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How to Lose All the Weight You Want and Keep It Off

The proper way to remove unwanted bulk through proper nutrition and sensible lifestyle.

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Obesity is excessive accumulation of body fat. The study of fat and of obesity, is known as bariatrics. Fat is a pathological accumulation of unwanted tissue in the body. Obesity is a state of disease.

Less than 5% of patients who lose weight by traditional medical approaches keep their weight off indefinitely.

Surgery for weight-loss is dangerous. Many (of these weight-loss) patients suffer problems associated with surgery that include infection, urinary stones, liver failure and heart failure. Surgery for weight loss, consists of gastroplasty (stomach stapling), intestinal bypass and gastric bypass, which all cause harmful complications. The surgeon goes in and removes part of one of the abdominal organs. The idea is that you put all the food that you wish into one orifice and it will come out the other orifice at the back. You have no assimilation. You can eat all you want and you won't accumulate fat.

Liposuction is dangerous. Surgically removing the fat from a particular area or having your fat cells extracted with a suction device, can cause you infection, disease and discomfort. In treating the fat symptoms while ignoring the real causes of your fat problem, the fat weight returns in other parts of the body. The stomach bubble to lose weight produces serious side effects.

Don't wear rubber or vinyl exercise suits, rubber belts and body wraps to lose weight. You have only a temporary water-weight loss which is dangerous. You can suffer serious dehydration and restrict circulation - even death from heatstroke - when you exercise under these conditions. Those lost inches have nothing to do with a loss of fat tissue, and they return in a few hours or days, as each cell fights to re-establish the proper water balance.

Do not use steam baths, sweat baths, sauna tone nor sweat suits, to lose weight. The weight you lose thereby is all water and salt. As a perspiring and roasting victim, you will regain all the lost weight, when you take a drink of water.

All diet drugs are unhealthy and dangerous and should not be used on a sensible weight loss program. All drugs that reduce weight do so by impairing nutrition and by crippling the body. Do not take diet pills, appetite suppressors nor water pills. You can develop the following symptoms as a result of taking them: Excitement, talkativeness, restlessness, tremors, dizziness, hyperactive reflexes, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitations, fever, dehydration, mydriasis, tachycardia, hallucinations, delirium, mania, convulsions, coma and death in circulatory collapse. The billionairess Christine Onassis died at age 37, of taking such drugs.

Liquid protein diets are dangerous because you will end up with gallstones, gall-bladder disease, damage your kidneys, pancreas and lungs. They are soil for putrefactive bacteria.

Diets don't work! Try making permanent lifestyle changes that include smarter eating, regular exercise and effective stress management. Watch what you eat, not how much. To lose weight and keep it off permanently, you need to "rehabilitate" your metabolism. Each time you diet and restrict your food, your metabolism slows.

T.C. Fry and Victoria Bidwell write that to lose weight you must become re- educated. "Weight loss is realized by the overweight person, not by how much food is eaten or how much exercise is taken, but by WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS EATEN and how he (and she) manages his total life practices." … "What is necessary is that the obese individual learn to eat the proper, natural food of his (and her) biological adaptation to the exclusivity of all modern, man-made, processed, devitalized, chemicalized food.

Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote, "The fat person who is unwilling to cultivate new eating patterns must face the fact, so long as he persists in merely modifying the eating pattern that is responsible for his overweight, he will continue to reduce and grow fat by turns and never succeed in establishing and maintaining a satisfactory weight."

"People become obese mainly from eating food that is devitalized. They overeat because they are malnourished, and they are truly hungry. People who consume fresh fruits and salads don't overeat or become obese because the enzymes, minerals and vitamins are still intact in these foods. When the body has fulfilled its requirement of these nutrients, it signals the brain that it is satisfied. Processed foods lack these nutrients; therefore, no signal is sent to the brain to stop eating."

You do not become overweight on a natural diet. If overweight and you go on a natural diet consisting mainly of raw foods or natural, unprocessed foods cooked as little as possible, your weight rapidly normalizes even if caloric intake exceeds usage!

You can lose weight and eat all you want. It is absolutely essential to totally masticate food. Food that is thoroughly liquefied in the mouth releases its flavor and so is more pleasurable. Since the food is easily and completely digested, it is more filling, so again, fewer calories are more gratifying. This is one of the secrets of losing weight and keeping it off forever. Slim people eat slowly, fat people eat fast. The fatter we are, the faster we eat, and vice versa. Concentrate on eating healthy, nutritious food. Carefully remove every last lump from the food before swallowing them - drink your food and chew your drinks.

Eating this way will make you more conscious of what you are eating, and so less likely to eat junk food and other bad food, and again, less likely to overeat. You will be less inclined to eat between meals. It is nearly impossible to overeat when the food is thoroughly chewed. The trick is to liquefy the food. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to get the message that the person has had enough to eat. That is why this method should work.

Never eat until you are very hungry. Every cell and part of your body must be exercised before you eat. This is for the food you eat to be properly metabolized. Create a demand for the food every time you eat. If you put the best food in your body when you are not hungry to eat, the food will create an overweight condition, dysfunction and pathology for you.

