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It Takes a Community to Raise Our Children

A true story about a simple, but wonderful rescue involving community.

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This is true for all our communities' children, regardless of species! A perfect example is the story of Cathy Page and a duck family. Cathy was driving home along the Trans Canada Hwy when she spotted a mother duck and her brood zig zagging between the barriers on the northbound side of the highway. They were trapped and the mother was trying to lead her line of babies to safety.

Cathy slowed down to see if she could help. Luckily, traffic was sparse allowing Cathy the time to observe and assess the situation. Soon a car came up behind her and then tried to pass. When the driver saw the ducks, she ,too, slowed down. The two cars formed an effective shield.

Cathy rolled down her window and called out to this new found partner that if they could give the ducks enough time there would be a break on the right side barrier that the ducks could use to get off the highway.

The two women kept guard while traffic piled up behind them.

Cathy, noting the traffic and seeing that the ducks were not moving towards the clearing told her partner she would stop and get out of her car to usher the ducks off the highway. With her partner holding fort, Cathy, arms outstretched, quietly escorted the mother duck and her babies to the clearing where they happily ran into the grass, out of harms way.

As Cathy rushed back to her car, she saw the waiting drivers clapping. Everyone was pleased to have been part of this rescue.

Traffic resumed and life became normal again. But Cathy was filled with the joy of having helped this mother keep her children safe. Though the moment was over, all the people involved, could keep the warm glow that comes from contributing to the well-being of a vulnerable other.

And somewhere there is a mother duck whose children are safe because of the support of a caring community.