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Big Georges Journey

Big George's inspiring journey into health, nutrition and lifestyle.

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I grew up in believing that if one drinks his milk, eats all his food on his plate and eats plenty of meat that I will have robust health and grow up healthy and strong. Of course this seemed to make sense to me because everyone around me was doing this so it must be the right thing to do. How could so many people be wrong? Besides, while growing up my father worked in a meat factory in charge of maintenance, so I never questioned the consumption of meat at that time. I was raised with love and always saw my parents working hard. However their dietary habits were very questionable. People do, I believe, the best they know how to at that given time . I certainly did not have the best eating habits at that time.

I guess you would have called me a 'burger boy'. I had to have a hamburger each day along with several glasses of milk. As a matter of fact, I use to feel extremely guilty if I didn't have a large glass of milk before I went to sleep. So I would have one each night. Boy, was I conditioned!

However, if this was the optimum way to health then why did I suffer from sore throats, allergies, colds, ear aches, constipation, acne etc.? I continued eating this way for many years up until the age of about 20 when I entered the Army.

This was an interesting experience. I learned many things while in the army, one of them being the power that the mind has over the body and I had the opportunity to meet an incredible friend named David Weiman, who truly was a soldier of the heart.

I was involved in a lot of sport teams, always reading the latest on sports nutrition and diet. Of course, I didn't realize it at the time that all these articles are paid for by companies. This, of course, would make the articles somewhat biased.

While in the Army I was in great shape. I had a physique that most men my age would have wanted, lean and muscular. However I was always tired and sick even having to go to the hospital to have them work on my hemorrhoids. Plus, I developed a rash on my face and the medical community tried to heal it through medications. I had a very bad reaction to the drugs so bad that my face was full of blisters. It wasn't pretty for sure. I chose not to use the poisons they call medicines again.

I was becoming desperate and was willing to try almost anything to improve my condition in which I was so unhappy with.

Their is an old saying, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear".

Well this came in the form of a book: Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins. This book literally changed my life physically and mentally. I read the chapter on Fuel for excellence in which they talked about vegetarianism and food combining. I found it to be incredible! I wondered how come I didn't know about this before? So I gave it a try and literally went cold turkey (I should say lettuce). I dropped all meat consumption and the magical process began. Remember, I did this while learning how to kill and maim people, while serving as an infantry soldier. As you probably have guessed, this was not the most vegetarian friendly place to do this. Despite the ridicule, I continued and I am glad I did.

I couldn't believe the incredible amount of energy that I had now. I shed many unhealthy pounds through detoxification and ran a marathon with only 10 days of training. This was done through the power of the mind (NLP) and the fuel through a vegetarian lifestyle. This simple goal proved to me that anything is possible.

I was really feeling powerful and unstoppable. I had become a vegetarian for health reasons and it wasn't until reading John Robbins' book Diet for a New America (after the army) that I learned about the cruel acts that was being done to our friends the animals. Kind of sad when you think that most peoples' interactions with the animals is to eat them.

I met my soulmate Denise (who is an incredible soul with life changing qualities) while in the army and later wed her after I had left the army. One thing that I did see happen in the Army was the changes that where taking place as a result of David and I being Vegetarians. Out of all the places in the world to become a vegetarian (especially when I was being trained to kill), I could see the changes of more healthy foods being available in the mess halls and others being interested in the vegetarian lifestyle.

As my journey continued, I found myself not having the energy that I once did even though I was still a vegetarian. I was once giving a business seminar when I received some information in the mail from a natural healing school I had sent for. I was interested in becoming a health practitioner (one must earn a living), because of my enthusiasm for wanting to learn more about health. However, most courses I sent for, talked about the importance of meat/dairy protein etc. For me taking these courses would have been difficult because I would have failed the tests unless I lied. I found a course which seemed to be along my beliefs, run by a gentlemen known as T.C. Fry (author of several books one being The Great Aids Hoax ) and wow, was the information on his booklet a shocker.

I thought I was doing everything right eating plenty of tofu, pasta, bread, cereals etc. Boy was I wrong. I went over the booklet several times with excitement because it just made sense to me.

I then decided to go all Raw (this was about 5 years ago), mainly eating fruits and a few vegetables. I shed a lot of unhealthy pounds through the detoxification process. However I was not ready to continue.

Timing is everything in life. At that time I was going through a lot of emotional stress, loss of a business, Denise's father passing away and everyone (family) thinking I was becoming a skeleton, and in a world full of vanity this was a big blow to my Male Ego at the time. I felt I didn't have the support to continue, so I put Raw foods on the back burner and continued to eat cooked foods.

The interesting thing that I have learned since then, is when someone is detoxifying, not only are past food sins being released - so are past emotions and we need to know how to deal with them..