If the body receives fewer than 1,100 to 1,200 calories per day, it automatically slows its metabolism to conserve the available calories to carry out its functions. Thus weight loss is not possible. To lose fat, not less than the minimum calories must be consumed to keep the metabolism rate high. Exercise must be done.

You grow weaker as you grow fatter. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories. If you exercise when you diet, you make the weight come off as fat. Muscles, if their growth is promoted, will provide the ground work of genuine physical beauty. Muscles, the more they grow, the more beautiful they become. Bodily form, the perfect figure, can be developed only by muscular development and proper control of weight by sensible eating. There is no other way to achieve and develop this desirable element of genuine physical beauty.

Farmers know how to put fat on their hogs, cows and poultry. They overfeed their animals and limit their movement and activities. To speed up your metabolism, you must decrease the amount of fat in your body and develop more muscle. Muscle has a much higher metabolic rate than fat and burns more calories even when you are sleeping. Muscle weighs more than fat. This is why body weight has very little to do with determining if you are overweight. The increase in metabolic rate with exercise lasts even after the exercise is finished. Dieting without exercise leads to muscle loss. Muscle cells are precious fat-burning factories. Your goal is to increase (not reduce) the body's percentage of lean muscle tissue so you can stay slim and enjoy more food.

You must exercise to lose weight. Exercise is the key. If you vigorously exercise before you eat, you will eat less. Most people are not overweight because they eat too much. They're overweight because they're inactive. Weight loss depends on creating a demand for the energy stored in fat tissue. Dieting just won't do the trick, because no matter how few calories you take in, they must be used somehow, or they will be stored. Exercise promotes weight loss by helping to regulate appetite. Appetite refers to the food we crave, while hunger refers to the nutrition the body needs. You must learn not to want what you should not have.

Muscles cannot turn to fat, contrary to popular conception, that if you stop exercising regularly, muscles will turn to fat. Muscle and fat (adipose) are two separate and distinct tissues. They simply do not have the physical capability of changing from one type of tissue to another. Exercising while dieting (and forever after) perseveres and helps build more muscle, allowing you to maintain your ideal weight permanently on more calories. No diet aid can firm you up-only exercise can.

Lean muscle has the highest resting metabolic (calorie burning) rate of any tissue. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, day and night! Muscle burns calories even at rest, while fat tissue is virtually dead weight. Loss of calorie-gobbling lean muscle tissue makes it easier to regain lost fat weight on fewer maintenance calories after your diet is over, contributing to the familiar "yo-yo" syndrome.

Muscles burn fuel. When you lose muscle tissue, your ability to metabolize the calories you consume, is decreased. If you switch back to normal eating patterns at the end of the diet, you may actually gain the weight back faster than you lost it. Do those vigorous exercises that you feel good doing. You can exercise anywhere. Exercise whenever you watch T.V., listen to the radio or audio tape, etc..

Do exercises that are progressively stressful or resistant. Do exercises that are comfortable and safe, that you enjoy, that suit your life-style, at a convenient facility or program, at a convenient time of day or night, as long and as frequently as possible, as regularly as possible and that you will follow throughout your life. Exercise every part of your body as vigorously as possible every day. Be aware of each bodily part.

Exercise until the resulting fatigue is a delicious languor that woos and wins sleep. Start exercise with an amount that is easy to perform. Advance gradually and increase it slowly. Muscles should be contracted to their fullest extent and joints should be carried through their full range of possible movement. Place great demands upon your body and within reasonable limits. A short period of intense, vigorous exercise is better than a long period of mild exercise.

Many women wrongly object to their doing exercise when they contend, "I don't want large muscles. I don't want to look like a man." Women generally cannot develop large muscles under any circumstances. Only those persons who have long muscle bellies and short tendon attachments can build large muscles. Women generally do not have these. Women are limited in muscular size and strength by their hormones.

To lose weight, do as little aerobic exercises as you can. Aerobic exercises (with oxygen), do not help you to lose weight. Aerobic exercise only helps you gain endurance and will take you forever to burn up your fat. Aerobic exercises are light exercises such as: long distance cycling, long distance rowing, long distance running, long distance swimming, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, walking, jogging, cross-country skiing, calisthenics, typing, etc..

To lose weight and fat, do anaerobic exercises (not using oxygen, without oxygen). Anaerobic exercises are sprinting, running up stairs rapidly, jumping high, long and vertically with intensity, rapid cycling, rapid rowing, rapid swimming, weight throwing, weight lifting with low repetitions, hand balancing, gymnastics, chins, parallel bar dips, roman rings, rope climbing, tubing, bands, pulleys, wrestling and martial arts.

Anaerobic exercises are intense exercises that can be tolerated for only a few moments. They are short bursts of all out activities. They are activities using muscle groups at high intensities that exceed the body's capacity to use oxygen to supply energy. They create an oxygen debt by using energy produced without oxygen. They are activities in which oxygen demands of muscles are so high that they rely upon an internal metabolic process for oxygen.

