keep them closed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, i.e. every moment you can!

Closing the eyes rests the brain and mind. An electric rhythm starts as soon as the eyes are closed and ceases immediately when they are opened. This rhythm serves to clear "negative charges" from the brain. Activity of the eyes prevents recuperation from occurring.

When your eyes are closed and you are at complete rest, bodily energies rejuvenate, cells replenish, tissues repair and organs refresh themselves and are made ready for renewed activity.

When you are sick, you are greatly devitalized and enervated from overactivity, excesses, stimulation and emotional excitement. Close your eyes and keep them closed, to completely rest every part of your body.

Animals and babies instinctively know they must close their eyes to feel better.

The most common, difficult to manage diseases, are often related to a sleep deficiency. If you are sick or tired, you have a sleep deficiency. Healing takes place when you are asleep or your eyes are closed. If you are sick, you have a deficiency of healing, therefore, a deficiency of sleep.

The body makes the healing of a bone a priority, as opposed to doing other things that are not quite as important. With additional sleep, and/or closing your eyes, the healing process will be better and faster. If you are unwell because of an injury, the more sleep and/or closing your eyes, the quicker you will heal. It does not matter what your health problem is or what causes it, whether it is because of lifestyle abuse or external trauma. You need more sleep and/or closing your eyes. That is the most important thing you can do to make you well.

Vital energy is produced by the blessed elixir of sleep and/or closing your eyes. Sleep and/or closing your eyes are nature's great restorative healing processes.

Vital energy is used up by all the activities of life. Vital energy is used up by physical activity, by talking, by digestion, by emotions, by thinking, by seeing, by hearing, by smelling and by sex.

After activity, the brain grows weary and the physical demand for sleep and/or closing the eyes is great. Nerve cell fatigue or exhaustion is deep seated and much time is required to recover. It is the lowering of vital energy in the nerve cells which leads to physical and mental trouble. Carried to an extreme, it leads to a "nervous breakdown". Close your eyes to replenish your nerve cells and your nerves will get better and feel better.

The actual storing up of the energy reserves or the energy sources of the body takes place during rest. Activity expends and rest restores the bodily resources. The more the body is stimulated, the sooner it completely collapses. The weaker the body, the less it is able to withstand the action of stimulants. The weaker the body, the greater the necessity of "doing nothing" intelligently, just closing your eyes.

When you close your eyes and pain, discomfort or depression prevents you from sleeping, keep your eyes closed, until the pain, discomfort or depression leaves. Concentrate, meditate, feel, think on the pain, discomfort or depression as intensely as you can. As long as you continue to do this, you will awaken just as refreshed as if you slept for that same period of time as when your eyes were closed.

Your brain and body are always talking to you and you must learn to listen and do what they tell you to do. To better listen to your brain and body, you can concentrate best, if you keep your eyes closed.

To heal yourself of disease, you should rest your brain and body, by keeping your eyes closed. Every activity of your eyes depletes your vitality and inhibits restoration of your health.

In every moment of your 24 hours, keep your eyes closed, just like dogs, cats and other pets do, and open your eyes only to satisfy your needs, whether your needs be biological, physical, social, economic or spiritual.

When you are sick, lie down, keep your body inactive, keep your eyes closed and concentrate, meditate, think on, keep your mind on your pain and discomfort, until your pain and distress completely disappear.

All fasting doctors and practitioners who personally fast their own bodies, who supervise patients who fast and all people who fast themselves, all make the same mistake. They do not keep their eyes closed every moment of the 24 hours, every day that they fast.

Many of our fasting doctors and practitioners and authorities have died prematurely because they did not know how to properly fast. They fasted and expended vital nerve energy unnecessarily by keeping their eyes open and were unnecessarily active during their respective fasts.

Many of these fasting doctors and practitioners wrote and lectured eloquently about fasting, but they never really understood why, when and how to apply fasting. George Bernard Shaw wrote: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

The purpose of a fast is to completely rest the body, not to just eliminate toxins nor to just rest the digestive tract. The purpose of fasting is to conserve vital energy and to replenish vital energy. Every moment you fast and that you simultaneously open your eyes, you are preventing yourself from getting healed as rapidly and as well as possible. You are wasting vital energy when you open your eyes. Every bit of vital energy is needed by sick persons to recover their health.

During a fast, you must have total rest. You can only accomplish total rest by keeping your eyes closed.

Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote that the person who fasts should "rest-mentally, sensorially and physically, while he is resting physiologically."

"Nature prostrates the patient."…"She preserves energy by limiting its dissipation. The energy thus saved is available for use in the temporarily more important work of healing. If we are wise we will take our cue from nature and conserve our energies, while fasting, by curbing their expenditures. I favor the plan of putting the patient to bed. I am sure that better and quicker results are thus obtained. Nature puts her hibernating animal to bed and sleep."

"Observations made during the fasts of Succi and others show that the body wastes less rapidly when the patient is kept warm and at rest. Rest conserves the body's energies and substances and hastens the healing. I agree with Purinton, who says in his "Philosophy of Fasting', 'Not an ounce of energy shall be dissipated during the extreme fast. This means loafing, resting, lazying along and not caring.' The best place for the faster is in bed. Talking, laughing, listening to the radio and viewing and listening to television prevent genuine rest."…"A newspaper or a novel may be disturbing, exciting or depressing."

"It is quite obvious that, given the same amount of nutritive reserve, the active individual will consume his internal food stores sooner than the resting individual. For this reason, if no other, the fasting patient who rests while fasting will emerge from the fast in better condition than the faster who is active during this period. At the same time, if a prolonged fast is essential, rest will enable the patient to conserve his reserves to the utmost and thus lengthen the period over which he can safely fast."…"The less physically active organism expends less of its reserves, not alone due to reduced physical work, but also, due to decreased physiological activity."

"The more rest the sick organism receives, the more rapidly is good health restored. Rest (physical, mental and physiological) is equally important and beneficial during a fast."

"Even reading, writing, talking, listening to the radio and similar forms of activity should be avoided as much as possible."

"A period of rest enables an overworked body to perform work that activity prevents it from doing."…"Talking, gum chewing, reading and writing constitute drains upon the enervated and fasting organisms and should be avoided. Minimum amounts of talking, reading and writing should be indulged.

Dr. T.L. Nichols, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, wrote, "for every disease of every organ of the body, the first condition is rest- rest for stomach, rest for brain."

Dr. Edward Hooker Dewey, Natural Hygiene Practitioner, wrote of fasting as the "rest cure", and emphasized the urgent necessity of rest in all acute and chronic diseases.

Lie down and close your eyes, every time you can. It is the most important thing you can do to get well and stay well!

Sick or well, if you use Natural Hygiene exclusively, you will always improve your health.

Natural Hygiene always works!