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More to come, but here for starters are some of our neighbors!

Citizens of the Deck

Nightly banquet Leopard slug with earwigs Cave cricket nibbling on a cherry Paper wasp nest Cave cricket dining with a slug Slender crab spider eating a piece of apple Banana slug contemplating the cuisine Male grass spider eating a piece of apple Spider with banana slug Nightly banquet A common sight on summer nights, several slugs and other creatures made a habit out of turning up at very precise times.

Citizens of the House

Slug with snail friend Indoor jumping spider #1 Indoor jumping spider #1 exploring Indoor jumping spider #2 Indoor jumping spider #2 posturing 5-legged spider 5-legged spider's offspring A portrait of our rescued wasp Slug with snail friend One of our two rescued leopard slugs together with its snail friend. The snail in particular spends a great deal of time investigating the slug with its lower pair of tentacles. Both of them now seem to be in very good health and will be released into our woodpile as soon as the weather warms up.

Citizens of the Yard Part1

Woodlouse (possibly Philoscia muscorum?) Phidippus clarus female Winter cutworm Fly's head Portrait of a male wolf spider Weevil Unidentified jumping spider on a blackberry stem Callobius severus male The Arachmage Portrait of a female wolf spider Carabid beetle with mite Female Callobius severus, front Female Callobius severus, top Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, front Adult male Evarcha proszynskii jumping spider, top Another adult male Evarcha proszynskii Cross orbweaver and morning glory vine Robust Lancetooth snail Dung fly Face-to-face with a fly!

Citizens of the Yard Part2

Undescribed sheetweb spider (Linyphantes sp.) Snail & springtail Snout mite (family Bdellidae) Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (Omus dejeanii) Little springtail (Sminthurinus henshawi) Tiny dwarf spider (Tachygyna vancouverana) The Pseudoscorpion King Wolf spider (Alopecosa kochi) Callobius severus Robber fly (Eudioctria sp.) Carapace of a ghost spider (Anyphaena pacifica) Woodlouse Hunter (Dysdera crocata) Sheetweb spider (Linyphantes victoria) Female Cybaeus eutypus Elongate-bodied springtail (Isotomurus palustris) Small orangy springtail Giant House Spider (Eratigena duellica) Small jumping spider (Neon reticulatus) Dwarf spider (Mermessus trilobatus) Little pseudoscorpion (Apochthonius sp.

Leopard Slug Mating Ritual

Introduction Phase One: Pursuit Phase Two: Ascension Phase Three: Entanglement Phase Four: Unity Phase Five: Detachment Introduction In May 2012, I spent a few hours photgraphing the mating ritual of two leopard slugs. Below are pictures and explanations. If you want meta data specifications about the picture, right click on it and select Image Properties. The two individuals are the leader: and the follower: Phase One: Pursuit When a leopard slug wishes to mate, it communicates the fact chemically through its slime trail to any others who might stumble across it.