It is essential that correct eating patterns be learned to succeed with a weight loss program. You need eating habits with which you can live for the rest of your life, not just for the time you are trying to lose weight.

Do not do any of the following: overeat, eat foods cooked too much, eat unnatural foods, eat artificial foods, eat adulterated foods and eat foods with additives, chemicals and other synthetic products.

Do not use additives. Flavor enhancing additives can irritate your digestive system or overstimulate other organs. Avoid the harmful additives: sugar, salt, pepper, spices, condiments, ketchup, mayonnaise, butter, cream, dressings and toppings.

Do none of these nutritional malpractices: drink alcoholic beverages, drink coffee, tea, soda, or soups, eat cake, candy, ice cream, canned foods, bread, smoke tobacco or take drugs. Understanding the good and bad qualities of your food sources, will help you make healthier food selections.

To lose weight, you must do all you can of the following: eat and drink properly, intense, progressive, resistance exercise, be free of toxins, fast whenever ill, sleep, rest, meditate, avoid incorrect overindulgence in sex, sunbathe, air bathe, maintain emotional poise, be aware and correct all physical, mental and spiritual dysfunctions.

Incorrect overindulgence in sex with resultant loss of nutrients in men's and women's ejaculations, causes fat gain and loss of muscle. With ejaculation, nutrients designed for other vital organs, are sidetracked into the production of reproductive materials. This depletion results in insufficient nutrients being supplied to the various biological systems and vital organs. Prize fighters, racehorses and other athletes who want to win, abstain from sex before a contest.

Sunbathe and air bathe in the nude, each bodily part, daily. Sunlight and fresh air aid the nutritive processes of the body. They increase the blood supply to the muscles. They help burn up fat and develop muscles. They help lose weight. Sunlight helps the obese to lose weight. F. Ellinger writes that experimental animals that receive sunlight treatments lose weight, as compared to animals given the same diet but not the sunlight treatment. R. D. Gabovich writes that sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland to increase hormone production. Dr. Zane R. Kime writes, "Stimulation of the thyroid gland (by sunlight) increases the body's basal metabolism rate, burning up more energy or calories.''

  1. Bing writes that when sunlight strikes the skin, it also increases the tone

of the muscles, under the exposed skin. This in turn, burns more calories and would increase weight loss.

Lose weight and raise your metabolism while you sleep. Sleep completely nude. Do not wear any clothes, undergarments, pajamas, etc.. Do not cover yourself with sheets, blankets, covers, etc.. Keep the windows open as wide as possible, to let in the fresh air and let out the impure air. When you are completely nude and uncovered in the fresh air, you will raise your metabolism much greater than if you were to take the thyroid hormone, thyroxine to raise your metabolism. You will lose all the weight you want, develop better skin and muscle tone, also, by this method.

Sleep, meditate and close your eyes, all you can. Fat is lost and muscles are built while sleeping, meditating and closing your eyes. Fat is not lost and muscles are not built during periods of exercise. Closing your eyes, rests your brain and mind. An electric rhythm starts as soon as the eyes close and ceases immediately when they open. This rhythm serves to clear "negative charges" from the brain. Activity of the eyes prevents recuperation from occurring. Closing your eyes is nature's great restorative healing process.

Why do you become fat? Emotional reasons. Either you are frustrated, bored, angry, have anxiety complexes, lonely or depressed and you try to fill a vacuum, so you start to eat. You don't eat out of hunger. You eat because you want to nurture yourself. You must learn to eat correctly, to satisfy hunger and to provide needed nutrients.

Maintain emotional stability. Correct your worries, fears, griefs, anxieties, jealousies, stresses, frustrations, nervousness, neurosis, psychosis, depression, phobias and compulsions. Negative emotions drain your energies and cause a gain of fat weight.

Don't weigh yourself daily. Rely, instead, on how your clothes fit, and how your body feels. Your goal is not a number; it is to look and feel healthy and attractive. Your eyes (and clothes) are all you need to know whether you have reached that goal.

Look at every part of your body in the mirror, daily in the nude, to see your defects and where you need to lose weight. Those overweight parts of your body are the areas where you should lose your weight. Look at yourself. Remove all of your clothing, stand in front of a full-length mirror and take a good look at yourself. Be your own judge. If you see rolls, ripples or dimples, it's probably time to lose some weight. Be objective. If you don't like what you see in the mirror-change it. The evidence increasingly shows that changing habits-eating less, exercising more-may be more important than simply losing pounds. Everybody can lose all the weight they want, in any parts of their bodies, that they so choose. Whether you want to lose 5 or 100 or more pounds, you can! If you lose just one pound per week, in one year, you will lose 52 pounds!

Don't wait until tomorrow. Start NOW to lose all the weight you want to, by following the program indicated herein. Become more handsome, beautiful and healthier, NOW! LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT YOU WANT and KEEP IT OFF ALWAYS … EVERYBODY CAN!