I did not know of meditation at the time. Although I was brought up as a Roman Catholic, we really never knew too much about it, except it was some thing someone does if they belong to a religion.

My thoughts were becoming weak after reading so much information on Health and so many contradictions. I began to question myself and became confused. When one starts doubting each thing that one does then our thoughts become poor. I developed severe anxiety to the point where I even was questioning my breathing patterns. I knew I had to do something about this. (Of course everything happens for a purpose and a new person was emerging.)

I kept hearing so much about yoga and the benefits, so I looked in the yellow pages under yoga and saw a listing for Raja Yoga. This experience would change my life also. I went to classes almost on a daily basis and practiced meditation. I learned that we are not these physical bodies but spiritual beings and that God was our true energy source.. I also had the opportunity of meeting with many spiritually tuned people one in particular, Hasmuk, whom I am privileged to have as my good friend..

With the knowledge I had learned, I began to put it into practice. Through meditation I started to notice a lot of emotions coming up. So I know knew how to deal with them and most importantly I started to trust myself once again.

Many years passed and I began to think about Raw foods again. If Raw foods can assist the body in healing serious incurable diseases then what if someone like myself who was in good physical shape, lived that lifestyle. What would happen then?

So I made the transition to the point where I was eating only one cooked meal a week. Now when I look back at it, I really don't know why I did have that one meal per week because after I ate it I really didn't feel that great.

Then the magic began one day. I decided I have choices in my life and I chose to go Raw. This was a powerful decision. My life has transformed by being Raw. You become a new person and see things in a different way. Now I had a strong foundation, so while I was detoxifying, I was now able to deal with two issues I never knew how to deal with before.

The first was weight loss through detoxification. This is a challenging aspect to most males because of the Male Ego. Men have been brought up in believing that to survive in this world one must be strong physically and look the part also. If not, then he will not survive in this world and simply perish.

So when men start losing a lot of unhealthy weight they become fearful and panic because they believe that the body is them. Most suffering in the world is a direct result of our attachment to these bodies. Some of these results are in the form of vanity, greed, lust etc.

The other aspect of Raw that I learned, is trusting. Trusting in God, Mother Nature and myself I know now, that God will provide everything if we are willing to simply just let go. So I did and it is amazing to just do that.

Life is simple, we just tend to make it complicated.

Raw foods is a incredible way of providing one the optimum fuel for this vehicle we call a body, in achieving what one desires and allowing more energy to provide benefit to the world. Raw foods provides one with more time. For example, less time cooking and preparing foods and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Raw foods has also opened up a new network for me. I have met friends from across the world who share the same passion as I do.

Is Raw food the only key to a Healthy Fulfilling life? No, but it is important in providing the best fuel for the body. The disciplines I have learned through Raw Foods has transpired in other areas of my life.

For every disciplined effort their are multiple rewards.

As I continue on my journey, I keep learning how to improve oneself. I realize the importance of Self-Responsibility when I take care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I do not then become a burden for others. When one is sick, then one puts a strain on others, because one has to be taken care of physically and financially. Our health care system is set up so people do not need to take that responsibility and that is why you see the problems and high taxes you see today.

Many people today do not take the responsibility for their own well-being. They would much rather blame it on something outside of them such as past experiences, viruses etc. This of course allows them to feel like weak victims instead of powerful souls which is who we really are. When one feels weak and with low self-esteem, they can become prey to others who would take advantage of them (one being the Medical industry which has profited enormously at the expense of human lives).

As we head into the new Millennium and Towards Freedom, we ask ourselves, "Why are so many people unhappy with so much in technological advances and material wealth?" I believe it is because people are understanding that it is not something outside of us that will provide happiness, but something inside that will. People are looking for a more spiritual side of life now.

I see a shift taking place right now. I see the world cleansing itself. Many changes will take place. Many people will become, what I like to call, Torch Bearers, that is people who have been able to see the light inside them and now cast it out to the world so that others can see their own light on the way back home. As we move Towards Freedom ….

My goals are to help spread the news of Health, to assist others in their goals of seeing their light and to continue my own growth, so that I may not be a burden on others.

This site is dedicated to God and the Torch Bearers of this world.

Denise Zuwala, Mom and Dad, Lois, Red Rose, Wes, David Klein, Alkaline Al, Hasmuk, Dr. Schulze, John Robbins, Anthony Robbins, Desmond TuTu, Doug Stanley, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Roe Gallo, Dr. Bernarr, John Travis Bivona, Dr. Graham, Twyla, Roberto Zuwala, Mario C, Liz Dezan, DurianRider and Freelea, Debbie Took, Kyron, Ranjana, and my good friend Prad.

(If your name is not on this list it is not to say you are not a torch bearer. You are a torch bearer as well. I have just not had the pleasure of meeting you. Someday I hope we might. )

God Bless!