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How Loving Touch Heals

A enlightening gem on healing through touch.

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"Healing love" energy flows through "healers" fingers into diseased parts of a sick person's body, when "healers" gently and lovingly touch sick parts of that body. It is the energy that heals, not the "healers". The healing energy does not come from the "healers" own energy. This healing energy comes from the vital "life" force flowing through all living forms. Every cell in our bodies has "intelligence" that responds to this "life" energy and knows what to do in every situation.

Touching it where it hurts is the most innate response to pain. The "healers" hands must come into contact with the sick person's body. The sick area of the body always feel tense, rigid, taut, stiff, tight and resistant to the "healers" touch.

The "healers" touch with their fingers and continue to touch the sick area, with thoughts of love. They continue to touch, with their fingers, until they can no longer feel tension in the sick area. They do not stop touching the sick area of the body, till the sick person tells them that the sick person feels well. When the "healers" discern that the sick area of the body feels relaxed, they know that the sick person subjectively feels well.

During the loving touch healing, teach the sick to close their eyes, keep the eyes closed, to concentrate, to meditate, to feel, to think on the discomfort in the sick area of the body. The sick person keeps the eyes closed till the sick person no longer feels discomfort in that part of the body.

The "healers", with gentle, light pressure feel and examine with their fingers, the surface of the sick person's body. They feel for any abnormal consistency of the parts in the area where the sick person complains of feeling discomfort. They touch and compare by feeling, the sick area of the body with other normal areas of the body near the sick area. They touch and feel the corresponding opposite "normal" part or side of the sick area of the body. The "healers" touch "normal" areas of the body near the sick area and the corresponding opposite "normal" part or side of the sick area. They do this so as to know what "normal" feels like in that sick person's body. This is done so as to ascertain if the sick part of the body is "normal" or "abnormal", when compared with "normal" parts of the body. The "healers" must concentrate on the sick person's sick part. They must "feel" that the sick part of the person is the "healers" own sick part, when the "healers" touch the sick part. The "healers" must empathize and vicariously identify with the person's sick part.

Teach sick persons that their bodies are constantly talking to them. Teach them to keep their eyes closed and feel, meditate, concentrate, think on what their bodies are telling them to do. Teach them to do what their bodies tell them to do. Teach them that they can touch with their own fingers, sick parts of their own bodies and "heal" themselves.

If all living beings are touched lovingly, they will feel better and get better. Since all humans, animals and plants are made of the same vital "life" force, they receive the same life energy when lovingly touched, and will feel better and get better.

How does touching lovingly heal? No words are needed yet a communication of love is exchanged. It has been shown by Kirilian photography that there is an energy emitted by humans. This subtle energy can transfer information directed by the mind, focussed by intention, attention and imagery. This healing energy is transmitted through the hands when touching lovingly. It is capable of effecting the balance of cell membranes and the DNA and thus the health of living cells. It also creates a healthy change in the blood chemistry.

The healing energy is called "chi" by the Chinese, "ki" by the Japanese and in India it is referred to as "parana". This healing energy comes from the life force flowing through all living forms. Every cell in our body has an intelligence that responds to this "life" energy and knows what to do in every situation.

We swim in a sea of loving energy that interpenetrates and activates all our systems. A person is more than a body, but actually is the energy being used and received during this process.

We are all "healers" of each other. Studies show that the human touch increases the chances of survival among premature babies. Children who are touched often learn better, are happier and grow at their normal rate. A mothers touch eases a children pain. Even animals touch their young with this "love" energy.

Do you remember when you last stubbed your toe? Didn't you hold it in your hand and rub it. We all have an innate instinct of healing our-selves. Through our fears and misguided direction, we have forgotten what we inherently should know.

The influence of touch, the "laying on of hands", as it is called, is a very old religious tradition and is being used right down to the present. In our time, there are many evangelists and "healers" who have "healed" incurables. There are successful "healings" by chiropractors and health practitioners when their patients, through manipulation, receive this "healing" energy. We also receive a "healing" touch when we get a massage or during Reiki (Japanese word for universal life energy).

An ailing part of the body is reported as feeling better after manipulation and touch. Improvement occurs far too frequently for its explanation to be ignored. One international "healer" conducted a controlled laboratory experiment on uterine cervical cancer cells. After touching a goodly number of cancer cells, the cancer cells all healed. This was successfully repeated 30 times.

All one need do, is become a calm focused conduit for the "universal life" energy and direct the energy to the sick persons problem area. The more "hands on" direct contact with a part that needs healing, the more healing love is transferred.

During the "touch" healing, communicate non-verbally to the sick person: "I care about you", "I love you", "Your life matters to me". Touch with your heart wide open. The healthier and more loving the person doing the touching, the better the healing results of the sick person.

Healing energy comes through the fingers of the "healer" into the sick part of the sick person's body. A feeling of warmth or tingling is felt from the "healers" hands. The person receiving the healing feels a gentle relaxing warmth throughout their body. This is the "chi", the "ki", the "parana" energy of love from the universe.

Touching lovingly is reassuring, nuturing and strengthens the sick person's "will to live". Be motivated by a profound desire to heal and communicate the restorative energy to the sick person. The "healer" also benefits from the process as the "healing love" energy flows through the "healers" body and out through the "healers" fingers. This is how the universal "life" energy responds for the service that is being performed.

Love is the most powerful healing energy and it is transferrable by lovingly touching. Our inability to love ourselves, or to receive or give love to others, is the cause of all illnesses.

Today, make a conscious choice to take full responsibility for your own body. Communicate with your body by the language it understands, "love". Then listen to what it is telling you. The body makes itself known to us by how we feel. If you feel well, then you know you are expressing "love" in your life and to others.

To Be Loving Is Never Having To Be Sorry.