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Study of behavior in various habitats.

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The scientific study of animal behavior in the natural habitat is known as ethology. Though initially thought to be restricted to non-human beings primarily due to the works of Tinbergen and Lorenz from the 1920s, it can be quite inclusive of humans as well, some of whom tend behave more 'like animals' than any animal ever has. Removing the animal-human barrier is one of the most intelligent actions any human can take, for doing so permits the recognition and merging of the best qualities of all species.

Fireworks Frustration

The Fireworks Frustration site addresses issues resulting from fireworks discharge. Though the content is largely focused on the CVRD (Cowichan Valley Regional District, British Columbia, Canada), the ideas are applicable to any community which regards fireworks displays at best, a nuisance or at worst, a hazard.


Jumpers Jumping spiders may be the most easily identified with family of spiders. They're insatiably curious critters and smart too! Unlike many spiders, when you approach a jumper in a non-threatening way, you're likely to find yourself staring into a pair of inquisitive, if suspicious eyes. Jumpers have exceptional eyesight and are thus visually aware of the world around them, much as we are. Friendly jumper #1 I first noticed this spider in the rabbit room sometime in early December.